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Update on Upcoming 'Wonder Woman' TV Show

It looks like the CW show is trying to stay true to the source material.

I think it's fair to say fans had mixed opinions on the last bit of news regarding the upcoming CW show. The summary wasn't met well by many, and Wonder Woman's name being "Iris" instead of Diana wasn't very promising. Thankfully, both Allan Heinberg and Geoff Johns have implied the name was used as a code name in an attempt to keep spoilers from leaking. Well, it's less than a week later and we're already getting more news about the show.


i09 says a casting call for Wonder Woman is underway and they've managed to get their hands on the script pages being used for auditions. Based on what they've read, it sounds like the program is trying to stay close to Diana's comic book roots and Steve Trevor plays a prominent role (he has the code name "Pete") . It's worth noting that the pilot script hasn't been completed yet.

The website got a glance at two scenes. The first consists of Steve crashing on Diana's island. He's tied to a chair and she's interrogating him. She's under the impression he means harm to the island (terrorist or part of an invasion). The site claims Steve's script is a mesh of charming and snarky. They compared his personality to Damon from Vampire Diaries meshed with Tommy from Arrow.

The second scene has Steve and Diana at a diner in the United States. She's overly enthusiastic about the variety of food the outside world offers. The highlight is a moment veeeery inspired by When Harry Met Sally when she tries ice cream for the first time.

Does this news give you some hope about the show or are you skeptical?

Source: i09

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Posted By haydenclaireheroes

At least they have Steve coming to the show

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Edited By ThomasElliot

Sooooo, like, keep this on the low.... but I'm developing this new show about a alien who was sent to Earth. He's the last of his kind, sent by his father, and our Sun gives him super powers.... he's adopted by some farmers and raised humbly, then moves to a big metropolitan city and becomes a champion of truth, justice and the American way. But I don't want to reveal any spoilers about the project I'm developing, so we're just going to refer to him as 'Gerald Stromboli, the Super Dude'.


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Posted By SneakyBawls

Well the fact it's on a channel that had 10 seasons of a non-super Superman, I have to say I'm less than enthusiastic about this. The writing may end up being tolerable, but it boils down to whether they get a girl who looks like an Amazonian that could actually kick your ass....or some anorexic Gossip Girl reject. Not some powerless girl trying to fit in to modern Facebook blogging and One Direction concerts. She's practically on par with Superman in the heavy hitter category for cripes sake...come on...

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Edited By Evpraksiya

"source material" ?the sht they're feedin us with since the 600#? easy to follow...they feel true they're wrong. That's a money made WW she's not WW. haha haha haha

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Posted By yo_yo_fun

It actually sounds a lot better now. I really hope this turns out good!

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Posted By GrimoireMyst

@Outside_85: I didn't like some of that movie though. One scene was if I remember correctly Steve wakes up and looks around and says am I in heaven, gets punched in the face right away then the Queen says we are peaceful amazons. I myself really don't like being hit in the face for no reason could be the reason though. lol (Also the first half was all men are evil over and over and women are pure goodness which was annoying.)

No Amazons besides the Queen and Wonder Woman would be great for a show.

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Posted By fodigg

I like the fish out of water humor of these scenes. That should definitely be a part of WW, but neither convince me she's going to be badass enough. She has to be the uber-badass.

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Posted By lifeboy

Im glad WW is getting a tv show and not a movie. It makes the dc universe more diverse. I wonder if WW will be coming out in the superman movie? Also if they are going to use her tv show as a spring board for the JL movie. Sounds like the plan is coming together.

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Posted By Outside_85

@Grimoire: Well the part where 'all men a pigs' is sorta needed to explain why the Amazons prefer not seeing men and remain on their island. Also the punch might be an indicator to which head Steve should be thinking with (but you're right the 'peaceful' remark afterwards is a bit silly, but I dont remember it).

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Posted By Video_Martian

HAHAHA WOW DC You continue to amaze me...

Avatar image for xxxddd
Posted By xxxddd

So a Wonder Woman tv show can be made but not a Ms. Marvel one?


Avatar image for supersmith
Posted By supersmith

Ah so Steve is going to be patterned after the bad boy type now and Diana is going to fall for that. Guess he'll like her rack too. It's the CW so we shall have love triangles too no doubt and shirtless bodies.

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Posted By carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Posted By redhoodnet


Before I got to see Arrow I would have been in the "this wont work camp" but after what I have seen from Arrow I am looking forward to this. And lets be honest if we are not supportive of this it is not like there is a line of people waiting to make a WW show. I love the simple fact that we can see a WW live action show.

Avatar image for jobbernos
Posted By jobbernos

@redhoodnet: why is it that people are always doubting dc or cw? but when marvel decides to do something similar everyone never doubts them...

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Posted By mikeycub


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Posted By Press Oblivion

@carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr: sweet . .. what

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Posted By jphulk26

Sounds a bit better and she needs some media exposure. Hopefully people will fall in love with Diana as I have and start giving her a chance. However I still think they need to give her superpowers and supervillians. I also think its extremely important that they have the budget to make her look cool on TV. No cutting corners.

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