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The Avengers Defeated! Along with my happiness...... 0

This issue again as much as I wished that at least it wouldn't suffer from the same problems New Avengers had (which is the superior book from the two) but seems asking too mu,ch from bendis apparently. It is still again just an average issue that could seem to be good but not so because of the plague of dumb infecting this two books right now.The issue starts in the white house where Obama (it’s him do not try to deny it) is asking if Osborn’s accusations are true wait….wasn't he the one who kn...

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Sub-par 0

Logically, this comic should have been about twice as good as it actually was, at least. This is the return of Norman Osborn we're talking about, an event that's been a while in the making, you'd think Marvel would take the time to do justice to the apparent gravity of the event.The main flaws of this issue lie within the writing and art- which is to say that it's all pretty weaksauce. The sequence of events was pretty easy to follow, which is always nice, and the art (while pretty horrible) did...

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At 3.99 this is an insult. 0

AF Reviews: AvengersThis issue is kind of everything wrong with Brian Bendis' Avengers.I'm not sure what to start complaining about? Well, for starters, in the true Bendis fashion NOTHING HAPPENS in this issue. Now, I know that might sound like an exaggeration but it's completely true. Do you see that cover of Captain America fighting Gorgon? Nothing remotely close to that happens, in fact Gorgon isn't even in the issue! So, what does happen in the issue? We get the same scene of the Avengers be...

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