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'X-Force' Movie Could be on the Way

The 'Kick-Ass 2' director and writer may be in charge of greatly expanding Fox's Marvel universe.

There's been some mumbling over the past few days about Fox following-up X-Men: Days of Future Past with an X-Force movie. Well, the odds of that happening just took a massive boost. The Hollywood Reporter posted an exclusive claiming Jeff Wadlow will write the team-up film. As you may know, Wadlow wrote and directed Kick-Ass 2 and he's currently writing the Bloodshot script, so he clearly has some experience when it comes to more graphic comic book material.

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Will X-Men: Days of Future Past be used to introduce Cable and tease this film? We do know Warpath has a role in the upcoming movie, after all. Would they perhaps include Wolverine since he was on the latest roster, too? Only time will tell, but right now it definitely looks like Fox has big plans for the X-Men universe. And if they do include Cable, Stephen Lang seems like the obvious pick, right?

Source: THR