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Ash's origin lays in a small town of Pallet Town, where upon his 10th birthday (as with all Pokemon Trainers) received his first Pokemon and life-long partner Pikachu.


Designed by Ken Sugimori and Atsuko Nishida for the Pokemon anime, and named Satoshi in the original Japanese incarnation (after Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon). Ash Ketchum is primarily based upon the protagonist of the Pokemon Red/Green/Blue video games. And stars in the anime and it's manga adaptions along side the corporations mascot Pikachu.

Major Story Arcs


Ash Starts His Quest

Ash Ketchum, a boy from Pallet Town, started his journey on his 10th birthday. As is customary for all Pokemon trainers to choose from 3 starter Pokemon, a grass type (Bulbasaur), a water type (Squirtle), or a fire type (Charmander). The night before he was due to get his very first Pokemon, Ash had stayed up late watching an elite battle on TV. Come the next morning Ash awoke realizing he had overslept, having accidentally broke his alarm clock in his sleep. Still in his pajamas Ash ran to Professor Oak's lab, where he should have been to pick up his starter Pokemon. Once he arrives Ash runs in to his childhood rival Gary Oak, who make fun of Ash before leaving on his own Pokemon journey. Shortly Prof. Oak scolds Ash for his tartines, and Ash soon discovers that all 3 Pokemon have already been taken. But feeling generous Professor Oak let Ash take a special Pokemon, as he hands Ash a Pokeball

First Meeting

with a lightning bolt on it. In it Ash discovered Pikachu, an electric mouse Pokemon. After saying goodbye to his family Ash began his quest to become the greatest Pokemon Master, unfortunetly from the moment he was let out of the Pokeball Pikachu began to snub Ash, refusing to listen to him and refusing to return inside the Pokeball. Ash had to resort to dragging Pikachu by a piece of string in order to get him to come along. Having just made it out side of Pallet Town Ash was blessed with the privilege of seeing a legendary bird fly across a rainbow, although at the time he could not identify the creature, it would later be revealed as Ho-oh, a sign of luck for Ash's journey.

Just down the road Ash had managed to anger a flock of Spearow, by throwing a rock at their leader. Running in fear Ash and Pikachu jumped off a waterfall, landing in a river where they were 'fished' out by a 10 year old girl named Misty. Seeing that Pikachu had been injured Misty pointed the way to the nearest Pokemon Center. Ash then borrowed Misty's bike to get the Pokemon Center as fast as he could while still being chased by the mad flock of Spearow.

Riding as fast as he could Ash accidentally fell off the bike, with Pikachu lying on the ground weak Ash stood up in an attempted to shield Pikachu from the flock. Seeing how much Ash cared and seeing that he was willing to risk his own well being, Pikachu used the last of his strength to unleash a mighty thunder attack to send the flock of Spearow packing, although Misty's bike was also destroyed.

An Unbeatable Team

Both Ash and Pikachu were lying on the ground hurt from the ordeal, facing each other Pikachu have Ash a lick on the cheek sealing their bond of friendship. Using all his willpower Ash managed to get Pikachu to the Viridian City Pokemon Center to get the help he needed. While waiting for news on Pikachu, Ash again met Misty who has furious about the state Ash had left her bike but soon calmed down when she learned about Pikachu's condition. Shortly the Pokemon Center was attacked my a trio of criminals known as Team Rocket, consisting of Jessie, James and a talking Pokemon called Meowth. Misty told Ash to help Nurse Joy in sending the Pokemon at the Center to safety while she tried to hold Team Rocket back using her water type Pokemon. But it wasn't until Ash's Pikachu along with several other Pikachu from the Pokemon Center that Team Rocket were successfully sent 'blasting off.' After Pikachu had fully recovered Ash continued his journey to Viridian Forest, where Ash realized he was being followed by Misty.

Misty revealed that she holding Ash responsible for the destruction of her bike and wouldn't be leaving until he payed her back, so reluctantly Ash allowed her to join him on his journey. In the forest Ash manages to catch his first to Pokemon, a Caterpie, and a Pidgeotto. Team Rocket reapier claiming that they have desired to steal Ash's Pikachu as it is so powerful. In the perusing battle Pikachu is temporarily binder by James's Koffing who spat gunk at Pikachu's eyes. With Pikachu unable to battle Ash sends out his newly caught Caterpie. Jessie and James mocks the little worm Pokemon and sends their Koffing and Ekans along with Meowth charging at Caterpie. But to everyone's surprise Caterpie halted Team Rocket's Pokemon with a string shot, immobilized and encased in webbing, Caterpie sends all of Team Rocket flying with one final Tackel. Celebrating their victory over Team Rocket, Ash soon discovers that his Caterpie was evolving into a Metapod. By the time Ash, Misty and Pikachu had made it out of the forest Ash's Metapod had again evolved into a Butterfree, during a battle with a trainer named Samurai and a swarm of wild Beedrill.

Ash's 8 Kanto Badges

When they reached the next town, Pewter City, Ash learned about the Pokemon league and decided to challenge the 8 Kanto Gym Leaders in order to qualify.

Ash's first challenge would be Brock a rock type specialist. When Ash arrived at the Pewter City Gym Ash immediately challenged Brock to a battle. But Brock's Geodude and Onix easily moped the floor against Ash's Pidgeotto and Pikachu. After his defeat Ash was approached by a mysterious man who taught as about Brock past, about how his father left on a journey leaving Brock to look after his younger brothers and sisters as well as the family gym. The mystory man also told Ash that he could help train Ash's Pikachu to make it powerful enough to stand a chance against Brock's huge Onix. Agreeing to the training Ash again challenged Brock, this time Pikachu's speed allowed him to dodge most of Onix's attacks while Pikachu's electric attacks accidentally triggered the the fire sprinklers. The water from the sprinklers greatly weakened Brock's Onix and was about to lose when the battle was interrupted by Brock's sibling. Brock told them off for interfering with an official Gym Battle, and forfeited the match. After congratulating Ash on his victory Brock handed over the Boulder Badge to him. As this happened the mysterious man reaped, revealing himself to be Brock's father Flint, and that he was afraid to return home and face his family as he had been a failure on his journey. Brock and his sibling reassured Flint that they were just glad to have him home. With Flint back to look after the family he let Brock join Ash and Misty to have his own adventure and live his own life. Together traveling through Kanto Ash managed to obtain all 8 gym badges and qualified for the Indigo League. As well as catching several different Pokemon including a Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander that would later evolve into a Charmeleon and again to Charizard.

Ash vs. Ritchie

Though despite his efforts and traveling for a year Ash was eliminated in the quarter finals, losing to Ritchie, due to his most powerful pokemon Charizard refusing to listen to him, though Ash did better than his rival Gary who got eliminated in the fourth round of preliminaries. Recovering from this lose, Ash vowed to train harder to achieve his goal of becoming the world's greatest Pokemon master.

Sometime after the Pokemon League Ash received a strange message inviting his to New Island to meet the world's greatest ,Pokemon Master'. Arriving at the port Ash and co. soon found that all boat to New Island had been canceled due to a savage storm. Undeterred many trainers still left resolving to use their Pokemon to make it through. Disappointed to learn that their Pokemon weren't strong enough to battle in such conditions Ash and his friends ended up accepting a ride by a trio of suspicious viking. The Viking revealed them selves

Attack of the Clones

as Team Rocket just before their boat was capsized by a giant wave, Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Brock managed to make it the rest of the way to the island with the help of Squirtle and Staryu, even Team Rocket survived by floating on James's Weezing. Arriving on New Island Ash was greeted by a strange lady who the group thought looked very familiar. The lady lead Ash and friends to the main hall were they were introduced to three other trainers, Corey and his Venusaur, Bruteroot, Neesha and her Blastoise, Shellshocker, and Fergus a water type trainer. The lady then said that all trainers that had proven them selves worthy were present, revealing that many people did not survive the journey through the storm. Suddenly a hole in the ceiling opened as the world's greatest Pokemon Master revealed him self as also the world's most powerful Pokemon, Mewtwo, the enhanced clone of Mew. Refusing to believe that a Pokemon could be a Pokemon Master, both Fergus and Corey attacked Mewtwo with their Gyarados and Rhyhorn, though their efforts were futile as Mewtwo simply reflected their attacks and attacked Fergus. Mewtwo then set a challenge to the trainers. He would fight them one-on-one using his cloned Venusaur, Blastoie and Charizard, and though Ash, Corey and Neesha fought valiantly, Bruteroot, Shellshocker and Ash's Charizard lost to the super clones. In victory Mewtwo claimed his prize the Trainer's Pokemon, using their Pokemon Mewtwo intended to create an army of super clones to conquer the world to exact his revenge for the abuse he suffered from his creators and Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket. Determined to rescue his Pikachu Ash jumped down a shaft to a lab were a machine created Pokemon clones of all the Pokemon including Ash's Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Pikachu, Misty's Psyduck and Team Rockets's Meowth. Back in the arena Mewtwo revealed

Ash and the Poke'Originals

his army to the remaining trainers and the mysterious lady, who was revealed to be the missing Nurse Joy from the port and had been telepathically controlled by Mewtwo. In the lab Ash had manage to free the Pokemon and lead the band of Poke' originals back two the arena. Annoyed Mewtwo decided to battle all the clones against the originals to truly prove who are the superiors. Greatly out classed the Pokemon Originals found an unsuspected ally, the mirage Pokemon Mew, the genetic origin of Mewtwo. Hellbent on proving supremacy Mewtwo psychically blocked all the Pokemon's elemental abilities, and challenged Mew and the originals to a fight to the death. Ash was horrified to witness the battle that followed, only three Pokemon refused to fight, both Meowth's and Ash's Pikachu, who was being assaulted by his clone. Surrounded by sphere's of aura Mew and Mewtwo clashed. Ash tried everything he could to stop the senseless fighting, resulting in Ash getting caught in the crossfire and being turned to stone, much to Misty's distress. Shocked by Ash's selfless act in order to save the Pokemon, clone and original alike, Mewtwo stopped the war. Unable to reserect Ash, Pikachu was heartbroken as tears came to his eyes. All the Pokemon began to cry and the mystical properties of Pokemon Tears are revealed. As they resurrected Ash and all who perished in the storm.

Pikachu's Tears

Realizing the error of his ways Mewtwo turned back time in order to undo the damage he had caused. Mew, Mewtwo and the Clones flew off to find their true place in the world as Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Brock found them selves at the port unable to remember the events that had just accured.

Orange Islands

After-wards Ash, Misty and Brock were asked by Professor Oak to retrieve the mysterious GSball from his college Professor Ivy. Traveling by blimp they arrived in the Orange

Ash riding Lapras

Archapeligo and met with Prof. Ivy, with whom Brock had fallen in love with and decided to leave Ash and Misty. Ash and Misty said goodbye and left on the blimp again. That's when they were ambushed by Team Rocket, trapped and put to sleep by a wild Jigglypuff, they went off course and crashed into the center of the Orange Islands. Once they came-to Ash and Misty called Professor Oak about their ordeal, and that they would deliver the GSball after Ash had competed in the Orange League. After all they had been through more trouble was in store for Ash and co. As a group of thugs were harassing a young injured Lapras. But Ash and his Pikachu made short work of the thugs. Team Rocket again resurfaced in an attempt to capture the wounded Pokemon, but with the help of Ash's new friend Tracy, Team Rocket was again stopped and Lapras instead joined Ash's team. Having Lapras made convenient for Ash and his friends for traveling between the island. On their adventures Ash realized that to earn gym badges in the Orange Islands was different to just battling like it was in Kanto. Instead he had to preform certain tasks such as race water type Pokemon, build an ice sled and participate in a 2-on-2 battle.

Orange Island Gym Challange

But Ash's efforts proved fruitful for he not only gained the four badges that he needed but he also managed to catch a massive Snorlax, and the rogue of Ash's team his disobedient Charizard finely chose to listen to his trainer. At some point Ash even managed to save the world with the help of the master of the sea Lugia and a girl named Melody from the cataclysmic battle between the legendary birds, Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres. Though he almost drowned in the effort Ash was resuscitated by Misty, who hinted at having a crush or responsibility for Ash. Proceeding to the Orange League finals Ash faced of against the reigning champion Drake. Starting with Pikachu Ash managed to take down Drake's copycat Ditto. Using his Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Lapras, Charizard and Tauros, Ash managed to take down Onix, Gengar, Electabuzz and Venusaur.

Drake's Dragonite vs Ash's Charizard

At this point only Ash's Bulbasaur and Lapras had been K.O'ed. Drake then revealed his prized Pokemon the pseudo-legendary dragon Dragonite. Sending out his Charizard Ash began a titanic battle between the two dragon-like creatures and while it was close Dragonite ultimately defeated Ash's fire type. Squirtle and Tauros were sent to weaken Dragonite further but didn't last nearly as long as Charizard did. Left with one Pokemon left, his first Pokemon Pikachu, Ash entered his final hope into battle. Despite it's great strength and colossal size Dragonite fell to one last Thunder attack from Pikachu. Acknowledging his defeat Drake congratulated Ash as he and his Pokemon were entered into the Orange League Hall of Fame.Not long after Ash released his Lapras to return it to it's family, as He, Misty and Tracy returned to Kanto to final deliver the GSball to Professor Oak.


Once Ash and company had returned to Pallet Town they were surprised to find their old travel partner Brock awaiting them. Brock explained that thing hadn't worked out between him and Professor Ivy. Returning to Professor Oak's Lab, Ash handed over the GSball for examination. Despite his efforts Prof. Oak was unable to solve the mysteries of the GSball. Handing it back to Ash, Oak asked Ash to deliver the GSball to a specialist named Kurt, the inventor of Pokeball's. Professor Oak explained that Kurt lived in the region known as Johto, to the west of Kanto. As Ash was preparing for yet another adventure he found out that is rival Gary had just returned home after months of training.

Gary Returns

Ash did not hesitate to challenge Gary to a 1-on-1 battle, with his Pikachu against Gary's Eevee. And despite that Ash had just become the regional champion of the Orange Islands, Gary made short work of his beloved electric mouse. Again proving that Gary was still one step ahead of Ash. Despite this set back Ash promised that one day he would beat Gary. Ash asked his friend if they would join him on his trip to Johto, Misty said yes without hesitation, Brock to agreed to go. Tracy how ever said that he would stay behind as Professor Oak had offered him a job as his lab assistant. So, Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Brock head west to Johto where new adventures and new Pokemon lay ahead.

As Ash and co. headed west through a forest on their way to Newbark Town, their first stop in Johto, the came across a mysterious blue Pokemon, Suicune. But as soon as the beast caught sight of the trio it fled. Once they arrived in Newbark Ash, Misty and Brock met with Professor Oak's former student Professor Elm. Elm explained to Ash how their were many species of Pokemon in Johto that couldn't be found anywhere else in the world. Elm also explained that like Kanto, Johto trainers started of with either a grass, fire, or water type, Chicorita, Cydiquill, or Totodile. Though unfortunately the Totodile had been stolen with it's rightful trainer meant to pick it up the next day. Just at that moment Officer Jenny came to see Professor Elm to tell him that her Growlith had picked up the scent of the thieves, Ash agreed to help in the search for the the missing Totodile.

Shortly, the thieves are found- Jessie, James and Meowth, Team Rocket. They are busy trying to get Totodile out of Jessie's hair, literally, as the water-type had latched it's jaws onto Jessie's long quiff.

Totodile, Nom nom

They notice Ash's group, and run. But with the help of his Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charizard along with the Totodile, Ash sends Team Rocket blasting off yet again. Thus Ash is able to return Totodile back into good hands. Ash continues his journey encountering a new trainer, she is a fan of the Electabuzz base ball team and she shows the same fire that Ash once had. Despite this she used a Chickorita, and Ash used his Charizard, in a quick defeat Casey claims that Ash cheated, the two battle again and she almost defeats him. After catching a Heracross, Ash enters Violet City, where a young boy tries to capture his Pikachu; he misses and instead captures Belsprout; Ash, Misty and Brock decide to hang around in Earl's pokemon school for the day to teach kids all about there exploits; the day comes to an end when team rocket attacks. After catching a Chikorita, ash battles the Violet City Gym leader Falkner and beats him, receiving his first Johto badge; the zephyr badge.

However in the gym battle Ash's Charizard had almost been crippled, an as a result had begun to question his own strength. As Ash and his companions traveled through a place now as the Charicific-Valley the met a woman named Liza, who with her parterner Charizard, Charla, gaurded the valley which was the native home to hundreds of wild Charizard. After succcefuly defending the valley from Team Rocket, Charizard was granted the chance to stay and train in the valley. After recolecticing on the jouney together Ash decided it would be the best thing for his Charizard to alow him to stay, so with his eyes full of tears Ash said goodbye to Charizard, his power-house rogue.

Ash leaves Charizard.

It wasn't long after that Ash too said goodbye to his Squirtle as he left to lead the Squirtle Squad Firefighters, who had fallen into termoul ever since he left in the first place. Now with a big hole in his team after leaving two of his strongest and closest Pokemon, Ash soon found himself in the possesion of a fire mouse Cyndaquill, a crocodile-like Totodile and a rare 'shiny' Noctowl. These new three along with the Chikorita Ash had captured earlier, his Bulbasaur and of cause Pikachu would be key players in the rest of Ash's journey across Johto.

It was around this time that an old student of Professor Oak's and friend of Ash's mother had gone missing. On their way to check on the daughter of thier missing friend, Molly Hale, Professor Oak and Delia Ketchum crossed paths with Ash Misty and Brock. Once the group had arrived at the Hale's family esstate all were horrified to find the place completely engulfed in crystal. Setting up camp on the outskurts of the esstate Ash and co. stood by helpless as Officer Jenny and the authorities tried everything the could to break through the crystal tower, fearful for young Molly who was traped inside. As the evening came sightings of the legendary Pokemon Entei were reported, and soon the lion-like beast presented itself befor Ash and his Mother. Declaring Delia Molly's new mother Entei

Pikachu fails to halt Entei.

hypntosied and kidnapped Ash's mom. In a burst of anger and desperation Ash chased after the legendary beast only to be stopped by Prof. Oak and Officer Jenny who declared the situation far to dangerous now they knew a Legendary Pokemon was involved. As night fell Ash gathered his Pokemon and set out to rescue his mother. Running into Brock and Misty, Ash expected them to try and stop him but insteed they chose to help him, proving just how close their friendship truely was.

As the group approached the crystal tower they found all attempts to break in futile as whenever the crystal was broken it quickly grew back. Though eventually with the combined efferts of Ash's Cyndaquill and Totodile along with Misty's Staryu and Brock's Vulpix they managed to gain access to the inside of the tower. Meanwhile Entei had taken Ash's mother to a bed room at the top of the tower where the the young Molly Hale was, Molly had come to believe that Entei and Delia Ketchum were her parents, and by using hypnosis Entei made Delia believe it as well.

Having realised that Ash, Misty and Brock had stuck off Prof. Oak and a TV film crew saw them on the side of the tower, using Ash's Bulbasaur and Chikorita to climb up a drain pipe. Back in Molly's room a TV showed the events that were accuring on the side of the tower, Delia seeing her true child in danger was snaped out of her trance. Molly having seen Ash to be a Pokemon Trainer sent Entei and an older looking astral form of herself to go battle Ash and his friends.

Ash´s Pokemon

Ash and his Pokemon


Ash's only family revealed so far is Delia Ketchum who lives with Mimey (Delia's Mr. Mime) at Pallet Town. Although Ash's father has been menchend his curent status is unknown.


On his journey, he has made many friends such as Misty, Ritchie, May, Brock, Max and other people which he battled.

Ash's Family, Friends and Foes.


Along with friends Ash has also made many rivals on his journey including:

Gary Oak









Ash has shown on a few occasions to posses the rare ability to manipulate an energy known as Aura, (possibly life-energy). But lacks the training to do so with out assistance. It was confirmed by Lucario that Ash has an extremely

Ash Manipulating Aura.

strong Aura similar to that of an ancient Aura Guardian, Sir Aaron.

Patented Techniques

In his journey he created his own techniques to aide him in battles. These move have not been made official yet

Rocket Punch: It made in the Kanto region in first eight badges. It is a onetime maneuver that Ash had taught his Pikachu to fight a hitmochan. This requires boxing gloves. This technique gloves blast out like rockets leaving the enemy unguarded when the smoke clears user come out from where the gloves rocketed and attacks the opponent. Although it surprises the opponent it not very damaging and has yet to be perfected as a practical move

Counter Shield: It was made in the SInnoh League. A defensive move that Pokémon spins and surrounds him/her with fire, electricity, water, ice or etc to block the opponents attack. Afterward it ensnares the opponent with the shield making them be hit by all sides

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