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Wolverine Fights Strikeforce X

Because we just don't have enough teams with an "X" in their name...

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Wolverine is supposed the be the best there is at what he does.  We all know what he does isn't very nice.  Or at least in the past it wasn't so nice.  Lately, it doesn't seem that he's doing too much that would be considered "not nice."  Let's just assume that he still is the best.  He probably does a lot to piss off the "bad guys," right?  So it makes sense that if someone is going to send a team to go up against him, they'd better make sure the members can hold their own against him.

Strikeforce X is a team of Adamantium-clawed super soldiers who are tasked to take down Wolverine.  The whole concept of using Adamantium seems inconsistent. It's supposed to be a rare metal and hard to work with.  From time to time, we see it being used like it wasn't an issue.  Let's hope that this new team of 'clawed soldiers' will put up a good fight against Wolverine.  Otherwise someone wasted a lot of money in creating them.

Issue two of "Woverine: Weapon X" is written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Ron Garney.  It's on sale May 20, 2009 (and a second print of issue one is available April 29, 2009).  Here's a preview.  Click each image to enlarge.

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