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Which Green Lantern Has the Best Costume?

We look at all the outfits, from Alan Scott to Sodam Yat.

The costume, the costume, the costume… that’s what everybody’s going to talk about whenever a new superhero movie’s coming and GREEN LANTERN's no exception. Does the skin-tight-with-flesh-grooves all-CGI outfit look cool or silly? How about the seemingly painted-on mask? The debate has only begun so, to get some perspective, I figured I’d take a look at how the GLs' duds have evolved over the years...   

 His outfit's just... so... groovy.
Sticking to Hal Jordan would, of course, make for a pretty limited list since, barring some Parallax and Spectre tangents, he hasn't actually changed his outfit that much. I was actually pretty surprised to see how much the layout and color scheme of his movie outfit stuck to the tradition in comics. Anyway, without further preamble, let's stretch this fashion show cat walk back to the beginning... == TEASER ==


Martin Nodell’s original inspiration for this character drew partly from the classic story of Aladdin and that influence is obvious in the character’s (very) vaguely Arabesque outfit. For a character called the Green Lantern, there’s an awful lot more purple and red in this get-up. Honestly, I've always thought it was one of the more garish outfits from the Golden Age, and I think the Sentinel make-over went a long way to improve on it.



This iconic outfit served as the basis for every GL who's followed, and it’s only been amended a little over the years. You’ll notice that the current version has tapered the green over the shoulders and cut the bottom portion to a point at the hips, making it look more like a jumpsuit than these earlier near-pajamas. I do agree with Reynolds' assessment that white valet gloves stick out kind of glaringly.


His first costume was the same as Hal’s and his second was a really awkward design. The one that most people are aware of is from the JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoon (a look that ironically started with Kyle’s appearance in the SUPERMAN show.) The outfit subtly reflects Stewart’s military background and it also recalls the uniforms from STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION.  It's probably the most sensible of the bunch, but it maybe went overboard in downplaying the flair.  


Guy similarily wore the exact same outfit as Hal in his first appearance and it wasn’t until he showed up in JUSTICE LEAGUE that he got his own look. I always figured it was appropriate that this costume debuted in the 80s, because Guy was a jerk back then and this really makes you think of a frat boy wearing a letterman’s jacket. It’s probably better not to bring up the shirtless-with-wild-tattoos look he had while he was Warrior.  



The manga influence on this is a lot more pronounced in hindsight than it was when I was reading JLA with Kyle as a member. This does look more like a spacesuit with armor, although I remember the “crab mask” was always the most controversial element for H.E.A.T. members. It does look a little clunky, now, although I still prefer this over the redesign.



I’m going to disregard the roid-raging-Mohawk-and-cape Yat we saw in his first appearance because the outfit he’s worn as the Ion is, in my opinion, one of the better looking modern costumes. Cobbling some elements from Kyle’s own days as the Ion, it’s basically a negative, color-reversed GL outfit that looks like a surfing suit in the best way. That is, it's practical while still having enough larger-than-life flash for you to buy that this is the ultimate GL. 


Even though she was born with some innate powers, she’s worth involving here as an unofficial Green Lantern. However, like the Wasp, she’s one of those characters whose had so many outfits over the years, that it’s hard to really pin down a definitive one. She’s yet to find one that really sticks and I suppose there’s reason for that, as a lot of them haven’t had a great design focus (and some of them are pretty skeevy.)


Which Green Lantern do you think has had the spiffiest costume? What costumes have we missed that should be included here? 
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Posted by marvelunivers_deleteme

hal jordan

Posted by chowy


Posted by wolfman_beast

DEFINETLY Kyle Rayner as Ion BEFORE Ion was revealed as an entity

Posted by daak1212

Posted by Omicronx

Im actually a fan of John Stewart's out of the choices here. Also the more i see that CG costume from the movie the more i hate it and want to burn my eyes out for seeing something so hideous lol

Posted by CrimsonInuTears

Barda: she was a green lantern in red~ ^_^
Green Lantern Barda (JL - Nail)
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I absolutely love Sodam Yat's ION costume. Basically the description put in the first post nails it. Has a really iconic look, which is basically just a color-reversal and different logo. It stands out among all the Green Lantern outfits, and is damned impressive on the Emerald Warriors #4 cover.

Just without his new logo. :) 
Posted by schmidty207

Kyle. Definitely.

Posted by Crimson Eagle

The CGI for the Green Lantern movie would be better if the green was a little bit darker.

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I personally like the movie version the most...but John Stewarts was definitely the best animated/comic version.
Posted by EisforExtinction

I'm just kidding. 
Posted by darth bul

jon stewert
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Tangent Universe Green Lantern.  Or Bruce Wayne Green Lantern 

Posted by ssejllenrad

Parallax Hal or HOG Ion

Posted by dewboy01

ion's outfit looks better.
Posted by Skies327

Sodom Yat gets my vote.

Posted by greenenvy

For the coolest ever I personally think John Stewart and I am going to support the movie by saying the movie costume second best. For sexiest female green lantern costume is going to be Arisia and jade but depends cause like you said she had many costumes before. I really would appreciate a more skin revealing costume again for jade in the future. Do you guys think so? 

Posted by kelvin_oh89

I don't have a personal favourite but I tend to enjoy elements of each costume. Definitely like Sodam Yat's costume. Maybe because I have a thing for collars I just think they're more visually pleasing. I also love John Stweart's black gloves and green wristlets look makes the green on the arms look more interesting in terms of color distribution as opposed to simple gloves. I love Kyle's current costume because I wasn't a fan of all the white in his original costume but I loved his mask. The classic silver age Green Lantern costume's pretty cool too but it definitely looks dated so I only like it in period pieces like New Frontier or Justice.

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Posted by Sexy Merc
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Cant decide between John Stewart or Kyle Rayner

Posted by AirDave817

I gotta go with Bat Lantern... 

Posted by Illyana Rasputin
Uummmmmmmm. Babs!
Posted by Chibi-Iroh

If we are going for just Sheer Epicness then I would have to say Alan Scott in Kingdom Come but if we are going for epicness and practicality then I would say Sodom Yat.

Posted by redmanta

hal jordan             
Posted by Supreme Marvel
@RMurray said:
" I absolutely love Sodam Yat's ION costume. Basically the description put in the first post nails it. Has a really iconic look, which is basically just a color-reversal and different logo. It stands out among all the Green Lantern outfits, and is damned impressive on the Emerald Warriors #4 cover.
 Just without his new logo. :)  "
I edited that!!!
Posted by Dark Cell

Hal Jordan film version 

Posted by yankeemanf

kyle rayner by far had the most badass costume imo the black and white suit with knee high boots and cool mask

Posted by Icon

I vote for Kyle

Posted by GothicKnight

Parallax Kyle Rayner and Green Lantern Batman


Posted by Dark_Phoenix00x


Posted by RMurray
@Supreme Marvel:  Haha, what do you mean? :)
Posted by DarthStorm

I've always liked Kyle's uniforms the most

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

I agree with your assessment of Sodam Yat. He has a really nice spiffy 'new feeling' costume. 
That said, I refuse to choose a favorite. They all reflect the characters in their own ways.

Posted by Supreme Marvel

Well the original looked like this

I photo manipulated it to look like the one you posted. And if you look on Sodam's images, you'll see my name as the uploader. :D
Posted by RMurray
@Supreme Marvel:  Ohhh gotcha, well done! I absolutely love that cover. Just well done all around.
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I'd take Kyle's 11 or so costumes over any other Lantern. He has the best variety, and it speaks volume to his character more than it does for the other Lanterns IMO. My favorite from him is his second one: 

And his 3 Ion costumes: 

Posted by Ryonslaught

Kyle has the sexiest and daring suit of the lot! + he looks good in everything but the hideous redesign (ick)
Hell! Kyle as Parallax had the best costume period!

Posted by WindArrow

I personally love Guy Gardner's suit. It's one of the only ones that actually wears clothes...haha.

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Best GL costume. It's got a classic look, and it makes sense. I wish it had the white background like everyone else's (I don't like the different logos on different lanterns, whether it's the terrible Ion ones, or Kyles half black, half green one, heck, I even hate how some artists draw the lines on the top and bottom like triangles, rather than trapezoids), the positioning of the lantern symbol mimics the positioning of a police badge, the green areas imply body armor (I  don't like Sodam's color swapped version with green as the outside and black on the torso), it doesn't look like a wrestling unitard (like Hal's original) or or stupid panties (like so many heroes have worn in the past)  on top of the black, and although the white gloves do seem tacky, they provide an important visual contrast for the green ring. I do think it would be cool if they would have the sector number appear above the GL logo when it glowed to have like a Badge Number kinda vibe to it.
Posted by Xichro

Sodam Yat, it's a simple costume, nothing extreme, but works REALLY well with the art style.

Posted by Man of Lengend

ill go with parallax kyle then, green lantern batman,hal jordan, kyle's other costumes then sodom yat