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Why Ha$ Marvel $witched The Relea$e Order For Wolverine?

We're getting issues of Wolverine out of order. A review for #73 is here too.

What happened to #72?!?
What happened to #72?!?
Some of you may have noticed that Wolverine #73 came out this week.  Was it part 7 of the "Old Man Logan" story arc?  Nope.  I think pretty much everyone that has been reading it agrees that this is the best Wolverine story we've had in some time.  The fact that we have an old Wolverine who hasn't popped his claws in fifty years has been an interesting twist.  It seems inevitable that he will at the end.  What could be thhe driving force that makes that happen?  More importantly, why did we get issue #73 before issue #72 (which is out on May 20)?

I haven't seen an "official" explanation from Marvel.  This (along with a review for issue #73) is addressed in the video below.


We know that "Old Man Logan" hasn't been coming out on a consistent schedule.  Issue #73 is a good "jumping on point" since it's the beginning of an arc.  Could the reason be that Marvel wanted to release another new Wolverine comic while "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" is still playing in theaters?  Is Marvel more concerned with gaining new fans rather than worry about those already reading the comic?  Won't there be confusion for those new readers when they pick up 73 and then see 72 in a couple weeks?

What do you think about the fact that this issue was split into two parts rather than focus on one story?  Do you feel it was misleading to have an Adam Kubert cover and not have an entire Adam Kubert cover?

Update:  I received word today from Marvel that issue #73 has sold out.  There may still be copies at your local comic shop.  A second printing will be available on June 17.  Sheesh.