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[Updated]: Superman/Batman Teaming Up For 2015 Film

Warner Bros. teams up its two most popular characters for a Zack Snyder-directed blockbuster.

This morning, the LA Times Hero Complex broke the news that Warner Bros. has plans for the Caped Crusader to join in for the 2015 sequel to MAN OF STEEL. The Hollywood Reporter chimed in to confirm, and it looks like we're likely to see the team-up, featuring Henry Cavill in a reprisal of his role as Superman, along with a yet-to-be-announced Batman. David Goyer and Zach Snyder are also expected to be attached to this project.

Also rumored to be in development: a FLASH movie for 2016 and the much-awaited JUSTICE LEAGUE film in 2017.

We'll find out more after the Warner Bros./Legendary panel (currently in session!).


The Batman/Superman movie is officially happening!

"Snyder is co-writing the story with David S. Goyer, who will then pen the screenplay. Production is expected to begin in 2014, with an anticipated release date in Summer 2015."

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This is just going to be Dr. Manhattan/Nite Owl.

No thanks.

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@alkusanagi said:

"No one liked the new Superman, boss."

"Put Batman in it."


Simple as that.

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If Christian Bale wont reprise the role. I vote for Matt Bomer to play the dark knight! The only problem I have with him is his height. If he were 6'2" he'd be perfect!

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I'll believe it when the full cast is announced and the shooting begins. 'Till then I remain skeptical. This isn't the first time a Superman/Batman movie has been announced. With DC's film division I rarely trust anything they say. If this does indeed happen, it sounds like it could potentially be amazing. Still haven't seen Man of Steel though...

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Truly, this news is the finest! Or perhaps I should say....... World's Finest?

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im super stoked. but im not sure how i feel about it not being christian bale :(

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Obviously the main goal for any movie studio is to make money, but Marvel manages to make quality films, while DC is more than willing to ruin their characters for a quick buck.

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That's all I have to say about that.

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the question is. who is going to be the villian?

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It's not even been a year since Dark Knight Rises.

I don't like this idea. I'm still attached to Christian Bale and having superheroes go through a revolving door like Spiderman and various X-men and Hulk really cheapens them. It's too excessive.

We keep going at this rate and people will think superheroes are overexposed and WORSE, disposable.

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Id actually prefer an Aquaman film before Flash, but the fact that they have a plan is exciting

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@hexthis:'s been a year. By the this comes out, it will have been 3 years. And I honestly don't think the general audience gives a damn, they'll just buy tickets

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@jointron33: That's what they thought in the 90's when it came to Batman. And the 80's with Superman. Excess breeds stupid ideas. Remember, Warner Brothers almost cast Armie Hammer (terrible casting) as Batman WHILE Christian Bale was still in the role. It's so dumb.

Thank you.

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No Wonder Woman? Big surprise right there, they'll probably put Aquaman before her, who knows, maybe Cyborg.

-shakes head at the irony of all this mess-

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@tanet62: WB's going with the safe bet....again.:P

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@hexthis: Excess didn't breed stupid, horrible movies bred stupid. Apparently you are the result of it.

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I'm into it. Honestly, I didn't want yet another Batman origin movie (Mask of the Phantasm accomplished that nicely with a couple flashbacks).

This will let them just jump into it, and since I really like Man of Steel I'm excited now.

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Great news. I have always wanted to see a live Superman/Batman movie.

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Amazing news!!

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Why couldnt Nolan direct i hate Zach Synder he sacrifices plot and story telling for transformer type special effects which drag on forever

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As much as I want to be happy for this. Don't you guys think they are rushing it a bit. I mean 2015 is two years away. Maybe I'm just skeptical. I love that they did this though this was my plan for DC. I'm glad they figured out that they can't rush into JL. Anyways nothing else, huh?is the panel over?

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First Freddy vs Jason now this ;)

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@rico_3088: Marvel have proven they don't need just two characters to secure their film future.

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Yes yes yesyesyes YEEEEEEEEES!!!!!

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I kept saying that if they could only make one movie before Justice League, I'd vote for World's Finest. And now we're getting World's Finest!

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Justice League not until 2017, huh? Well, my 17th birthday is next month, so, maybe I can take my grandkids to see it.

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Not even Angry Joe supports it.

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Replace Goyer and I'll be happy.

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Posted By FlashKnight

Obviously the main goal for any movie studio is to make money, but Marvel manages to make quality films, while DC is more than willing to ruin their characters for a quick buck.

I think you have them mixed up. Although the Marvel films are enjoyable, just not as good as DC's.

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I don't like how man of steel 2 is going to be a worlds finest. but, cant wait for a flaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa






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@martianmanhunterisbetterthancy: But still, doesn't mean everyone can hold their own movie. Green lantern didnt. I'm not saying flash wont be good, but not everyone in the JL will have a successful movie

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Jon Bernthal as Batman.



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Id rather it focus on Superman

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Aw yeah, they'll be having good ole Supes and Bats killin' all kinds of fools gangsta style by then!


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As a Superman fan, I didn't appreciate the choice of quote. If Batman beating up Superman in front of audiences around the world is the direction they're gonna take this film, then i'm not interested.

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@alkusanagi: I really didn't understand what you were doing. Sorry if I didn't catch on. and why does Supes need whackman to make his movie better when it was already a highly anticipated movie anyway.

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Would be excited for this, but I hated Man of Steel and the tone that this new connected DC universe has started. I don't think Goyer is a particularly good writer either, I mean even the Dark Knight Trilogy has it's bad moments that were probably the work of Mr Goyer. I'll see it, but I'm not looking forward to it if has anything to do with the new Superman.

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@flashknight: the problem with DC is that ever since The Dark Knight they are trying too hard to give each film the "dark-realistic Batman" approach, but the problem is Superman is not Batman and he shouldn't be treated like him.

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Not psyched for Snyder being attached to this. But the idea of a live action team up between these two is great news.

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This is great news. If they do it right we could have a JL movie in four movies, first MoS*, then World's Finest, then do Trinity and add Wonder Women (I like me some flash but I feel the trinity should be represented) and then after Trinity do a full blown JL movie.

*Notice how the movie was called Man of Steel and not Superman. Why, because he is not yet "Superman" in that movie. Also can no one see that all the things people complain about (the death the destruction ect.) would be great fuel for Lex Luther when he comes onto scene. All of those things are the same things Lex would use to help discredit Superman. Thus Superman must now prove he's not the bad guy and become the Superman we all know and love.

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we all knew this was bound to happen sooner or later. personally, i'm PUMPED!!!

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@barkley said:


I liked it...80 percent of the fans who saw it liked it....every one I know but one person liked it......

I didn't like it.

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Am I the only one thinking World's Finest is a whole new entity and just another film before MOS 2?

I'm thinking, World's Finest, then MOS2, Flash, New Batman film and some other heroes then comes JLA, then comes other heroes again.... Just my 2 pence.

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