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Who Is Earth 2's 'Last Amazon'?

Wonder Woman died in the first issue of EARTH 2, but an Amazon graces the upcoming cover of the series. Who could she be?

They say sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the case of the latest image revealed by DC Comics for the cover to EARTH 2 #8 it seems this one reveals a whole heck of a lot. The penciled sketch by artist Yildiray Cinar, Steppenwolf and a mysterious female character stand front and center. But what does it all mean? If you've been reading the series then you may recall Steppenwolf's appearance in the first issue of the series, but that he's since been absent from the title. Does this upcoming cover mark his return to Earth 2? We caught up with writer James Robinson to ask him who the mysterious figure in the image could be, but he sadly didn't give us a whole lot to work with.


We're keeping the identity of "the last Amazon" under wraps for now but we will reveal it shortly...Please be patient and have fun guessing! You can look forward to her kicking major ass in issue #8 of EARTH 2!

OK, so we know Steppenwolf is definitely on the cover, and if you recall back to the first issue you'll remember that Wonder Woman was killed at his hand -- so it can't be her. So, who is this mysterious new Amazon? Could it be Donna Troy? That would certainly be an interesting twist since Donna has yet to appear in comics since the start of the New 52. Not only that, but Donna was a central figure in Robinson's JUSTICE LEAGUE run just prior to DC's reboot. Regardless of who it is, we can all agree that Cinar is a talented artist and we are definitely looking forward to seeing his talents on the EARTH 2 title. Who do you think 'The Last Amazon' could be?

Source: DC Comics