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Heir to the pernicious "master race" rhetoric that inspired Axis America and other super powered minnions of Adolf Hitler, the Aryan Brigade are a modern incarnation of a Nazi ideology thought defeated more than half a century ago. The team's 5 meta humans - the  tentacled Backlash, the winged Golden Eagle II, the brutish Iron Cross, the sightless telepath Blind Faith, and the incendiary Heatmonger -  act as enforcers for the clandestine white supremacist movement known as the Aryan Nation. 
Senator Sanders Hotchkins once led the Aryan Nation and schemed to release a genetically tailored virus in the upper atmosphere that would kill every non white on the planet. The Justice League Task Force infiltrated Hotchkins' Nebraska headquarters but fell foul of the Aryan Brigade, whose powers were sufficient to subdue even J'onn J'onzz, the mighty Martian Manhunter. 
Only Rex Tyler, the Golden Age Hourman, remained free to battle the idealogues whose kind he had fought so hard to defeat during World War II. Whilst J'onn J'onzz steered the plague carrying missile into the safety of deep space, Hourman confronted senator Hotchkins, who accidentally infected himself with the deadly virus. He died from its effects, discovering too late that he was not of pure Aryan blood. 
The Aryan Brigade somehow survived this debacle and become members of the Overmaster's gigantic Cadre. They failed in that ambitious endeavour but reassembled as a team and eventually returned to be protectors of the Aryan nation.

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