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Watch Batman School Bat-Mite at Video Games in this Video!

Batman is, of course, an expert at the Wii.

  Which one's brave? Which one's bold?
 Which one's brave? Which one's bold?

You know, I always wondered if Batman was any good at da vidya games. On the one hand, you might think he’d deem such trivialities to be beneath him. On the other, if he’s good at everything, why not first-person shooters? Could he wield the Wiimote as expertly as a baterang? And how would he feel about playing his own games? These are questions ripe for a couple installments of G-Man’s Off My Mind, I think. Believe it or not, they all get answered in this quite amusing, very charming, greatly diverting commercial for the BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD game that’s hitting stores on the 24. I may always have a bit of trouble reconciling this kid-friendly Batman with the one who takes on kill-tallying Mr. Zsasz and people-eating Killer Kroc, but lord help me if I wasn’t entertained by seeing Bat-Mite use his fifth-dimensional magic to force Bats and Green Arrow to play this game.  "I plan for all contingencies," he says. Indeed!

I remember seeing demos of this on display at DC’s booth back at Comic Con. I didn’t get to play them, of course, but it was pretty cool to see the likes of Guy Gardner and Jaime Reyes getting their time to shine in what looked like a pretty wild, colorful beat ‘em up. Apparently, there’s also a cool feature that’ll allow you to simultaneously play this on the DS and the Wii (or, as I always like to call it, the wheeeeeee!) letting the "remote player" control Bat-Mite on screen. They'll be linked, of course, by fifth-dimensional magic!

Anyway, here's the video I've been describing. You're going to smirk and maybe even guffaw, over it...  == TEASER ==  

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