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General Information and Appearance

Birthday: October 18

Height: 191cm

Weight: 81.6 Kg

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Ninja Rank: Jonin

Village: Konoha

Asuma is is tall male Jonin with brown eyes and short spiky hair and beard. He wears the standard Jonin uniform, but with the sleeves rolled up and bandages wrapped around the arms. He also wears the sash of the Twelve Guardian Ninjas around his waist.


Asuma has a typically carefree and laid-back personality. He seems to be addicted to smoking, as he is almost always seen smoking a cigarette. He will shown to stop smoking when something is bothering him or if he is in a serious situation. He has a very close relationship to his team, particularly Shikamaru Nara. Asuma and Shikamaru share a deep bond. Almost like father and son. They often played Shogi together, though Asuma was never able to beat Shikamaru. Asuma was the first person to discover Shikamaru's genius level intellect. Asuma was romantically involved with fellow Jonin, Kurenai Yuhi. At first, he tried to keep their relationship a secret but the truth was known when Kurenai revealed she was pregnant with his child after he died.



Asuma is one of the Jonin Ninja who trains new Ninja’s, He was the son of the third Hokage. But Asuma was not always cleared headed as he is now in older age, while a teenage Asuma left Konoha after an argument with his father and become one of the Twelve Guardian Ninja. The group where charged with protecting the Daimyo of the Land of Fire . While in the group he grew close to the others and soon they all became close friends. Chiriku was perhaps the closest of those friends and would later become the head of the ’s temple. Sadly Asuma was forced to kill one of his own team mates in order to protect the Hokage. Returning home Asuma still wears a sash with the emblem of the Twelve Guardian Ninja and the enemy had placed a bounty of 35 million Ryo on his head. Asuma began training students at the college as well as doing various missions for Kohona.

Chunin Exam

Team 10

Asuma was assigned to team 10 a young group consisting of Ino Yamanaka a young female ninja with a mind technique , Shikamaru Nara genius with a lazy attitude and Choji Akimichi a fierce fighter who loved to eat. We do not see much of his training as the manga and anime focuses on team 7 but we first see his students in battle during the Chunin exams. The three students are traveling in the woods to their destination when they come across Sakura Haruno under attack from a sound Ninja. At first Choji and Shikamaru did not want to help but after Ino dived into attack the other followed it was here for the first time we saw team 10 working as a team and their training had paid of, but they where no match for the sound Ninja but had bought enough time for Sasuke to wake up now with his cursed mark in full power Shikamaru suggested that team 10 retreat and leave the fight.

All of Team 10 passed the first exam and where sent into the second round which would be a one on one battle between the survining teams, Ino would have to face of against her long time friend Sakura, Shikamaru would have to fight Kin Of the Sound Village and Choji would have to fight one of the Sound Ninja from earlier. Choji was worried about his battle ahead and Asuma took him aside and swore nothing would happen to him, if the battle was to go wrong he and the other Junin would step in to help, also if he tried that he would take the team out to an all you can eat buffet on him. Choji lost his battle and Ino Drew with Sakura. But Shikamaru won his battle and went on to the next round.

Shikamaru, Asuma's Student

The final round came and Shikamaru found himself facing of against Temri and it looked as if he had won, but instead he gave in saying how his Chakra was almost finished and he would not be able to fight anyone else if he won this match. Shikamaru would later be made into a Chunin grade ninja because of his actions in this battle. As the final match began Konoha was invaded by the Sand village and and a battle broke out. Shikamaru was sent along with Sakura and Naruto to track down Sasuke who had followed one of the attackers into the woods.

Along the way Shikamaru turns and says they are being followed telling the rest of the group to go ahead he says he will slow them down, now faced with eight sound Ninja Shikamaru traps them all when a ninth ninja appears and as Shikamaru runs out of Charka it looks as if the nine sound Ninja are going to kill him when all of a sudden Asuma appears and takes out all nine with out even a scratch. Taking the tired and weakened Shikamaru back to Konoha they discover that Naruto has defeated Gaara and the invasion has been driven back.

Strangers In The Village

Itachi Returns

Asuma and Kurenai are walking in the village when they come across Kakashi who asks If they are on a date, neither one answers and then Kakashi turns his head to a couple of people he was watching who have now vanished. Kakashi says to the two of them to keep their eyes open. A moment later and Asuma and Kuernai find two strangers as they show their faces Asuma prepares for battle. Itachi Uchiha has returned along with Kisame Hoshigaki both of them now work for Akatsuki and are here for Naruto Uzmaki.

Asuma manages to get a lucky attack on Kisame and catches him across the face with one of his knives, but the battle soon turns and Asuma and Kurenai are about to get hit by Kisame’s Water Shark Missile Technique when Kakashi uses the same Technique to block the attack. Now the three ninja of Kohona, face the two rouge ninja. But Kakashi is struck down by Itachi’s superior eye Technique and once again Asuma and Kurenai find themselves in trouble. But The Mighty Guy arrives and starts to tell Asuma and Kurenai how to fight some one who has a Sharingan(Itachi/Kakashi) after training with Kakashi all these years he tells them never to look into their eyes and to judge their movements by their feet or body. The two rouge Ninja flee before anymore Kohona ninja arrive.

Choji The Brave


Shikamaru was picked to lead a team to find Saskue as he went rouge and was on his way to join forces with Orochimaru one of the main attackers during the Invasion of Konoha. Before Choji set out Asuma gave him a dressing down saying he spends to much time eating and not enough time training. Choji almost died in his battle against Jirobo one of Orochimaru’s men, Choji won but he had to use some of his family’s secret pills in order to win. After the battle Choji went to Asuma and asked for intense training so he would never have to use the pills again but would be able to beat anyone on his own, Asuma agreed and the two began their training.

Shortly after this Asuma and Kurenai where sent on a mission to question Mizuki, he was being held at the Leaf Village Maximum Security Prison. Upon arriving the two found themselves greatly outnumbered as the inmates had all broken out, Fujin and Raijin the Legendary Stupid Brothers where among the inmates, even though they fought well the two where soon over come by the sheer number, they where later rescued and recovered in Konoha.

A Father's Son

A young Third Hokage

After the death of his father, Asuma had began to understand what it meant to be a member of the village, he had always felt as if he was on the outside of the village and his clan and now he knew what it meant to be a ninja of Kohna and understood his fathers teachings. Now a proud member of the Sarutobi Clan and The Hidden Leaf Village he finally made his peace with his father. It was now that Naruto approached him for training, Naruto had discovered he was a wind type and so was Asuma so Naruto asked if he could get any pointers, Asuma with a smile agreed but only if Naruto would buy Team 10 next meal, Naruto agreed.

Land Of Fire

After hearing about the attacks on villages that border the Land of Fire, Asuma was teamed up with his students to investigate. To his dismay, each of the said villages were completely wiped out. Upon returning to Konoha to report, he discovered that Sora, the son of his former Twelve Guardian Ninja teammate, Kazuma, was temporarily made part of Team Yamato while Sai was recovering.

Initially, Sora was rather indifferent with Asuma, despite the fact that he was once an ally of of his father, but after Asuma agreed to teach him, along with Naruto, how to effectively use wind element chakra, Sora began to warm up to him. Quickly, Asuma realised that Sora had unusually strong chakra, not unlike Naruto. As a further act of kindness, Asuma had Sora's broken tri-bladed death claw reforged with the same special material that was used to make his trench knives.

Sora, unfortunately, later learned the truth about Asuma's relation to his father, learning that it was Asuma who killed him. In a fit of rage, Sora attacked Asuma, using all he learned from Asuma against him. Asuma managed to incapacitate Sora, but Sora was still too filled with rage to listen to Asuma, causing him to run from the village.

Later during an attack on Konoha, Asuma discovered the true plan was to resurrect the four lightning chakra users of the Ninja Guardians, so they could use the Limelight jutsu to destroy Konoha. After being initially defeated by his former friend, Kitane, he managed to kill him and stop the completion of Limelight. He then discovered that the mastermind behind the invasion was none other than Kazuma himself. After a heated battle, Asuma managed to defeat Kazuma. As Kazuma died talking about the future of the Fire Country, Asuma calmly said that its future would be fine, because he would see to it that its true king remained safe.

Death Of Asuma

Immortal Hidan

All this time Asuma had been working as a member of Niju Shotai, A team of ninja made by the hokage to track down and kill members of the Akatsuki. The team consisted of four people; Shikamarua, who was Asuma's student, Izumo Kamizuki, a well trained Junin and finally Kotetsu Hagane, another of Khonana top Ninja's. During one of their mission they had managed to track two of the Akatsuki members named, Hidan and Kakuzu who where dropping off a bounty they had taken from the fire temple (one of the dead priest’s) as Hidan waited outside for his partner to do his business with the bounty collectors Nijy Shotai came across him. Shikamaru used his Shadow Technique to capture and restrain Hidan and the rest of the team set about finishing him off, It turns out that Hidan is actually an immortal and their attacks had done nothing to harm him, But he was still trapped within the Shadow technique, Then Kakuzu appeared and lunched an attack that broke off Shikamaru trap. As the battle raged on Asuma found himself facing Hidan and soon had the upper hand until Hidan cut Asuma along the arm and used his blood to start a ritual, as the ritual took place all the damage done to Hidan was now being done to Asuma, as Hidan was immortal the damage had no effect on him and it looked as if Asuma was done for when Hidan went to stab himself in the stomach and thus killing Asuma until Shikamaru trapped him again and made him walk out of his ritual circle, breaking the hold he had on Asuma.

Asuma powered his blades with wind and charged the immortal praying that cutting of his head would finally kill him, Asuma succeeded in the blow and as Hidan's head landed on the floor he began to laugh, even this had not killed him. Kakuzu once again jumped in and broke of the battle, reattaching Hidan's head with some of his own sewing thread and joined the fight facing Izumo and Kotetsu, this allowed Hidan to step back into the ritual circle, Shikamaru rushed to help his master but his charka was to depleted and while he was running Hidan made the final blow impaling himself and killing Asuma. Just then Choji and Ino arrived into battle and Kakuzu and Hidan made their escape leaving the death of Asuma in their wake. As Asuma died he told Shikamaru that one day he may be Hokage and that some times a knight must be sacrificed to protect the king. Shikamaru took Asuma's last cigarette and began to smoke it flicking the lighter cap back and forth and said it was the smoke that had brought tears to his eyes.

Death Of Asuma

The whole village could where mourning the fact of Asuma's death and all but one attended his funeral , Shikarmaru was busy coming up with a plan for revenge, when he was finished with his plans and had collected what he needed, he met up with Choji and Ino from team 10, they all had a strong connection to Asuma and wished to help their old team mate. But before they could leave the Hokage(Tsuande) appeared and said that they where not ready, this type of mission would need a four man group and then from nowhere Kakashi appeared and offered his help. Shikamaru changed his plan so that he could use Kakashi. It did not take long for them to find Hidan and Kakuzu again. So his plan started using the two knives that Asuma had used he pinned the shadows of the Akatsuki members, then he went on to use his Shadow Technique once again to give him complete control over the two of them, but before he could finish Kakuzu escaped. But Shikamaru had complete control of Hidan and now attacked Kakuzu with his own team mate, but it was all a ploy to corner the faster moving Kakuzu and allow Kakashi to sneak up behind him and attack him with Chordi. They thought they had won but infact Kakashi had only destroyed on of Kakuzu hearts. Kakashi and Team 10 where forced to come up with a new plan of attack. Now that they where the one's on the defense, they had to split them up once again catching Hidan Shikamaru lead him away from Kakuzu as Kakashi , Ino and Choji faced off against Kakuzu.

Leading him into the near by forest where Shikamaru had set up exploding scrolls preventing the Hidan from escaping. As they reached their destination Shikamaru's chakra ran out and Hidan went on the attack quickly cutting Shikamaru and starting his ritual, now seeing how smart Shikamaru was took no chances and stabbed himself in the heart, Shikamaru feel to the ground clutching his chest. But this once again was a trick, when Kakashi had struck Kakuzu with Chordi he had taken a small amount of blood as ordered and given it to Shikamaru as part of his plan, Knowing that his Shadow Technique was going to fail, Shikamaru had kept the blood and as Hidan went to strike threw the blood onto his weapon and then cut himself, So Hidan had actually stabbed Kakuzu in the heart and not Shikamaru, Hidan still had no idea that this had happened and as he came in close Shikamaru sprang into action and tried to chop of Hidan's head with one cut, but it was not deep enough. Having no choice but to use his shadow technique again. But this time it was much weaker and Hidan forced himself to attack Shikamaru who pulled out his trump card his end game technique that used all the exploding scrolls he had placed around to tied Hidan above the ground. Now with Hidan capture Shikamaru went to the floor below Hidan and activated a seal he had placed upon the ground before the battle and the ground beneath Hidan disappeared to reveal a pit. Shikamaru had planned this all along, this was to be the outcome no matter what had happened each move and step had lead to this moment. Shikamaru then told Hidan about the forest they where in it belonged to the Nara clan and only his clan where allowed to enter and leave it was protected not just by his clan but the actually forest itself, no one would retrive his remains this would be his final resting place. Placing one of Asuma's cigarettes in his mouth he let it with Asuma's lighter and then threw it making all the scrolls exploded at once and Hidan's body parts fell into the hole. Hidan's head lay at the top swearing revenge and Shikamaru caused a cave in and walked away.

Once back with the team he found Naruto was with them and he had delivered that last blow that killed Kakuzu, now with this behind them they returned to the village. Where Shikamaru finally visited Asuma's grave leaving the lighter with his old master as a final goodbye.

The Return Of Asuma

Ausma Back From The Dead

Asuma is brought back to life during the 4th ninja world war by Kabuto using a forbidden technique "the impure world resurrection technique" this brings back the souls of departed back into the living realm. He is being controlled as part of the Akatsuki plan to finally capture Naruto and bring an end to the Hidden leaf village, He has control over his mind and knows what he is doing but has no control over his actions. He is seen with Dan-San heading towards the Hidden Leaf village to fight against the ones he loves,

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