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Warren Ellis and Mike Allred Collaborate on Upcoming Bacardi Graphic Novel

The Spirit of BACARDÍ will be available to download from BACARDI.COM on August 6th

Press Release

Two of the most iconic names in the world of graphic novels – writer Warren Ellis and artist Michael Allred – have been brought together for the first time by BACARDÍ® rum to create The Spirit of BACARDÍ, a graphic novel that tells the stories behind the brand and the Company’s origins in Cuba.

For more than 150 years BACARDÍ has been a brand with incredible stories to tell. Since their earliest days in Cuba, the Bacardí family has boldly faced and overcome earthquakes, fire, revolution, prohibition, and exile.

The Spirit of BACARDÍ will focus on Emilio Bacardí – son of BACARDÍ® creator Don Facundo Bacardí Massó – and his tireless work for Cuban independence from Spain in the late 1800s. Emilio Bacardí was repeatedly imprisoned and exiled for his belief in an independent Cuba, but persevered, eventually becoming the first freely-elected Mayor of Santiago de Cuba.

“Working on this project gave me the chance to bring to life a time and a place I've never worked with before - Cuba in the late nineteenth century,” said Michael Allred.

Warren Ellis added, “Storytelling requires great characters, and in Emilio Bacardí we have exactly that. Emilio was a patriot, passionate about his homeland of Cuba. My focus was to bring his drive and determination to life.”

This project follows the launch of “BACARDÍ Untameable Since 1862,” a new global campaign that inspires consumers to embrace life and live boldly to showcase their own “Irrepressible Spirit.”

The Spirit of BACARDÍ will be available as a digital download from BACARDI.COM/SPIRITOFBACARDI on August 6th 2014.

Here's a short trailer as well:

Posted by dagmar_merrill

This is uh, Random.

Posted by gmanfromheck
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I'm not much of a drinker. But how can I not check this out?

Posted by SmashBrawler

Is this going to be an Iron Man story?

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I was more of a Sailor Jerry type of guy.......

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I was more of a Sailor Jerry type of guy.......

Damn, this is exactly what I came here to say lol

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Such talent wasted on a tie-in comic for...alcohol?

Is this going to be an Iron Man story?


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Strange subject matter. Also interesting pairing. Worth a look I suppose.

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Aw, I want to sit in one of those chairs.