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X-Force Takes No Prisoners Against Purifiers

More killing!  These guys will be a great inspiration to the Young X-Men.  "Look kids, you can grow up to be a killer on an X-team.  Yay!"

I don't care what people say about Cyclops toughening up or whatever.  He's always had a major stick up his butt.  I just can't see him condoning killing as the only solution.  That was his biggest beef with Wolverine.  So what, he's not man enough to kill himself so he'll simply sic his little troop of murderers against someone that gets in their way?  This is why the "humans" fear them.  They think just because they have some power, they can take the law into their own hands.  Nevermind that the Purifiers are a bunch of douches themselves but where will the line be drawn.

By the way, I am digging this comic.

The red-hot, sold-out hottest X-launch of the year continues as Wolverine’s new team searches for the kidnapped Wolfsbane and continues their merciless attacks on Purifier bases till they find her! Enter X-Force #3, from the fan-favorite writing team of Christopher Yost & Craig Kyle, with rising star artist Clayton Crain, ratchet the action up to 11. Just what does the return of New Mutants foe Magus mean for X-Force? As Matthew Riseman’s plan comes into full effect, it seems he’s gathered just what—or WHO—he needs…but what’s his endgame? And just how does S.H.I.E.L.D. figure into all this? An X-Men: Divided We Stand tie-in, X-Force helps set the stage for the future of mutantkind in a world without X-Men!

Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on X-Force and all Divided We Stand tie-ins, as they continue to sell out rapidly! X-Force is on the trail of the Purifiers…but are they too late? Find out in X-Force #3!

X-FORCE #3 (FEB082266)
Pencils & Cover by CLAYTON CRAIN
Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC—4/3/08, On-Sale—4/23/08