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UPDATE: Mark Millar And Dave Gibbons Tease 'The Secret Service'

Millar teams up with Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons for a whole new project due out in February, but what could it be?

Of all the creators in the comic book industry, no one is as much of a hype machine as Mark Millar. The man is certainly a great writer, but he might actually be better at marketing his projects than actually writing them! All kidding aside, though, Millar's latest project has left a lot of people scratching their heads wondering what the heck it could mean.


Isn't it strange seeing a question mark with nothing before it? It just sort of sits there in limbo. The teaser released by Millar and Millarworld consists of three black frames with white font. Two of the frames have question marks and one reveals that the project will be written by Millar and likely be drawn by 'Watchmen' artist Dave Gibbons. The project is currently slated for a February 2012 release -- however, Millar stated that this teaser is not "the full ad." Those are the basic details we have thus far. The thing about Mark Millar though, is, he often "slips up" at appropriate times and lets news outlets in on what his future or current projects are. In an interview back in July Millar revealed to a source that he had currently working on a dream project; something he has waited his entire life to do.

== TEASER ==
"At the same time, we're launching the book I've waited my entire life to do," he said then. "This is a project with Dave Gibbons and it's got the potential to be the biggest of the lot. Basically, I wrote to Dave when I was at school and begged to work with him. Now, that wish has been granted and we're both working hard on it.

Millar went on to reveal that the concept for this new project is something he crafted with the help of Hollywood director Matthew Vaughn, and that the plan is to eventually make the comic into a movie as well. But his biggest project yet? Even bigger than 'Kick-Ass'? That's definitely a bold statement. However, nothing is ever done on a small scale with Millar; everything is always big, bold and sometimes even a little brash. So what could it be? The 3-page advertisement that has hit the web is only the beginning. According to Millar the full "3-page advertisement" will be printed in Superior #6, which hits store shelves tomorrow. Millar also hinted that he would be getting audiences involved in the creative process by allowing readers to "vote on a chance to name the super-villain in the series."


Aside from working on this new project with Dave Gibbons due in February, Millar is also currently working on a 'Hit-Girl' spin-off with artist Frank Quitely and has, since his departure from Marvel, begun to keep 'Kick-Ass' and 'Superior' on a more consistent schedule. Considering Millar will be releasing an altered version of the 3-page ad below, what could be different? The question marks don't mean much (aside from the obvious) unless they will be inverted in tomorrow's advertisement. Check out the full 3-Page ad below and let us know what you think!

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CBR posted the exclusive teaser revealing the title of the all new series, 'The Secret Service.'