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The key for reading this book is looking at it with eyes totally without prejudice or a made mind about it, just read the book and let the nonsense flow from it, because that´s what´s happening in this issue: pure nonsense and it´s great! Aaron keeps delivering great and fun dialogues, while Kubert keeps presenting amazing art, capturing all the narrative in the panels. Ponsor´s colors are so beautiful and it really boosts Adam´s art (there aren´t many scenarios in this issue, it´s focused more in the characters and their actions, which gives lots of details, like face expressions, movements).This is the reckoning, this is the showdown between Logan & Peter against Czar & Big Murder and the fight is hilarious. I don´t want to spoil much, but because of the main villain in this series there´s so much crazyness going on that if you read this book expecting something serious or at least coherent you will have a terrible result. This book is pure entertainment, so damn funny, totally one of the best works of Jason Aaron in Marvel, way better than his ongoing Wolverine series and he has a grasp in the characters that´s impressive: he does a crack wise ridiculous Spider-Man so classical, yet very uptdated. I´m really enjoying this mini series and can´t wait to read the final issue. Highly recommended!
4.5 out 5

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