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Grandson of the original Atom, Adam Thompson took up the mantle in 1996 when the second Atom, his uncle, died. He served in this role for two years, even joining the Secret Six . However, he was as powerless as the rest of the world when the Ultra-Humanite became active. When Superman killed the Ultra-Humanite, and made himself the only world power, Thompson and the Secret Six tried to stop him - and failed. He remained in a state of inactivity for the next decade, but during the Infinite Crisis, his Earth-9 counterpart sought safety in the Green Lantern's magic lantern, trapping him there when the Crisis was over. Some time later, he emerged on New Earth, where he fought the Justice League of America . Afterwords he was teleported back to Earth-9 where he was swiftly captured by the forces of the Superman. His old teammates in the Secret Six have tried to rescue him.

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