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The Avengers Defeated! Along with my happiness......

This issue again as much as I wished that at least it wouldn't suffer from the same problems New Avengers had (which is the superior book from the two) but seems asking too mu,ch from bendis apparently. It is still again just an average issue that could seem to be good but not so because of the plague of dumb infecting this two books right now.

The issue starts in the white house where Obama (it’s him do not try to deny it) is asking if Osborn’s accusations are true wait….wasn't he the one who knew of all of osborn's acts during siege? he saw everything and agreed to stop Osborn during the event and who cares about the trial? Someone like Osborn doesn't need a trial to get his ass sent to a dark little prison in the middle of an artificial dimension created by mr fantastic. As they discuss this someone dares to even compare Osborn’s atrocities with Stark’s which he claims to be much more……yes, because supporting the government in the exchange of hunting down his fellow super powered friends or sending the Hulk into space for the sake of everyone are horrible things against this nation……worst of all, they know that he is uniting with the hand, A.I.M and Hydra and are thinking of supporting him! oh my god!! What is this Bendis!? How can you piss me off right on the first 3 pages! (well 2 and a single dialogue box on the 3). while this happens all of the defeated avengers are either incarcerated (Spider Woman getting special treatment because of her mother by not getting hurt at all), tortured (Poor cap getting beat up by crazy Madam Hydra) or experimented (By trying to remove Tony’s armor to please Osborn’s armor fetish and a odd failed attempt to get samples from the rulk as his body has Indiana Jones boulders trying to squash the shrinked agent inside him). We then move to Quake who seems to be have managed to escape as she tracks down the person who placed the Osborn hologram during the previous issues and forces him to take her to Osborn (a hint of the start of the counterattack?) the issue ends as vision arrives to avengers mansion, and Osborn is there……the hell is wrong with this guy? All this visits to the place makes me feel like he actually likes it there. Where he still goes around sprouting nonsense and starts asking why is the Vision alive and if it is another dark secret of the avengers (since when is a robot coming back from the dead a dark secret?) as he manages to paralyze our hero who attempts to arrest him and throw Vision to the front door and even goes to say “Hail H.A.M.M.E.R” while being recorded……..Will someone please tell me if it's just me? or is Bendis neglecting his own continuity? oh! and the president decides to join up with osborn...........WHHHHHYYYYYY!!!!!?????

(P.S yes, prepare for i will rant like ever before in the bad section)

The Good:

The fact that it shows the effects of the defeat of the team and how they deal with their captured states. But that’s about it, the bad overwhelms the good way too much

The Bad:

Why do I see the president right on the first page acting stupid? (You have something against Obama Bendis?) and why would they even bother thinking of reaching out and helping this madman he obviously knows he is insane!? This is the worst of bad writing as it could get. USA doesn't ally itself with terrorists, much less one who is a threat to the country itself and is allied with some of the biggest crime organizations in existence! Bendis excuse always to "advance the plot" but instead he just makes himself look stupid and I know he is not, but why make yourself look like one then?

Also, why is Osborn becoming such an lame villain? He has become nothing but a cheap knockoff of Lex Luthor that does everything wrong for us to actually consider him a threat. How can you take him seriously if he whines like a child that the avengers treat him wrong despite all the public knowledge of his actions. Not only that but he acts like if Siege, dark reign the list "spider-man" (where spidey shows evidence of Osborn torturing people for his crazy experiments all over the internet) among the whole atrocities he made during the dark reign never happened. For the 100th time I've said it, there is solid proof of his actions!! There is no way in hell that a crazy villain would actually be treated with any sort of respect compared to the avengers who you know......JUST SAVED THEM FROM A CRAZY GOD AND HIS ARMY OF NAZIS LEAD BY CRAZY HAMMER WIELDING DEMIGODS!!!!! (and everything before that). There is wrong decisions that the avengers have done sure, it's natural because they aren't perfect. But so many of this accusations have no solid evidence and are just moronic. Even in fiction, if you want to be treated like someone with a brain, would put a little bit of real world logic in your stories.....and this is one of this you actually have to if you want people to actually take you and your work seriously. In real life nobody would be stupid enough to actually believe the nonsense this guy is claiming. Not only is he shown signs of racism (claiming he can’t be arrested by a robot), acts of violence in front of everyone (the whole battle in new avengers showed that Norman's men were the ones who attempted to kill Luke's avengers and even caused major damage to the area which got people injured and probably killed some and plus resisting arrest and attacking the vision) and finally, he actually says “Hail H.A.M.M.E.R” in front of everyone!! The people must had gotten their brains sucked by such horrible writing to treat him without any signs of hostilities. I don’t recall supporting anything related to Nazis in real life and I doubt that they would when they were just attacked by them in fear itself. So why in the freaking hell would Osborn actually say that!? He obviously stole it from "Hail Hydra!" a Nazi organization! I'm glad Bendis run is almost over now. I won't have to deal with this complains ever again since I've never seen a writer who contradicts the continuity himself has created as much as this guy ever has. This bad fanfic must end!!!

Overall: 2/5

The lowest of the low, not even issue 13 was this bad. I like the whole idea of Osborn escaping and gathering with the most powerful criminal organizations. I like the idea of HAMMER’s forces being an actual threat as they have gained enough powers to defeat the avengers. But what I don’t like is that how come this is the not only the less exiting out of the two books but the one filled with the most stupid? We have all this possibilities of a full scale war between the avengers and the HAMMER soldiers but till now despite the fact that I have full confidence that next issue, things will turn around and turn awesome. This one suffers by the fact that he adds the public into this. A story arc like this would had worked much better if this war would had occurred in secret and nobody outside of it knew of the conflict. That would had been a hell of a story. But now we get one of the worst avengers issues till date.

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