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What Are The Secrets Of The Power Pack?

Power Pack!  Yeah!  Come on, admit it.  You know you liked them.  They were the coolest team out there.  Okay.  Maybe not the coolest.  I'll admit I did read a few issues.  I probably have a couple boxed up somewhere.  I did not read them from the beginning and they weren't on my pull list.  I think one of my friends read them or talked about them.  I picked them up when they had a crossover with the Uncanny X-Men.  I recall the cover with Wolverine holding the little one (Katie?) with his claws out.  I was like, "What is going on here?"  Then when Franklin Richards join, I felt like I had to see what he was doing since I was reading Fantastic Four.  I guess I was just a sucker for the crossovers.  I fell for their sneaky little trap. 

What I'm a little unclear about is, hasn't their "origin" already been told?  How can it be revealed here if it already has been?  And isn't the oldest one all grown up and now part of the Loners?  What's this about a new "continuity"?  Is this set in the Marvel Adventures Universe?

Alex, Julie, Jack and Katie Power may just seem like regular kids, but they’re better known by their super hero name—the Power Pack! But just how did they become Earth’s youngest—and coolest—heroes? Enter Power Pack: Day One #1 (of 4), from rising star scribe Fred Van Lente (Incredible Hercules, Wolverine: First Class) and the art team of Gurihiru & Colleen Coover, revealing the origin of the super team! They’ve got twenty-four hours to escape alien abductions, rescue their family and save the universe! And did we mention they just got their super powers?

“This is THE best book of the month, people!” exclaimed editor Nate Cosby. “We’ve worked HARD to chuck this puppy FULL of things you love: Snarks, spaceships, laser guns, baseball, vacuum cleaners, cheese snacks, the Fantastic Four, and PONIES! I’m telling ya—you read this issue and you’ll be HOOKED!”

Establishing a new continuity for the Pack, this is the perfect jumping on point for readers new and old, showing just why the Power Park are Marvel’s premiere team of super kids! But with an intergalactic tyrant at their backs, how can the kids triumph? Find out in Power Pack: Day One #1!

POWER PACK: DAY ONE #1 (of 4) (JAN082173)
Rated A …$2.99
FOC—3/6/08, On-Sale—3/26/08

I looked up the X-Men cover.  It was Uncanny #195.  Still cracks me up.