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With Russell T. Davies Leaving Dr. Who, What's Next?

I thought Who was on first and What was on second...?

Russell T. Davies has done great things in reviving the Doctor Who franchise.  It seems some are happy and others are distressed with Davies leaving (and Steven Moffat taking over).  The good news is we will have more Torchwood to look forward to along with the next Doctor.

Speaking of the Doctor, it has been reported that the new Doctor, Matt Smith, will be facing some familiar villains when he checks in.  Who am I talking about?  The freakin' Daleks.  Like pretty much all Doctor Who fans, I love the Daleks but we have seen so much of them.  A source said:
Fans may take a while to get used to Matt as the Doctor so it makes sense to have him fight his most famous enemies.
Okay, fine.
What is Russell T. Davies focusing on now?  Torchwood.  We saw the premiere of the "Children Of Earth" trailer but more information has been released.
 An ordinary day becomes a world of terror, as every single child in the world stops. A message is sent to all the governments of Earth: "We are coming."

But as a trap closes around Captain Jack, sins of the past are returning, as long-forgotten events from 1965 threaten to reveal an awful truth.

Torchwood are forced underground, as the government takes swift and brutal action. With members of the team being hunted down, Britain risks becoming a rogue state, with the mysterious and powerful 456 drawing ever closer.

Captain Jack (John Barrowman), Gwen (Eve Myles) and Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd) are helpless, as events escalate until humankind faces the end of civilisation itself.

Davies also mentions Captain Jack's daughter Alice, rebuilding Torchwood after the 456 attacks and also a relationship between Captain Jack and his private Secretary.  Sounds like good times.
Posted by Barney Stinson

I'm not sure what to think of Matt Smith just yet.  Obviously I'll give him a chance and trust in the show's creators.  

Torchwood, on the other hand, I am stoked for Children of Earth!
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I can't and won't wait another moment for this . I going ahead.

Posted by Buckshot

Knights of Khera man, I don't need anymore Daleks!

Posted by NightFang3

The new Doctor should fight the return Master and an army of Daleks under his control.

Posted by Darkchild

It sucks that Davis is leaving but i cant wait for Torchwood

Posted by Green ankh

I can not stand Torchwood and Cap Jack is a lousy

Character could not stand him on Dr Who and TW he is worse.

I wonder how ling it willbe before we see the New Doctor in the States.

Posted by inferiorego

I love the Daleks, but here are some some other of the Doctors enemies I like to see, and see again:
Cybermen: The real ones though, not the "ultimate" version
The Doctor (Last regeneration: From Trial of the Time Lords)
Queen Victoria
And can we go back to Castrovolva, just for fun?

I'm super excited for Torchwood coming back, it's my second favorite show on television