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Zac Efron is Spidey?!?!

Peter Parker's going back to high school... musical?

OMG! OMG!   OK! Magazine just reported that Zac Efron is the new Spider-Man!

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And he’s getting paid £9 million, no less! Is that more than $10 million?   And Vanessa Hudgens is slated to be the new Mary Jane, totally reuniting them from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!   And they’ll be working for … Universal Studios?

Wait, Spidey 4’s owned by Sony.

While the prospect of Universal pulling a NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN and making their own rival Spider-Man movie tickles me, the prospect's also thoroughly unbelievable, like most of what gets “reported” in this British tabloid.   If a mistake as glaring as confusing Sony with Universal can get past their fact-checker, you have to question the veracity of the rest of the article.

 The Riddler?
 The Riddler?

Hey, listen, I’m not saying this couldn’t prove true.   Maybe it’ll happen eventually, maybe not, but for now, I’d say you can trust this scoop as much as you can trust the scoops from a while back about Eddie Murphy playing the Riddler and Cher playing Catwoman in BATMAN 3.     Or the reports last week of Clive Owen being pegged as playing Kraven in Spidey 4 - - reports that were news to him.  

Like bubbles in your bathtub, these “rumors” and “insider tips” seem to just pop into existence. 

Spidey or not, Efron’s going to get his comics connection anyway when he stars in the big screen adaptation of Bendis’ spy thriller FIRE.   In the mean time, maybe the Comic Vine community ought to do its own little fantasy football draft.   Would Efron stand toe-to-toe with Owen?   If not them, then who else should fill Spider-Man and Kraven’s shoes? And, most importantly, why haven’t any rumors circulated about Aunt May yet? Who should play the new Aunt May?!  

--Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia Comics.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on

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Posted By buns134

My spider sense is tingling i must SINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted By Emerald Warrior
@Dro said:
" Please don't make Peter a geek. He wasn't one. "
In the comics you mean?! If so, then I Agree...  
if you mean in the movies?!?!?!?!?!?! Are you #!&#@$ serious?!?!?!?!?!?!? I mean what the dsADFO·$%·&$·"!·$%TRGDFS!?!?!?!?!?! 
That  ""$EW·$%& Sam Raimi made Peter into the epitome of what a geek is!!!
I mean... I do not agree with you my dear friend. :)
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Posted By Mutant X
@AngelFrost said:
" Since some people weren't convinced or had problems with the last pics I posted. (:  I have found more, better ones! 

 Peter Parker = Shia LaBouf
 Peter Parker = Shia LaBouf

 Gwen Stacy = Taylor Momsen
 Gwen Stacy = Taylor Momsen

 Mary Jane = Emma Stone
 Mary Jane = Emma Stone
Need any more convincing? ;) "
I agree with everything except Shia as Pete.
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Posted By KasadyCarnage

GAAAAAAAH! *shoots myself in the head*
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Posted By Mbecks14

This is the worst joke ever.

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Posted By brendon277

Wtf. I figured this shit would happen when Marvel signed on with fuckin disney. Who would even think about making him for the role and Vanessa Hudgeons, she may be hot but she's nothing like mary jane.
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Posted By InnerVenom123
It's a joke thread, from a TABLOID. Relax.
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Posted By brendon277
I truthfully wouldn't want to see Shia as Spidey either. Although he's a better choice than Zac Efron.
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Posted By marcelo2169

Marvel screw up!

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Posted By ComicCrazy

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Posted By Bio Guyver
@King Saturn said:

ha ha ha... I told folks this Spider-Man reboot may be a disaster... and with news like this looks like they are off to a wonderful start...


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Posted By Andferne
wonders if everyone knows this was a joke
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Posted By Hellos


Don't screw this one up, he better do one hell of a job.
Don't screw this one up, he better do one hell of a job.


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Edited By JackAs

Never mind him, at least he does an adequate job of it. What we all have to be worried about is Vanessa Hudgens. I knew Disney buying Marvel had a warning tag in fine print. Seriously...
Vanessa f@king Hudgens?? She has the abilities of a rock, a body of a 12 year old child and a voice of a chipmunk.

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Edited By THEBlaqueBasterd

This is SO gay........
Its what Shea Lebouf would say....... 
too soon huh..?

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Posted By iamDeadpaul1981

i am now praying to odin that Zac Efron doesn't become peter parker.
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Posted By Illyana Rasputin

Zac Efron should play Spider-Man completely nude.
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Posted By Lydian Sel

I still like the idea expressed on the podcast that Joseph Gordon Levitt should be Peter Parker. That makes perfect sense to me!

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Posted By The Wondering Spider
Why does this guy looks familiar? 
OK, 17 Again, thanks Google 
Ummm, hes a good actor and has good skills, I say go for it.
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Posted By SirSparkington

If that were true, my interest in the Spidey films would drop even more.
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Posted By Iron Fist Angel

I was against the re-boot since it was announced but I'd be even more against it if any of these people were cast, (especially that first idiot). Yikes.

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Posted By Static Shock

Zac Efron as Spidey....
Sounds goods. No sarcasm intended.
Vanessa Hudgens as Mary Jane.... Bleh!

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Posted By frogistheman the buisnessman


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Posted By LauraX23

You've got to be kidding me
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Posted By AngelFrost
@Illyana Rasputin said:
" Zac Efron should play Spider-Man completely nude. "
Totally agree.
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Posted By kev17

Last i heard about spider4, it was shelved indefinatly because of differences over the script IE sam raimi not getting it together right.  
as for this stupidity from the british tabloid? if it is true: Clive owen vs Zac Efron? have you seen shoot em up? what about the bourne identity? Clive was only in that a few minutes and kicked arse all the way. and before Craig was cast, wasnt he a contender to play James Bond? efron was in what? high school musical and 17 again? and he had part in an orson welles movie? all Clive Owen would have to do is step into the same room as efron, then everyone would know what a mistake they've made. Owen for the win. TKO.
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Posted By Kenjav
@Andferne: apparently not. it's like most either don't even read the whole story or have no criterion.
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Posted By dane

I don't think even the Fantastic Four casting director could fail this badly.

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Posted By BaronVonDredd

I think the reboot should play the Green Goblin more into the lines of Ultimate Green Goblin. I'm just upset we never got to see Hobgoblin battle Tobey Maguire on screen.
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Posted By BaronVonDredd
Calm down, Mattersuit. I HIGHLY DOUBT that any studio would sink to that low of a standard to portray a new Spider-Man.  Oh, wait. Spielberg got Shia LaBeouf to play Indy's kid in the fourth Indiana Jones. My bad.
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Edited By Crackdown

SURE, I know the best choice for a Spider character Zac should play
He fits the part

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Posted By squiresmadnessmachine

this is a big hell no!! not a guy like that peter parker is supposed to be a nerd who doesnt get girls 
no a pretty boy like this guy if he is spidey consider me against any more comic book movies which include green lantern!!
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Edited By dr.x

OMG and Hell To The NO who's  next  Dumbo play Doc Oct  or  the  two  Kids from Zac and Cody  playing Ice man  and Pyro . Come on Folks  it's happing again  with  flush .  



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Posted By Death-Michael

peter should be young as in the old days and in ultimate spider man and i cant see Zac playing spiderman....Oh and Shia Labeouf could get away with it.... but a new actor that no one has heard of  would make a good Peter Park because he would be an outsider and not a big star a first since the actor can take tht and put it into Peter Parker... 

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Posted By heroic_warrior76

What! I thought he is gonna play Jonny Quest in the up-coming "Jonny Quest" live action movie, and then I heard he cancelled it and he decided to accept the role of "Lion-O" in the rumored "ThunderCats" live action movie by Warner Bros. Production. What it's gonna be Lion-O, Jonny Quest, or Spider-Man?

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Posted By Sharkgirl93
@AngelFrost: I totally agreeee :D
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Posted By firstedition

If they cast Zac Efron as Parker, I may just have to stab myself in the face... 

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Posted By blade hunter
@AngelFrost said:
" ooo ooo oo   or ... 
 Shia LaBeouf  as Peter. Emma Stone as MJ  and Taylor Momsen as Gwen Stacy.

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   Perfection. ^^ "
would be perfect
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Posted By RATZGobbler

I would elect myself as Parker, at the risk of exploitation, I'm skinny, nerdy, poor eye sight, hardly noticeable, about to graduate from high school and I'm going on a field-trip to research station for biology where they're experimenting types of radiation on arachnids. Although I am fiercely afraid of spiders but damn it I want me some super powers already.

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Posted By Kreature

@Tom Pinchuk:  No, He looks to much like Ryan seacrest