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is it just me, or did fathoms art get worse in volume two? i mean vol 1. was brilliant, as were killians tide dawn of war and aspen 1-3, but volume two, especially towards the end had artwork that , i personally thought, looked terrible! is it just me or am i not craz?y

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I can't speak to your sanity, but I agree that the original art was better. Didn't think volume 2 was terrible though.

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#3 Posted by fathom (6 posts) - - Show Bio

thank you! i completely agree.

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#4 Posted by Suigetsu (1727 posts) - - Show Bio

the TPB's contain the original art right?

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Yeah I reccomend getting the definitive edition is has every single issue for volume 1 including swimsuit and previews and wizard special.
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I recognize you're right but the girl is still awesome.

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