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Wanted Too?

A sequel's coming at you like a curved bullet...

Slap a fresh clip into your piece and shoot the wings off some flies… it seems WANTED 2 will happen after all.

 Foxy... Foxy Lady...
 Foxy... Foxy Lady...

Mark Millar talked to IGN UK recently while promoting the release of the KICK-ASS collector’s edition and described the sequel as being an inevitability now, given how much money WANTED scored in 2008.  Getting all the stars to align, so to speak, is the issue.  It's apparently just a matter of coordinating the busy schedules of director Timur Bekmambetov and Angelina Jolie, as well as getting a script together that everybody can get behind.   The bar's been set so high by the first flick, according to Millar, that nobody involved wants to just half-ass it and walk away with a paycheck.

 Wanted too?
 Wanted too?

The Scottish writer also spoke highly of Bekmambetov’s vision for the first film, and added that he and JG Jones totally understood why significant changes were made to the plot.   By the studio’s reckoning, having a world dominated by a secret society of supervillains (and all the resultant in-jokes) worked in the comics, but such elements wouldn’t be understood by the kind of mass audience they wanted to reach.   Seems like they might've been on to something, as this run 'n gun actioner amassed close to $350 million worldwide when all was said and done.  
Click on the link above and you can hear all this, plus some more tidbits, from Millar himself - - in a crazy Scottish accent that's thick enough to cut with a knife.  
Now, I can't resist asking you, the Comic Vine community.  What have you wanted to see in a sequel?

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