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Ord and his people of Breakworld lead the charge to take down the X-Men and S.W.O.R.D. And when this fight’s over… Not everyone is coming back!

Wolverine and the newly named Armor arrive to meet with Scott, Emma, Hank, and Abigail at the ancient mural of Colossus crushing Breakworld. Wolverine tells them how Abigail's plan didn't go so well. He asks if they get through this mission, can he pop a claw through her eye. Emma says absolutely. Scott begins to say no, but then tells him to go for it. They need to decipher the symbols around the mural and need more information. They also need to find Kitty and Peter. It's decided that they will split up. Abigail says she wants Hank to go with her to deal with the "science." Wolverine says he'll take Armor to find Pete and Kitty. Scott wants to confront Powerlord Kruun but Abigail says that isn't a good idea since he's depowered and Emma isn't too stable. She says they should meet up with her men in the field.

As Kitty and Peter fight among the locals that simply want him dead, they finally are able to put them off. Making an escape out a back door, another local recognizes them and asks for them to trust him and accompany him.

Danger tries to make a deal with Kruun. She says she can kill the X-Men and that they have that common goal. He finally agrees because the weapon aimed at Earth needs to be protected.

Scott and Emma fly in a ship to meet the SWORD agents. They finally start talking over the recent events during an attack in the sky. Emma is a little bitter. Scott tells her she doesn't get it. He's in love with her.

Kitty and Peter are brought to a "care center" facility. It turns out helping the wounded and honoring the dead or weak is the closest thing they have to committing a sin. They do not necessarily believe in the prophecy that Colossus will destroy the world. They believe that perhaps, he will re-form a world that is in chaos. Kitty and Peter are offerred a place to rest for the night. In their room, Kitty takes advantage of the time alone.

Beast and Abigail lose contol of their vehicles after Kruun has set a snowstorm upon them to safeguard the weapon. Landing in the snow, they must seek shelter as the temperature begins to drop. Beast is concerned that she is looking at him as if he were a taun-taun. Abigail tells him to relax. She has another way to keep warm.

Scott and Emma have defeated all the attackers. Emma still hasn't spoken since Scott professed his feelings. She finally says she's sorry. Scott is surprised to hear those words come from her. He then asks what she's sorry for, being mean, that they ever met,... Before he can go on, they are hit by Danger. The ship is down. Emma is still conscious after changing into diamond form. She pulls Scott from the wreckage. Tears begin to stream down her face as she mentions that he said he loved her. Danger approaches saying it's over. Emma asks for one favor, to kill her and make it quick.

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