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Valiant Releases a Trailer for ARMOR HUNTERS

Prepare your eyes for an exciting video!

Valiant's next big event, ARMOR HUNTERS, won't go on sale until June, but the publisher is easing the wait with a very sweet teaser. They've released a video trailer for Robert Venditti and Doug Braithwaite's upcoming book and it's certain to get you hyped. And yes, it keeps new readers in mind by providing the basics of X-O Manowar's backstory! Well, what are you waiting for? Go watch it!

ARMOR HUNTERS #1 will go on sale June 11th. CLICK HERE to enjoy a preview of the first chapter! So, who else is going to buy the debut issue?

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Pretty cool

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Posted by Fallschirmjager

Valiant we love you.

If I could afford to buy 10 copies of every issue I would.

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Does any one else think that the big bad guy looks like smiley face Galactus.

Posted by jwalser3

I wasn't to hyped for this to begin with. This, this changed my mind!

Posted by Akindoodle

This looks awesome. It would be cool if comic book trailers were animated like motion comics.

Posted by reaperOnyx

I'm excited. This made my day.

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Posted by CaptainHoopla

Cool video, I'm excited for the event.

Posted by CheeseSticks

Yes, thats amazing

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Posted by Catsnlynne

I never read X-O Manowar, this looks real good.

Posted by HolySerpent

Damn.... U f@$king up my paycheck

Posted by mogo1


That looks awesome

Posted by superman_road

Wow it is amazing

Posted by Veshark

Music's a tad cheesy. But, I'm pretty hyped for this event.