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Once known as Princess Alaisa Ruantha Pethnan of the second royal house of the Kharta'een Empire before she became Avatar. She was born with the ability to affect the emotional responses of others. Becasue of this, her father placed her with a non-emotive artificial intelligence as a handmaiden. But this robot was programmed to follow her every order and she often refused it's sound advice.

She came upon the Silver Surfer battling Reptyl and was instantly entralled by the Surfer. She considered him to be perfect, noble and powerful - everything she deserved. He foolish decisions nearly got her killed by a vicious Reptyl, but the Surfer saved her from him. She told the Surfer that he was her chosen one and that he is the only being to ever stir her interest. The Surfer declined her advances and told her they could never be. He left her behind but she was determined to make the Surfer hers.

She misunderstood the Surfer's words and thought she simply needed to be more than a mortal to win his love. She sought to become more powerful. She learned of an ancient ritual that could summon a love deity.

When she performed the ritual she was met by Mistress Love. She told the deity that she needed more power because the person she loved was immune to her already strong emotive abilities. Mistress Love granted her these new powers in exchange for her servitude. She claimed she sensed a great struggle and that Alaisa will help her when the time comes. The princess agrees. As she leaves, Mistress Love warns her of the dark side of love and tells her to resist temptation.

No sooner than Mistress Love's exit comes the arrive of Master Hate. He tells her the power of love alone will not help achieve her goal. She strikes the same deal with Master Hate and agrees to help him in the future as well. Although she feels no difference in her power he tells her that hate's power is most potent when concealed.

From this day forth, she claims that the princess no longer exists - she is now Avatar.

Against the advice of her mechanical servant, she immediately pursues the Silver Surfer. He tells her that she has misled by his words. She becomes angry and begins to use the power of hate. She soon realizes her true power, the union of love and hate. She attacks the Surfer, seeming to be torn between her two opposite powers. He fights back and she forgives him, but this is soon followed by anger and hate, claiming that she will find him and have him and he cannot hide.

She finally found him on Calculex and located him in a dream parlor. She was able to get to the Surfer through the shop's security and removed him from the machine. As before, they fought and the Surfer told her that he will not be hers. He managed to get Avatar into one of the dream machines, designed to taylor to your own wishes. The Surfer left her dreaming of being together with the Surfer.

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