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[Updated] Watch the "Meet the Guardians of the Galaxy" Videos

The actors and director James Gunn talk a bit about the characters. Plus, hear what Rocket sounds like!

Let the Guardians of the Galaxy marketing begin! First, the debut trailer was released and now it looks like Marvel will be dropping a short video for each character on the roster. This is perfectly logical since it's safe to say a good portion of the general audience has just about no idea whatsoever who these characters are. In this first video, director James Gunn and actor Bradley Cooper share a few remarks about Rocket Raccoon. To top it off, we also hear a line from Rocket!

It's sort of funny timing since Rocket Raccoon was also voted today as Comic Vine's favorite Guardian of the Galaxy character. Anyway, is that how you expected the character to sound? Speak your mind below.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1st.


Marvel just released a "Meet the Guardians of the Galaxy" video for Groot! We don't hear Groot speak, but Vin Diesel chats about the massive character.

And here's one where actor Dave Bautista discusses Drax!

Zoe Saldana shares a few thoughts about Gamora!

Last but not least, here's Star-Lord.