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Artifacts #24 Review

Artifacts #24 Review


The Angelus has a problem and needs some help.

The Good:

The story is once again, great. There are a few scenes that are eye-opening to say the least, especially if you are not familiar with the Artifacts/Whitchblade mythos, like me. Overall, several plot threads are starting to come together and it is nice to see. There is a lot of action and character development that is blended perfectly to create and absolutely fantastic issue.

Ron Marz once again delivers great writing that has a lot of character development and action. The world that he makes is really great.

Stjepan Sejic draws the issue again and the art is truly excellent. The colors are perfect for the tone and the panel set up is great.

The Bad:

There was nothing major that I saw; it was a great issue.


Once again Marz and Sejic deliver a great issue that is filled with not only a lot of action but character growth for two characters as well. This issue is better than the last few because Tom Judge is not in it until the end and it gives others a chance to shine. This issue is what fans should expect from the series as it is excellent.

5 out of 5

(I apologize about not reviewing issue 23, I was very busy and there was no time, I might do a late review though.)

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