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Ava Park was a scientist who worked for the Black Lamp Society. Ava made many things for the Black Lamp Society, among them was the Venuses; genetically made sex slaves. At some point, she met and fell in love with Samhain. It was with their secret with relationship that she was able to free Samhain from his murderous desires with sexual healing; meaning their intimate relationship. Ava was seemingly killed by the Black Lamp Society, and Samhain vowed his revenge. However, it had been a rouse and was kept as a prisoner to continue working for the Black Lamp Society. She was most likely kept alive as Rodin saw her scientific mind too valuable to lose, at the moment.

Samhain later learned that Ava was alive, and recruited Cassie and Vlad to help him. Separated from Samhain, Cassie and Vlad met Venus, a genetically engineered sex slave programmed with Ava’s memories. It could be seen that Ava and Venus had developed a friendship, as her memories gave her more human traits. Meanwhile, Samhain was brought back under the Black Lamp Society’s control by Rodin. To prove his loyalty to the Lamp, Rodin ordered Samhain to kill Ava. Cassie and Vlad arrived too late to save Ava, but Cassie ended Samhain’s rampage with a kiss.

Samhain felt utter guilt losing Ava. Though in some ways, she wasn't completely forgotten in memory. After they separated from Cassie and Vlad, Venus took Ava's name, most likely to honor her creator.

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