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What Do You Think Of Lady Deadpool?

Deadpool is getting more and more friends these days...

The other day I posted an image for The Deadpool Kid.  There's still not a lot of information about that character (whether it's a 'separate' character or just an alternate universe version of Wade).  Last night on Marvel Editor Axel Alonso's Twitter page, he posted an image from Deadpool: Merc With A Mouth #7.  So heeeeeeeere's Lady Deadpool:

I believe I heard mention that this Lady Deadpool has already appeared.  I thought I heard that she was in Deadpool #900?  I'm assuming it's not Dr. Betty from the recent Merc With A Mouth issues.  Anyone have a better idea?  (I think we should have more information before a "Lady Deadpool" page is made).
  Also, here's an image I meant to post with the Deadpool Kid article.  The Deadpool Corps are coming...

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Posted by Precise

Why does she have four swords... and where is she keeping them?..

Posted by marcelo2169

Its about time...

Posted by xerox_kitty

Mr Liefeld must be in heaven, drawing Deadpool with boobs & a ponytail... I wonder if the hardcore DP fans are having wet dreams about her yet ;) 
I don't think she's Dr Betty.  It seems that the popularity of 'Headpool' has spun off to various other AU versions of Deadpool.  Marvel should be careful not to over-dose on Deadpool.  That said, Deadpool continues to sell out again & again so I doubt that there'll be a fan backlash while the sales are going through the roof...
Posted by gmanfromheck
@xerox-kitty: With the Deadpool Corps, I don't think they are worried about over-doing it.  Maybe they're going to go all out now while the iron is hot.  But then, with Deadpool, they seem keen on poking fun at themselves.
Posted by xerox_kitty
@G-Man: I have to admit, I've enjoyed a lot of the recent Deadpool material.  Although I do think they are over doing it a wee bit, I can also see that they're establishing him as a main character who deserves his solo movie. 
Unfortunately all this current popularity means it's an absolute nightmare trying to buy any back issues I've missed over the last 7 or 8 years :(
Posted by Hamz

Rob Liefeld needs to be arrested for crimes against the artistic world of comic books. Seriously. Someone take the pencil out of his hand, now....

Posted by Constanteen

don't really like the way the artist has portrayed her, not sure atm..... but I like the trainspotting/deadpool pic :D

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

It's About Time

Posted by Obsurity

I hope it's all alternative universe versions of DP... The kid DP is what if Wade was in a western setting... What if Wade was in one of the world wars.... What if Wade was a chick (doubtful about the cancer).... I love DP, I think he's a great character to get a laugh at but it's getting to be too much.
Posted by EisforExtinction

What do I think? My mom always told me if I couldn't say anything nice don't say anything at all...

Posted by Jotham

I think she was only mentioned in Deadpool #900. A female version of Deadpool will be interesting, she'll really keep the male characters on their toes.

Posted by bx1

She looks less than sexy.

Posted by SuperXAsh

looks like it's meant to be something else, from the looks of things it appears as though DP is going through alternate realities, trying to take back Zombie DP's head.
Posted by Jotham
@bx1: I don't know, that picture isn't bad. Plus, I'm sure she's going to exploit her sexuality in really perverse and inappropriate ways.
Edited by Hadez

Did everyone seem to forget the universe that Hercules went into where all the male heroes were Female's. She's from another universe......She's prob from that universe....Plus Deadpool with boobs is totally something allot hardcore fans have wondered. Then again people think that of allot of heroes. Which is why I figure that they made the Female Universe I brought up earlier.
And on the Deadcorps.....I love the idea of the different universes banning together for the common good. The fact they used the Train Spotting picture get's my goat.

Posted by killzbeef54

Deadpool is overrated
Posted by inferiorego

Enough is enough

Posted by Tiwi

why? i'm not a big fan of "making" male chars into female chars. why not create a new char? or just for the heck of it change the colors? why not have some verity?
just saying...
but then again this might fit into the story better.

Posted by G'bandit

I can't wait for this XD 
She's hot 
By the way I think that Deadpool will be collecting Deadpools from other realities 
The deadpool kid is from the old westerns, the Zombie head, World War Wade, etc. I think is a safe bet that they are from other realities

Posted by Bobby X

Ooohh Liefield... he strikes again.
Not a fan of this at all btw.
Posted by The Devil Tiger
@Bobby X said:
"Ooohh Liefield... he strikes again. Not a fan of this at all btw. "
Posted by dc-kid21


Posted by John Valentine

Marvel Fail.

Posted by Phobiusapollo

The costume seems very awkward,  it may be the pose, but I just don't like it.
I know call me nit picky.
As for  where she keeps the swords: Highlander Series comes to mind.  What's the opposite of a Sword Swallower?

Posted by jamesewelch
@g-man: Lady Deadpool isn't in #900. I read an inteview on another site stating that it will be alternate universes. You can see the Lady Captain America above. So I'm assuming there's a "lady" universe (or opposite gender where the superheroes genders are reversed) where Lady Deadpool is at. 
Posted by xerox_kitty
@jamesewelch said:
"@g-man: Lady Deadpool isn't in #900. I read an inteview on another site stating that it will be alternate universes. You can see the Lady Captain America above. So I'm assuming there's a "lady" universe (or opposite gender where the superheroes genders are reversed) where Lady Deadpool is at.  "

I agree that it will be another universe version, but... how can you tell from that tiny glimpse that Cap is a woman??
Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

She looks engorged to me.  Did she just have a baby?

Posted by jamesewelch
@xerox-kitty, look at the mouth, eyes, face structure. 
I'm betting its a gender reversed alternate universe, but that's just my guess.
Posted by SirSparkington
@Red L.A.M.P. said:

"She looks engorged to me.  Did she just have a baby? "

Nope thats just some Liefield art for you.
Posted by Agent Buttons
..............................................................................Lady Deadpool?
Posted by gmanfromheck
@jamesewelch: I think it was Liefeld that mentioned (maybe on Twitter) about her being in issue #900.  I know it's a massive issue but the only 'candidate' I can think of is that blonde chick from the Joe Kelly/Rob Liefeld story.  She did look a little wacky at the end. But I do think the 'alternate universe' idea makes more sense.
Posted by .Mistress Redhead.

I like it, though im not loving the new series blah

Posted by ARMIV

Ehh...if she works in the story I'll have no beef with her....

Posted by 04nbod

Where is Lady Deadpool's horrific scarring?

Posted by danhimself

I have no problem with it at all...the solicitations say that he's going to be traveling to alternate universes so that's where she probably comes in....and I think I'm one of the few people who isn't worried about Deadpool getting overexposed, I mean he's in 2 titles and rarely appears in any titles outside of his own...I see nothing to worry about

Posted by InnerVenom123
That's why he's getting all the attention. But before this, he wasn't widely known, and considered a highly UNDERRATED character.
Posted by goldenkey

Who care is he invented him or not get Liefield away from Deadpool.
Posted by Archetype

As long as other versions of Deadpool don't stay in the 616 I don't care.

Posted by bx1
@Jotham said:
" @bx1: I don't know, that picture isn't bad. Plus, I'm sure she's going to exploit her sexuality in really perverse and inappropriate ways. "
You mean like, dinner table queefs?
Posted by Hellos

Deadpool with bewbs
Posted by Green ankh

Looks like more Liefield crap.
Posted by AngelFrost

Girl power ;)

Posted by Queen's Halo

Finally, a Deadpool I can enjoy.

Posted by ArtJoker

Love TheTrainspotting image, it would be cool if it was a poster. Im not gonna say anything about Liefield except that it looks like he has been practicing his feet proportions.

Edited by sunshinethewerewolf

That last image is awesome!!!
Maybe Lady Deadpool's a Deadpool love interest..?
or maybe it's like a Batgirl version of Deadpool? (if that makes sense)

Posted by UnsolvedParadox

...what happened in the title that I am totally oblivious of? This is beyond strange from where I'm sitting.

Posted by RWBcomics
 Marvel's official synopsis of what's to come:
What do you do with a homesick zombie head? Take it back to the zombie universe, of course! Hopping through an interdimensional portal in the Florida swamp with Headpool tucked under his arm, Deadpool soon finds himself bouncing through a series of outlandish alternate realities, each more warped than the last. Wade Wilson, say hello to Major Deadpool, the Deadpool Kid and – va-va-voom – Lady Deadpool.
Posted by TheMess1428

The fact that she is going up against Steve Rogers makes me believe that she has to be from a different universe. And the four swords thing makes no sense because you can't see the extra two sword cases.
Posted by Emerald Warrior

I think i like her better than wade already!

Posted by NightFang3

You can never have to much of a good thing.