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'Watchmen' Deleted Hollis Mason Death Scene

Check out one of the many deleted scenes from the 'Watchmen' director's cut

One of the most powerful scenes that we encountered in the ' Watchmen' graphic novel, and possibly one of the most graphic, is the scene where we see the first ' Nite Owl' get beaten to death by a gang of men. This scene which was considered by many to be one of the most powerful and moving, was removed from the final version of the film. With the release of the Director's cut, we finally have the opportunity to see this scene played out. The scene comes after Dan Dreiberg (the second ' Nite Owl'). As Mason fights them off, he reminisces the days where he was a renowned hero. It is sad, and also somewhat interesting that the film makers decided to remove this particular scene from the final version of the film. I am glad, however, that on July 21st, we will have the opportunity to see much of what was missing from the film that was so vital to the graphic novel. What do you guys think? Did you feel that the scene was very powerful? Do you find it strange that the scene was not in the final cut of the film? Do you think it should have been? 

                                                                     VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED DUE TO THE VIOLENT NATURE OF THE SCENE