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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Blu-ray Review

Is this Blu-ray the best there is at what it does?

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It's been over four months since X-Men Origins: Wolverine hit theaters.  On Tuesday, September 15, it was released on DVD and Blu-ray.  Should you include this movie in your library?
I did re-watch the movie again.  I won't review it since I reviewed it HERE when it was released in theaters.  I wondered if my opinion would've changed after the four months of letting the disastrous moments sink in.  I still stand by my original 3.5 out of 5 rating.  It wasn't the best movie but it wasn't horrible.  Let's be honest, Hugh Jackman does a great job as Wolverine.  If you're like me, you probably find it hard to resist buying any comic book movie on Blu-ray or DVD.  Despite its flaws, there were some pretty cool moments.  Ignoring the fact that they completely changed certain characters and their origins, it was an entertaining movie.  It's unfortunate that they took such a departure on Wolverine's actual origin but it does provide some moments of enjoyment.
The Blu-ray quality is brilliant.  You can't argue over the quality of the audio and video presentation.  This forces the studio to pay more attention when adding their special FX to movies.  It's simply a feast for the eyes.

Special Features

There is audio commentary included by director Gavin Hood and producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Ralph Winter.  There is also the BD-LIVE feature that lets you access more content.
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The Roots Of Wolverine: A Conversation With Stan Lee And Len Wein (16:18)
We get a nice dialogue between the two creators.  It's always fascinating to hear from Stan Lee.  He talks about the creation of the X-Men with Jack Kirby.  Wein mentions how Wolverine wasn't created for the X-Men but rather for Hulk.  Stan mentions how he always liked the mystery of Wolverine's origin and brings up the myth of Wolverine originally intended to be an actual mutated wolverine.
Wolverine Unleashed: The Complete Origins (12:05)
This is pretty much a brief "making of" feature.  One of the parts that stands out is how they created the metal and bone claws for the actors.  They also show the difference in the Adamantium tank from this movie and the older grimier version we saw in X2.
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Weapon X Mutant Files  These are the promos plus a look from the actors' perspective. Some behind the scenes looks are included.
Victor Creed/ Sabretooth (7:26)
William Stryker (4:27)
John Wraith (4:15)
Kayla Silverfox (3:28)
Fred Dukes/ Blob (7:22)
Bradley (3:19) Dominic Monaghan's character.
Remy LeBeau/ Gambit (9:10)
Agent Zero (3:47)
Wade Wilson/ Deadpool (7:11)
Emma (Kayla's sister) (3:27) Note: she's never actually referred to as Emma FROST.
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The Thrill Of The Chase: The Helicopter Sequence (5:53)
Another "making of" feature showing how this scene was created.
Ultimate X-Mode  Basically four modes of 'pop up' features and information.
X Connect
The Director's Chair
Pre-Visualizing Wolverine
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Deleted And Alternate Scenes (with optional commentary)
Young Storm (1:31) When Logan quits Weapon X, we see young Storm as he walks away. It begins to thunder...
Victor At The Boxing Ring (:31)
Alternate Memory Erase Sequence (7:29)
Japanese Bar Scene (:43)
Fox Movie Channel Presents: World Premiere (6:22)  The city that won the World Premiere contest is shown. 
The second disc gives you a digital copy of the movie for your computer or portable media player.
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The movie may have gotten a 3.5 from me but I'd give this Blu-ray a 4 out of 5.  What it comes down to is it's Wolverine in action.  The Blu-ray offers a nice presentation.  The special features are decent and give us some insight into the characters from the movie as well as the behind the scenes clips.  If you can overlook the changes that were made and sit back and enjoy the movie, you'll find it's a good film.  Back in the 90s when Wolverine was appearing everywhere, I never thought I'd see him in his own movie.  If you like Wolverine and you enjoyed Hugh Jackman's performance, you're probably already planning on buying this.  I just won't get into what happened to Deadpool's character.