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Ashleigh was in a mental hosptil along with Rose Forrest as her roommate who she hated and called a freak. She was sent to the mental hospital for burning down a house with her baby brother inside. Years later when Rose was about to be released Ashleigh started a fire trying to kill Rose but killed their other roommate Kimmy. Rose then turned into thorn and beat Ashleigh with thorn vines of a plant ruining her face. Months later  Ashleigh regained consciousnesses and escaped from the hospital to seek vengeance on Thorn. First she went to the home of Dr. Casey Howlett and set him on fire. She then went to Rose's house with Kimmy's teddy bear. She then tried to burn Rose until she turned into Thorn and beat Ashleigh again. Thorn then turned back into Rose and hugged Ashleigh when John Mercado came with a gun about to kill Ashleigh when Rose stopped him. Rose then remembered Ashleigh saying she didn't burn down the house to hurt her brother, but to save him the torture of their parents.

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