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What 'Beware the Batman' Needs

We're enjoying the Dark Knight's latest show so far, but what does it need to really thrive? We have a few suggestions.

Beware the Batman is by no means a bad show. In fact, we're digging it a decent amount here at Comic Vine. We love the strong focus on Bruce's sharp mind, the voice acting is solid and each episode has been legitimately entertaining thus far. However, the series has yet to really blow us away. We're having a good time watching it and we absolutely want it to succeed, but nothing leaves us counting down the days until the next episode or feeling like this is a classic in the making (Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Beyond, for example). So, what could they do to make this show a real hit? We have a few ideas.


A compelling big bad

We applaud the decision to use lesser-known characters. It's a pretty bold move and certainly commendable, but at the moment, none of the characters we've actually seen have left us saying, "Yeah, I'd like to see this antagonist take the lead in the main narrative." We've heard Anarky will play a bigger role this season, but to be blunt, his introduction wasn't all that grand and he essentially felt like a watered down version of the Joker. If you're going to avoid the classic villains, don't just have someone else fill their shoes because frankly, odds are they aren't going to live up to the popular counter-part. Highlight what makes these individuals unique instead of the elements they share with the more famous rogues. The program did a stellar job introducing the League of Assassins (and in turn, teases of Lady Shiva and Ra's al Ghul), and when all is said and done, we'd MUCH rather see that organization get a strong spotlight as the show continues. We're sure they'll pop up as Katana's narrative grows, but we seriously hope they do more to make Anarky truly unique and worthy of the focus when he returns. So far, everyone else feels like a foe we'd rather see pop up every now and then -- not someone we'd want to take the lead.

Hand-to-hand abilities

As we've already stated, the show is doing a topnotch job handling Wayne's gifted mind. We adore the attention to his detective work and ability to adapt on the spot, but his capabilities as a martial artist leaves us with mixed emotions. Listen, we get Batman can't walk all over every villain he encounters -- that would be beyond boring and redundant. That said, it does catch our eye when Batman somewhat struggles with the likes of Magpie and Anarky and then absolutely obliterates Silver Monkey, a character who was built-up as a skilled opponent. We can't get enough of Bruce humiliating goons (seriously, it never gets old when done right), but if he's going to struggle in pure hand-to-hand against the big shots, it should at least be a bit more consistent and appropriate when he does.

Continue to flesh out the world

If there's one thing Beware the Batman seems to love doing, it's sprinkling various names from the DC universe (Mr. Terrific, Kobra, etc) and lightly incorporating others (Gordon and Barbara). Little nods here and there are always a nice way to get our attention, but what we'd really appreciate is seeing there are bigger plans in store for these individuals and showing signs on wanting to follow-up on them. The show is still relatively young so it's of course possible this will happen, but still, it's definitely something we want to see happen as the season progresses. Assuming this show has a decent lifespan, seeing more of the Batman/Gordon relationship would be great -- especially if Barbara becomes a part of the Bat-family.


Affordable and appealing merchandise

Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series (RIP) were allegedly not renewed because of lackluster merchandise sales. This means the fault is partially on us for not speaking with our money, but let's be realistic, the blame for this one is mostly on the companies. When it comes to GL:TAS, the only merch we saw on a consistent basis were expensive statues. Yes, that's super awesome if you have the funds to purchase such a thing, but that leaves basically nothing for everyone else -- and not too many people have the funds for a pricey (yet very tempting) statue. We understand stores were hesitant because merch from the Green Lantern movie didn't sell, but really, how could that surprise them? The movie didn't do all that well at the box office and was totally mediocre (at best). Not selling toys like hotcakes shouldn't be a shocker and shouldn't mean the franchise is forever tainted when it comes to merch. Regardless, Batman is one of the most popular heroes around, so there should be NO issue generating reasonably priced and quality products for fans of all-ages to collect. Don't let history repeat itself with this one. Give us a fair selection of good merch most of us can afford and we'll happily pay for it... it's really that simple.

It's okay to show a familiar face

Lastly, we respect the decision to take a chance with characters the general public isn't familiar with, but if you want to potentially establish the fact other big name heroes and villains exist in this universe, we certainly won't hold it against you. Like, at all. These characters have held up throughout the years for a reason, after all.

But that's just what we think. What do you think of Beware the Batman, Viners? Are you content with the show as is or is there something you'd like to see it do differently? Give the comments section a piece of your mind.

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You're doing it wrong.

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Posted By bigboi100000

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Still better then anything Marvels doing.

What about Ultimate Spider-Man? And are you forgetting the movie-verse? DC knows that Marvel has them beaten movie-wise, and that their last chance in media is cartoons WHICH THEY'RE FAILING AT. What I can't get over is the animation. Alfred looks like a beefed up Lex Luthor, Bats and Bruce have different models, and Bats' head looks like that of a cat

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@herokiller12344 said:

>We're enjoying the Dark Knight's latest show so far

Are you? Are you really? Because I'm getting a vibe that you guys are just saying that because you're afraid of backlash on having an actual opinion.

If you've read our reviews of the episodes, then you'd see that yes, we are enjoying the show. This may be baffling to you if feel otherwise -- which clearly you do-- but as you can see in the comments, clearly we're not the only ones who find the show to be alright. So, the notion that we're enjoying the program is hardly far-fetched and you appear to be the only one getting this "vibe." Are we loving it? No, and obviously we think it needs to make some improvements... which is... you know, the point of this article. Just because we like something you don't doesn't mean it's not an "actual opinion." This really shouldn't need to be stated.

But yeah, to claim we're saying we enjoy it because we're afraid people will disagree? Well, all I can really say to that is the following:

24 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing

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Posted By TenEyedMen

>We're enjoying the Dark Knight's latest show so far

Are you? Are you really? Because I'm getting a vibe that you guys are just saying that because you're afraid of backlash on having an actual opinion.

No, because then they would be doing something like this to Ultimate Spider-Man,Hulk and the Agents of SMASH, or Avengers Assemble.

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>We're enjoying the Dark Knight's latest show so far

Are you? Are you really? Because I'm getting a vibe that you guys are just saying that because you're afraid of backlash on having an actual opinion.

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Posted By Bobsjonjon

This show is whack!

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Posted By kilowog52

Here's what I think whenever I hear the name of the show. In 2005 or whatever year the cartoon 'The Batman' came out, the creators wanted to make a new Batman cartoon, but wanted its name to differentiate it from previous animated versions. They didn't want to spend too much time putting too much thought into it, so they just slapped the word 'The' in front of the name 'Batman'. Now, in 2013, a nearly identical situation happened and someone remembered what they did last time and decided to just add another word to the beginning. Someone thought up the word 'Beware' and they just ran with it. Seriously, there's gotta be a better way to name shows then to add word to the beginning of the title. I get that they want to differentiate their show from others, but is it really necessary to do it this way. How about keeping it simple like 'Batman's Computer-Generated Adventures'?

Anyway, before this show debuted, I decided not to got out of my way to watch the first episode because, I figured it would either be so sub-par to previous cartoons and/or get cancelled prematurely like those same previous cartoons. I watched the debut episode anyway just for something to do and decided to continue not to go out of my way to watch it because it really wasn't anything special. So the only episodes I've seen are that one and the Humpty Dumpty one. But the feeling I get is that the writers are trying to make this a clone of Batman: TAS storytelling-style-wise and completely missing the mark. It doesn't even measure up to 'The Batman' which had a very consistent formula for their stories. This show, from what I've seen, is garbage. I haven't seen any Avengers Assemble or the second season of Ultimate Spider-Man, but I saw the first season of Ultimate Spider-Man and I think it might be slightly better than this. That's how unspectacular this show is. Maybe I'm just spoiled from exposure to quality cartoons like Young Justice, JLU, and Avengers: EMH.

Now I remember the Batman: TBatB cartoon originally was not supposed to use the Joker, Robin, or Superman and maybe a few other characters. Toward the beginning of the show, I had to stop watching it due to other things going on in my life, so I never got to this point really. But I feel from what I've seen of the later parts of that show's run that the dynamic of the show completely changed after they introduced those characters.It became all about the JLI and featuring the entire DCU in each episode rather than Batman teaming up with one or two other characters to take down the villain of the week. It's like once the door was open, it couldn't close and and more and more kept coming out. I'm not going to speculate on whether this change in dynamic improved, worsened, or simply maintained the quality of the show. That is up to different peoples' opinions. However, my point is that if they change what characters are allowed in this show mid-way through, it will change the show's dynamic. Based on the low quality of the show so far, that may be a very good thing. However, there's always the chance that it will make it even worse. I've never cared for the Joker anyway.

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You totally hit the nail on the head!

This is what the show needs!

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Posted By Revendawn

I don't watch this show, because I can't get past the visuals. I'm not saying they need to change or that CGI is ruining our world. Simply put I don't like the look and it has turned me off of the show completely. I'm not going to speak for others who either dig it or it doesn't cause a problem. I think that is totally fine, but if I'm going to answer the question for myself, it really is that simple.

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Posted By vandinejd_1991

You can't have a successful Batman show without his number one enemy. Batman will never be truly Batman until the Joker comes along. So, until this character is introduced I will refuse to watch this garbage of a show, and just stick with Avengers Assemble, which dominates this show and every other comic book show out right now.

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Posted By TheHeat

People actually like this garbage of a show?

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Posted By andrewwann7

I couldn't agree with this list more, you guys hit the nail on the head. In fact, I really think they would doom this show if they didn't at least have the Joker, he goes hand in hand with Batman. People weren't all that excited for another Batman show, but its here, its not that bad, and seeing a new version of Batman isn't really complete without the Joker. And the Anarky character was DUMB, boring, and had the EXACT SAME BODY MODEL AS BATMAN!!!!! Did anyone else notice that?? The Anarky character was the worst episode so far and the least interesting bat-villain I have ever seen and felt like they were trying to rip-off/replace the Joker and I almost decided to quit watching the show after that, luckily they introduced the League of assassins and hinted at Ra's al Ghul which gives me hope they will wise up and use some classic bat-villains, though I totally respect using lesser known villains, just don't exclude that classic ones that everyone wants to see as much as they want to see Batman.

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Posted By Reignmaker

It needs to be canceled.

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Posted By TenEyedMen

To be canceled.

Seriously this show needs to be canceled enough is enough already.

You know cancelling it won't bring anything you like back, right?

Not to mention its cancellation would mean there's no more action shows with continuity besides Korra, and that one is "OK" at best.

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Edited By jumpstart55

To be canceled.

Seriously this show needs to be canceled enough is enough already.

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Posted By Provehito

@thenexusrebound said:

@mangakid1995 said:

@the_titan_lord: Avatar the Last Airbender, Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes, Batman Beyond and Young Justice were all kids shows you argument is invalid.

Don't forget Batman:TAS, JL and JLU my friend. Apparently those shows never existed. Even the 90's Marvel were pretty grown up for their time.

I can't believe you all neglected to mention The Spectacular Spider-Man and Gargoyles.

It still hurts me to remember Spectacular Spider-Man was cancelled.

It's like every freaking Spider-Man cartoon ends in some sort of cliff-hanger. I mean, what the heck?

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Posted By TenEyedMen

@lyrafay said:

Bring back The Joker or bloody bring the underrated Riddler turn him into a computer hacker. And least Catwoman should show up; she could at least add some humour!!

Riddler has been strongly hinted to appear near the end of the season.

Also, this show has enough humor.

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Edited By ectoborge

Here are the characters who I think never got their time to shine and would fit well into the show.



He could steal the batmobile and sell it at a drag racing tournament.



He's like the bond-villain of Bat-villains. sometimes all you need is someone to lower you slowly into a group of hungry sea creatures.

All so I think it's fun that his minions talk for him.

The Dealer

The Dealer



definitely underutilized and would look cool in 3D

Injustice: Gods Among Us


I know he just starred in the Dark Knight Rises but we have barely ever seen him in the animated Batman series. It might be best to strike while the iron is hot. Plus it would be cool to see the whole knightfall storyline.



Speaking of the Kinghtfall storyline...

This guy. I have no idea what his deal is... and that's kind of the point of the show, to use obscure characters that are still cool.



I'll admit this character was a little gratuitous for my taste, but he has a great look and they put a nice spin on Prof. Pyg.


Hugo Strange

Talk about underutilized.

I hope they put an interesting spin on the character and not just make him Lex Luthor with a beard.


Court of Owls

Ehhh Ehhh?

Batman and Hush 2


He is a fan favorite character that hasn't gotten a break on the big or small screen.


Wrath and Scorn

It would be cool to have an anti-batman especially if Katana becomes the robin character.


Mad Hatter

Campy and Visually interesting. Perfect.


The Chemical Crime Syndicate

It would be a shame not to revitalize Batman's first foes.

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Posted By hachoumi

It needs a joker and a bane and the rest, this show is ok but the episode toxic that was rubbish, who was that fake hulk

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Posted By LyraFay

Bring back The Joker or bloody bring the underrated Riddler turn him into a computer hacker. And least Catwoman should show up; she could at least add some humour!!

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Posted By ThreadPool

The lack of sales for YJ toys was always this: Lack of quality and effort.

If you can't sell Batman and Superman toys, you (Mattel) are the problem.

Even though it was based on the sidekicks, the mentors played a big role.

Anyways, I've been pleasantly surprised by Beware the Batman. Here's hoping they keep it up.

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Edited By BloodyNights

I personally don't like the CG type animation it has going for it, I'd prefer something animated like Young Justice. I'd also like to see more iconic villains make an appearance. Also as this thing said introduce more characters of the Bat family, and make them more of staples of the show.

I know they won't fix the art, but I felt character development was extremely lacking. Though I did like seeing Katana. I just wish they'd try making a Batman show that was based around the comics, and even used the same costumes as the current comics. Even if they'd have to make the show's target demographic towards teenagers instead of little kids. I think they have enough Batman titles, and it's gone far enough that between all the franchises they could make an interesting show. Or at the very least set it in the same universe as the current Comics perhaps tie it in somehow. I think that would help make people slightly more interested, and it could help sale the comics, as well as whatever merchandise.

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Posted By Destinyhero20

Replace Batman with Nightwing

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Posted By spideybigtime

I think the most awesome thing for the show would be to have season one lead up to a showdown between Batman and the League of Shadows and have season two begin with the whole scene from Snyder's Batman #0 with the Red Hood gang and have Black Mask be controlling them and all of their movements. The premiere could then end with a kidnapped ACE Chemicals worker being forced to advise the Red Hood Gang on how to go about their big ACE Chemicals heist.The worker then falls into the acid after Batman and the GCPD intervene.After that a "Two-Face" story arc happens with Black Mask and his right hand man Rupert Thorne attempting to take down DA Harvey Dent,whose girlfriend is Pamela Isley.Then throughout season two there could be a lot of Joker foreshadowing until the season 2 finale.Sorry,I was rambling. :)

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Posted By TenEyedMen

BTW, Gregg, what did you think of "Toxic" since you didn't review it?

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Posted By Mezmero

Still better then anything Marvels doing.

Truest statement of the thread. It's even more depressing because this show is okay at best. I'll be super unimpressed if these first few villains comeback as some sort of super group of vengeance. I'm wondering if they're going to just make Katana a Bat-girl as an attempt to push people to her current comic. It'll be like Cassandra Cain except that character only exists in the Pre-Flashpoint world. They could at least call her Black Bat to give Cassie some synergy. Comic book cartoons are kind of in a recession now it seems and I don't really see a stand out front runner in terms of overall quality aside from TMNT. I just want DC to make more awesome animated movies. It's what they're best at right now.

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Posted By Batman242

@trevel8182 said:

Still better then anything Marvels doing.


ANd I still can't get with CGI. I wan my hand drawn animation :(

The complete and total reason I have yet to watch the show. I just can't get past the CGI... especially with Batman.

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Posted By TeamUnitedNerds

What it needs is to not exist

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Posted By Enzeru--defunct

I don't mind the show for now, but if they go to deep into the "League of Katana" arc, I'll stop watching it. My body demands more superfiction, therefore I'm hoping to see Clayface, Man-Bat and Poison Ivy soon. I wouldn't mind me some Harley either.

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Edited By iaconpoint

@teneyedmen: your statement has a few holes. First, mediocre or not (and it was), bay's Transformers trilogy did gold at the box office. Second, Transformers have been a force on toys selves for 40 years with the exception of a few years in the early 90's, so there was already a strong foundation for the movie toys. Green Lanter didn't have that type of foundation and didn't do well at the box office.

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Posted By deadpool25mm

wtf is wrong with you people? this show is Amazing!

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Posted By Shallbecomeabattoo

Stop worrying about the show and let it find its own groove. Even Btas wasn't great every week. In my mind there are masterpiece episodes of Btas that cloud a lot of peoples memoires about the show. There were a lot of really dumb episodes too. Beware is already more consistent than that, just without meeting the highpoints. It will find its own highpoints too, we just have to give the creators some time.

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Edited By Novemberx2

Nah lets this lame duck get cancelled and give us a young justice prequel series about either batman or justice league.

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Posted By katayev

I would like to address some points that people are making.

1. Regarding the animation. There is a difference between art style and animation itself. I dabled in animation a bit and I can see for a fact that this show is not cheap. Lighting, tracking shots, long takes and the animation themselves. All of these things are something you can see in big budget animation films. The art style is not much different from GLAS and people loved that show.

2. I absolutely love the detective work. Honestly was surprised by how good it was. Truly takes Batman to his roots. He is a detective first and foremost, fighting is just a tool. Though I admit there is not much consistency - cut through ninjas like they're nothing and then struggle against weaker foes. I say give them time.

3. I can clearly see them setting up the League of Assassins and that energy project as S1 narrative. I think we are going to see Ra's

4. I do not want them to bring Barbara in as Batgirl. That is just too predictable. I say keep it fresh and leave her alone. Batman + Katana seems like a much more badass teamup.

Overall give them time guys. No show is perfect in season 1. Allow them the opportunity to learn. Not every show can have a Bruce Timm

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Edited By theTimeStreamer

so who are these 'we' people that are, dare i say it without laughing my a** off, enjoying this steaming pile of cr*p?

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Posted By FadeToBlackBolt

Agreed with all of this except for the "big bad" thing.

Historically, DC animated shows have been the most successful with anthalogical stories.

Young Justice had a huge big bad. And that show was as enjoyable as a prostate exam. And had as much pay off as the Iron Man trilogy.

Avatar image for slickymike88
Edited By SlickyMike88

My problem is that it lacks details. The textures look flat , the background details look flat, small details matter!!!! They really need to bump up the look for this show. it looks lifeless honestly:P

I'm going continue to bitch about this , if the 3d is not good , Then why bother producing it in 3d ? Oh because it's cheaper that way :P

Look at all of the dc shorts that's came out ? They all look so much better then what Beware of the Batman delivers. DC should just focus on their strength , 2d. Also selling merchandise is important . I'm not sure if they did that for young justice , which may be their downfall on that show ? I dunno:P

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Posted By Vulshock

Why wasn't episode 7 aired yesterday? I normally don't watch cartoons on a week to week basis, so if anyone can tell me if this is normal and if it will happen again during the season, I would be very grateful.

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Posted By ptigrusmagus

Sidekick and a Big bad would be nice

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Posted By The_Titan_Lord

@the_titan_lord: Avatar the Last Airbender, Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes, Batman Beyond and Young Justice were all kids shows you argument is invalid.

Their main target are kids. Not hard to please ranting adults. If adults liked the show it clearly wasn't not that important to them. The main market are kids not adults. The fact is they're trying to make new generations of fans not old ones. I wasn't trying to argue anything.

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Edited By The_Titan_Lord

@xwraith said:

@the_titan_lord said:

People have to understand that the main target of the show are kids not adults. Of course the show will sucks when it's not meant for adults.

From an adult's viewpoint, maybe. But not from a kid's.

Exactly my point.

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@trevel8182 said:

Still better then anything Marvels doing.

That's the only thing it's got going for it.

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