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Who Will Join NEW X-FORCE?

As they angle to kill Apocalypse.

 Can you fill in the blanks?
 Can you fill in the blanks?

Let’s get to the meat of this, shall we? Who do you figure has been blacked out in this NEW X-FORCE promo image to the right? Who’ll be a member of this new incarnation of the team? My first guess is Nightcrawler, fitting in to the silhouette to the bottom left.   He’s got a sword sheathed on his back, a tail curling out from around his derrière and… what looks like an exceptionally-long cast on his right hand? Well, two out of three clues still support a theory, unless Mr. Wagner broken his arm recently and went to the same kind of goofy doctor who will give you a balloon appendix if you come in with an appendicitis.

My next guess is Magik, standing right next to Wolverine. The build might not be apparent, here, but the sword and shield are big clues. Plus, Illyana’s always been characterized as being rather ruthless, anyway, right? The kind of girl who’d have no problem using the old lethal (X) force.  I have no guess for the caped individual to the other side of Wolverine, but I’ll hazard a guess that the person at the top is either Banshee or Siryn, given the manta-ray-esque split cape. Do you figure I’m totally off-base here, oh blotted-out Comic Vine community? Who do YOU figure is actually part of the line-up?

The image to the right is a promo for NEW X-FORCE, which will written by Rick Remender and drawn by Jerome Opena. This was one of Marvel’s many announcements out of C2E2. The premise of this new series is that Wolverine, in between his participation in the Avengers and the X-Men proper, will be leading some hatchet men to kill Apocalypse. Seems like ol’ En Sabah Nur is getting reincarnated and these forceful individuals might have to snuff him out as an infant! Expect moral quandaries amidst the bloodlust - - although, I’ll always think of these guys as “Inferiorego’s Pals” after those X-Force cosplayers recognized him at C2E2.

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. Pre-order the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover now on

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Posted By sora_thekey

You have to give props to Marvel when it comes to promos...
It's never what we expect....
As for my guesses...
Top: Archangel or Magneto (that could be a cape)
Bottom Left: Psylocke or Elektra (the "tail" could be their hip scarves)
Behind Wolverine: NO idea!
Bottom Right: Hope or Fantomex or Gambit!

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Posted By daveydavey

That would be cool if Nightcrawler was in the team. He would add some moral ideals to the group. I can see the drama now.
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Posted By James Proudstar

my guess:  
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Posted By carnivalofsins00

i think Hope.

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Posted By Hawkling
@Timm: She has her own series coming out so you get to add another title to your pull list
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Posted By Biondello

I haven't a clue about who some of them could be but I really don't think that that is Nightcrawler, I'd place my bets on Psylock or a weird Domino, and I'm guessing that's Warren on the top but the cape look is throwing me off a bit. I just hope they keep Archangel and Vanisher on the team. I was a bit sad to see Elixir cut but hopefully they'll use him somewhere else.

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Edited By Benzo

My guesses are deadpool,psycloke,fantomex and angel.....
That would make an awesome team!!! :P

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Posted By Runaway191

Archangel on the top. There's no way that it's not if you ask me.  
Fantomex is relatively obvious. 
I was thinking that the guy next to Wolverine was Gambit, since it kind of looks like he's holding a pole, and the Apocalypse story is going to directly affect him. Could be Psylocke though 
The bottom left looks like Deadpool to me, but what the deuce is going on with his right arm?

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Posted By The Sadhu

Hit-Monkey far left!
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Posted By doordoor123

The guy you think looks like night crawler with a long cast.. doesnt have a long cast (i think).
I think he is holding a sword while his sheath is on his back.

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Posted By Speedy92286
@doordoor123 said:
"The guy you think looks like night crawler with a long cast.. doesnt have a long cast (i think). I think he is holding a sword while his sheath is on his back. "

You're right. It looks like a curved blade. I don't think either Nightcrawler or Deadpool use such a thick sword but I could be wrong.
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Posted By jacobyLIVE

I'd guess the silhouette with the sword is nightcrawler at first glance...but it doesn't show him having three fingers (I know his fist seems to be closed but even so) so I'm not sure.

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Posted By bacchusV2

 hmmm. first glance at this image i thought nightcrawler, psylocke, and fantomex! (no clue at all as to who the guy hovering above is) but a second careful look at the image and my guesses turned to deadpool (not nightcrawler), shadowcat (hmm..that 'tail' that seem to belong to 'nightcrawler might just be a part of kitty's shadow & flame costume. right, right???!), and fantomex. (still no clue as to the caped guy!)

No Caption Provided
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Posted By jordama

does anyone know when they will start revieling who they are?

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Posted By LauraX23
Kurt ?
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Posted By Jor-el Zod
@Jake Fury:
i think caped female is rogue
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Posted By Mutant X

I can kind of make out Gambit as the caped figure. Everything but the head. That's definitely Nightcrawler on the far left [or so I think].
[Might get this series.]

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Posted By Illyana Rasputin

I always thought Magik fit in well with this team. The missions are suited to her personality.

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Posted By Rustyboos

I think that there might be 6 shadow people...

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Posted By PabloMcFly

Magik is too well situated on New Mutants. I think they like having the whole team together, regardless of how nutty she is.   
It's also probably not a great idea to have 2 former horsemen (3 including wolverine) to take on a mutant with as much sway as Apocalypse.  
More importantly, what happened to Clayton Crain and Yost and Kyle?! That was such a great team for a comic. I hope that team works on something else.     

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Posted By Ryonslaught
@twiztidtunes said:
" Angel, Deadpool, Magik, Fantomex,  and some douche nozzle with claws "
Thats sounds about right...but? magic? perhaps deadpool or nightcrawler or psylocke instead? 
although why add elekra to the x-men team and not throw her here? that would be a waste
@InspiringMuffin said:
"  Deadpool can only be in so many places, so I hope to high hopes he's not here. "
your kidding right? he's simply gonna follow in wolvie's footsteps and be in everyplace at everytime at every moment :P

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Posted By .o0Johnny0o.
@Theodore: I sincerely hope you're right. Hadn't even considered old Erik in the mix.  Would definitley fight my way to the comic book shop to get a hand on X-Force with Magneto.
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Posted By Argentino_18

The one on the right is Fantomex.... Hands down.... 
The Flier I dont know... 
The one left to wolvie cant be Elektra, did you checked the big arm? 
The one of the further left seems like deadpool (But I pray that he isnt)

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Posted By wooodude1

I'm sorry but i hate this i was really hoping that they would bring back Cable & his buddies but i guess not :(

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Posted By InspiringMuffin
@Ryonslaught: Maybe Marvel can start to publish a monthly team-up of Wolverine, Deadpool, and Spider-man, with absolutely no supporting cast. It would sell out every time.
Avatar image for 00_raiser
Posted By 00 Raiser

The one in the air is Archangel. Directly behind Wolverine hmmmm probably Psylocke. The other two well one looks like Nightcrawler and the other I cant think of his name but its some dude dressed in white will gray and black seeing he will be in X-Force..

Avatar image for ryonslaught
Posted By Ryonslaught
@InspiringMuffin: the saddest thing is your absolutely right, it would sell like crazy :(
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Posted By pixelized
Avatar image for bdanko
Posted By bdanko

PSYLOCKE!!! (hopefully) or Magik next to Wolverine, Deadpool or Nightcrawler, Gambit? Hope? Angel!!!
Avatar image for cellphonegirl
Posted By CellphoneGirl

It would be cool to see Hope on the team :]

Avatar image for pablomcfly
Posted By PabloMcFly

X-Force is suppose to be covert a black ops team. Even trying to be a team player, I doubt Magneto's pride would let him sneak around in a black outfit taking order's from Wolverine.

Avatar image for lokheim
Posted By lokheim

my guess are archangel psylocke deadpool and hope summers. but my opinion on the situation and picture.
Avatar image for meteorite
Posted By Meteorite

I heard Deadpool was joining X-Force

Avatar image for llagrok
Posted By llagrok

How are these guys going to take down Apocalypse....

Avatar image for spiderguylll
Posted By spiderguylll

Cable n Hope maybe Deadpool

Avatar image for soa
Posted By SoA

dumb question : is the pic on nightcrawler's  page a new costume? (dont think ive seen him wear it) 
if so does tht give a hint that he will be on x-force despite him against killing? tht or it could be nocturne 
in this promo

Avatar image for pixelized
Posted By pixelized
@SoA said:
" dumb question : is the pic on nightcrawler's  page a new costume? (dont think ive seen him wear it)  if so does tht give a hint that he will be on x-force despite him against killing? tht or it could be nocturne  in this promo "
Nope, that's ancient.
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Posted By waruikumo

Fantomex Magneto Psylocke and ? I think elf maybe out of teh running now? 
Although it maybe him, and Magik makes sense if not psylocke, the top caped character could be rouge. and the lower character could be gambit, but no brooding trench so? 
I say psylocke because she typically has the two "tails" from her belt.  

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Posted By KulaToilolo

idk bout the chick
Avatar image for erik
Posted By Erik
@KulaToilolo said:
" arcangel nightcrawler deadpool idk bout the chick "
Some of your list needs serious..... revising. 
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Posted By SandwichTank
@Nefilim927 said:
" Am I the only one who thinks the guy far right could be Gamibt?  Has anyone noticed his death powers have been coming back without really being mentioned?  Especially if the whole thing has to do with killing Apocalypse.  Thoughts? "
well theres obviously some kind of gun in the right blank's hand and gambit was never one to usually have a gun
Avatar image for nefilim927
Posted By Nefilim927
I'm not sure how obvious a gun is but we'll see.  Does anyone think that's not going to be Archangel in the center?
Avatar image for thunderscream
Posted By Thunderscream

I'm trying to think of other caped/winged x-folks it'd be aside from warren. M maybe or Rogue or Pixie (lol j/k) Lifeguard could grow wings or maybe Icarus is back from the dead or Squirrel Girl mutated into some flappy gliders or Mystique is morphin some wings out like she did back in her mini with sabes. There's that acolyte, Gargouille we haven't see much of (although a buncha these are b,c,d listers, just puttin some other names out there)

Avatar image for nefilim927
Posted By Nefilim927

Does anyone know if there's an official X-Force forum? Or would this be the correct place to go on about all things X-Force?
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Posted By kingfrogger666
It can't be Nightcrawler (at least not yet) he's dead and X-Force kill people, Nightcrawler would NEVER be part of that.
Avatar image for thunderscream
Posted By Thunderscream

Alright Marvel, unshadow at least one more, the suspense is killing me!

Avatar image for dmc
Posted By DMC

If Psylocke and Deadpool are on the new team I might pick this up.

Avatar image for edamame
Edited By Edamame
@DMC said:

" If Psylocke and Deadpool are on the new team I might pick this up. "

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Posted By jordama

Toad is so the figue on the left.