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Wonder Woman To Get CW Television Series

The Amazonian warrior could get another chance at her very own television show, but will you want to watch it?

Remember when the folks at the CW premiered the first episode of ARROW to audiences at Comic-Con, and it was a success? Those who saw it had promising things to say about the upcoming new series revolving around DC comics' "Emerald Archer." And although the television series has not yet made its way to the small screen (the show premiere's October 10th) it looks as though it may have opened the door for the CW to explore other DC comics properties to bring them to the small screen. Namely, Wonder Woman. Yes, you read that right! The CW may very well be looking to bring Wonder Woman to the small screen.


Last year we saw a Wonder Woman pilot developed by David E. Kelly that was just a little too over the top for audiences. The NBC developed television show was shut down before most of us even had the chance to see the pilot, but what was wrong with it? Was it Kelly's vision for the character -- that mix of crime-fighting with a dash of corporate head honcho -- or was it Wonder Woman's character herself? Can she be adapted to the small screen, or is the concept of an Amazonian warrior who is likely as strong as the Man of Steel, unrelatable and too unbelievable for audiences to grasp? The CW doesn't seem to think so and neither does Warner Brothers. According to the latest report from VULTURE, Wonder Woman may very well be on her way to the small screen with a little help from Allan Heinberg, who has scripted Grey's Anatomy and The O.C. as well as YOUNG AVENGERS for Marvel comics.

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According to the source, Warner and the CW firmly have faith in Diana's origin story. They believe that a focus on the young Amazon warrior before the days when she met and fell in love with Steve Trevor or joined the Justice League, might make an interesting television show. The big difference here is that the CW wants to keep the bracelets, crown and Princess stuff out of the story. Question is, could this actually work? This is the part where we look to Smallville. The successful CW series that lasted a whopping ten seasons on the network is a great example of the CW taking a super powered character and grounding him, telling the story of Superman before he actually became Superman. We have a feeling that Warner and the CW might take the same recipe that worked for Superman and apply it to Wonder Woman. We like to think it can work, and having a guy like Allan Heinberg scripting (someone familiar with comics and comic characters) might not be a bad idea.

What do you think of all this? Do you think a show centered around the days before Wonder Woman became Wonder Woman could work? Is it something you can see yourself watching?


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Posted By thespidey307

Just make the movie...

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Posted By Falconer

Pre-Justice League = Amazon = all female cast.

I'll watch one or two five episodes.

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Posted By zackattack529

i want a wonderwoman MOVIE ...not a TV show >:/

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Posted By EnSabahNurX

I'm ok with it, when I hear a wonder woman tv series i picture xena XD

I don't mind ditching the tiara but her bracelets can still be used and not come off cheesy

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Posted By Barkley

maybe it will work... better if the use the New 52 origin that she is Zeus's daughter...its easier

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Posted By Inverno

@thespidey307 said:

Just make the movie...

@zackattack529 said:

i want a wonderwoman MOVIE ...not a TV show >:/

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Posted By theTimeStreamer

here we go again

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Posted By vance_astro

I didn't like Smallville so I can only assume this won't be to my liking. I'll try it out though.

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Posted By TheSmallvillefan12

I think it could work but a movie would be better.

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Posted By ALFaLantern

So DC, when will you put movie franchises instead of doing small screen? Everybody knows who Superman and Batman are, no need to bring anything else with them, now it's time to be original and copy Marvel and the Avengers.

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I saw the pilot the last time they tried. Forgive me for being somewhat pessimistic about this

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If they can get everything right, then I'll give it a try for sure.

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Posted By RiscazZ

Pleease, stop the moaning already.

If it a movie you all say that there is not enough time to cover all the important aspects of the character. If it is a series you want a movie.

It will just depend on the quality of the freaking thing! Not the format!

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Oh, here we go again...

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Posted By NightFang3

@RiscazZ said:

Please, stop the moaning already.

If it a movie you all say that there is not enough time to cover all the important aspects of the character. If it is a series you want a movie.

It will just depend on the quality of the freaking thing! Not the format!

You are my new bestfriend! :)

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Am I understanding the concept correctly? The whole show will take place on the island? That seems rather confining. Not saying it couldn't work, just not understanding why they would automatically limit the setting.

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I think it might work. But seeing as it's before she even becomes Wonder Woman, people might just think of it as a show about and island of women. If they do it right and accurately (hopefully better than Smallville), they may be able to go far with it. Who knows? Maybe they can use this as a lead in to the Justice League movie (assuming it's on CW before the movie comes out).

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WW take 2!

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Do yourself a solid, get drunk, and watch the old Lynda Carter  series. They're so f***ing funny. 
It's Wonder Woman Nazi hunter! I sh** you not!
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Posted By LifePool

Shouldn't they wait to see how Arrow is recieving before announcing something like this?

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@ColonelRunAway said:


that is how i feel put in to words :D

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Just make it exactly like the old Xena show and I think it will be fine. Wonder Woman saving humanity from the wrath of the gods. You can bring in new gods weekly with ares being the main villain throughout the series

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Edited By BushidoBlack

Making a Smallville style Wonder Woman show is much easier to pull off. We'll see if they can get it done.

Hopefully DC gets as proactive with their movies as they seem to be with their tv shows and cartoons.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

I kind of want them to call the show "Amazon" instead of Wonder Woman

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Posted By Icon

If it is done right then of course I'll want to watch it. We'll see how it turns out.

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Posted By Ganthetsward20

I want to see more Wonder Woman. She is an awesome character and if they can stay true to the source material and make some great scripts I think it will be great. There is so much anyone could do with the hero that its sorta sad that it has taken this long to do it. Her Dc animated film is still one of my favorites.

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Posted By Kairan1979

They need at least five years so we can forget the horrible Wonder Woman pilot.

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Posted By sweatboy

Artemis of Bana MighdaI?

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Posted By Nova`Prime`

I'll believe it when I see it.. just like Marvel's SHIELD tv show.

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Posted By LoganRogue24

@Nova`Prime`: i agree.

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I was lost for words

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Posted By ArtisticNeedham

So, does this mean the show will never have any male characters/actors on it? Will it be nothing but woman on an island wearing roman outfits and training? Nothing but that? Because isn't that all she did before Steve Trevor came to the island? And wasn't he the first man she ever met?

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Posted By LoganRogue24

i hope its good i wonder who will play dianna. the actors i would love to play ww are summer glau laura vandervoort erica durance the girl who played zatanna on smallville. or maybe an unknown. unless they want to use palicki again thats fine to shes very pretty.

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Posted By feebadger

I kind of hope that they don't do it as it worry that it might just dilute the character down too much. I want to see the epic, mythological amazing powered movie that Wonder Woman deserves. I refuse to believe that they can't make this character work on the big screen.

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

really? a Wonder Woman TV show??? How about a Flash Tv show?

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I'd watch it!

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Posted By Decept-O

IF any of this is valid, I am not liking what I just read.

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Posted By Herx

Personally I'd prefer it if Wonder Woman got a "big screen" adaption rather than a TV-series. Sure, CW's Smallville lasted for 10 season but (and this is coming from someone who liked the show) it went on for way to long and pretty much, from season 5/6 onwards became a superman series without our hero donning his costume (due to god knows how many plot points that were suddenly brought up out of the blue). Plus there were superboy comics that depicted the early days of superman so having a television series depicting his early days didn't come off as something alien.

Wonder Woman has no comics depicting her early days (as far as i'm aware) so having a series depicting her days before leaving the island wouldn't do much (i'm going to dub the series Themyscira, see what i did there :P )

Also, Smallville might have lasted 10 seasons but other CW comic book adaptions haven't. Birds or Prey = 1 season. Aquaman = 1 pilot episode. Plus Arrow hasn't even been shown to the masses yet and even though the preview reaction was very positive (in an audiance of comic fans) how will it last for public viewing? (note: i really want to see the show succeed)

So at the moment the concept of a Wonder Woman TV show doesn't sit well with me (esspecially with the recent flop by NBC still on our plates). The CW concept feels more like the CW counting their chikens before they've hatched and the score board doesn't exactly bode well for them. 1 success, 1 cancellation, 1 pilot and 1 show yet to be aired. To soon to make these calles CW.

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Posted By grenade728

I'd rather see a movie, but it's a step.

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Posted By ReVamp

@Vance Astro said:

I didn't like Smallville so I can only assume this won't be to my liking. I'll try it out though.

You have hope for Arrow?

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Posted By SiycoBat

Actually, i'd watch this. It'd make Wonderwoman look like the average girl can work and fully earn the right to be Wonderwoman rather than the whole princess role making her look like she was given the role because of her position in her world.

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I like the Linda Carter Wonder Woman. Hopefully this will be as good (or better).

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Cautiously optimistic mode ...

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@thespidey307 said:

Just make the movie...

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Posted By RedQueen

Yes! (if it's actually good). Otherwise, nope. I would not watch it. I generally love everything Heinberg has ever written.... So hopefully this will actually make it to our television screens and be awesome. On another note: I can deal with the absence of the crown, bracelets e.t.c If they can justify it. I.e will she still be an amazon?

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Go for it I hope it works out better then that NBC one. I plan to watch Arrow and this if it ever comes out.

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All the people complaining that they want Wonder Woman to have a movie instead of a TV show aren't thinking this through, if they make this show and it happens to be successful it will raise her profile making it easier to talk the studio into giving them the green light for a movie.