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Twitter Question of the Week RESULTS: What's your favorite book to read in trade?

We want to know what series you like to binge on in trade!

Welcome back to another edition Twitter Question of the Week! Every Monday, we ask our followers on Twittera question about comic books and take their answers and place them neatly into this fine piece of art. This week we asked our followers "What's your favorite book to read in trade and why do you read them in trade?" Here's some of your answers!

Here's what the staff had to say!

Thank you to EVERYONE that participated this week. If you want to get in on the fun, make sure to follow us on Twitter where we post the question a few times on Mondays, and make sure to use #CVTQ when replying; otherwise, we'll have no clue you answered! If you really want to appear in this weekly article, make sure to answer why. Anyone can just say something, but you have to be able to explain your passion.

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Posted by LCazT1996

Walking Dead and Mark Waid's Daredevil for me. :) The only issue is that now I'm caught up on both so I have to wait. xD

Posted by Optimusbl

Joe the Barbarian by Grant Morrison and Sean Murphy, nuff said.

Posted by McBig

American Vampire. I kept hearing everyone talk about it and love reading huge chunks at a time.

Posted by MannEffest

Just started the Walking Dead in trade, been a big fan of the Tv show and decided to branch out. Already love it!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I don't really read any tpbs anymore

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Walking Dead, American Vampire, 100 Bullets, Scalped, Bendis DD, Brubakers Cap, TDKR, Year One, Born Again, Ex Machina, Y the Last Man, Fatale, All Star Superman, Kravens Last Hunt, Preacher, Watchmen, Michael Staczyski's Spidey and Thor runs, Grant Morrisons New Xmen, JLA and Batman runs, Sinestro Corps War, Marvels, Kingdom Come, Civil War, Infinity, Infinity Guantlet, Kurt Busieks Avengers run, Hickmens FF runs and Avengers, East of West, Uncanny Avengers, Rick Remenders Uncanny XForce, Severed, Fractions Hawkeye, Mark Waids DD, Flash and JLA runs, and many many more.

Posted by DoctorThomasElliot

Snyder's Batman.

Edited by GraniteSoldier

Supergirl. I enjoy her New 52 run but can't afford another pull list title. So TPBs is an economic way for me to stay up and up. Lately I've been getting Astounding Wolf-Man in trades as well.

Edited by Brione

Batman The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb, Court of the Owls and The Black Mirror by Scott Snyder, and any Batman story written by Grant Morrison.

Edited by ScarletKnight2814
Posted by lifeofvibe

david finches dark knight, issue by issue it is horrible but it pretty good in trade

Posted by thewalkingdeadpool18

Anything i read DC except Batman is typically in trade because Marvel is putting out such better comics i'm buying like over 10 comics from them a week and at DC i'm only picking up their Batman stuff and weekly series one of which is already getting picked up because it's Batman. So i mostly read DC in trade because Marvel is putting out too good of content to wait.

But my favorite comic to read in trade is The Walking Dead. It's such a slow story but it's still amazing and you want to keep reading and reading until you force yourself to stop reading before you finishe the trade in one day. They give you so many twist and turns that you want to keep reading so that's why trade is good for TWD but that and there are literally issues where nothing happens because like i said the comic is slow. Treats itself like a movie where you will have 5 mintues of straight dialogue on the same topic. I haven't read anymore of the Compendium 2 since TWD season finale because i don't want to finish it when Compendium 3 is like a year or two away.

Posted by Renchamp

The Walking Dead and Y: The Last Man are the only trades I have done. Any other book I read I try to do with single issues.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Any comic that is not from Marvel or DC aka any non- superhero comics.

Posted by KEROGA


Posted by amazing_webhead

Oh, just...EVERYTHING. (Especially when it comes with concept art in the back)

Posted by timelord

Wonder Woman I love the series I just feel like it's to slow of a burn to read monthly.

Edited by cobsohn

TPB's are not good for publishers, writers, illustrators or readers.

When a book goes into trade the comic publisher has to pay a book publisher and immediately you are supporting everyone less.

Trades restrict writers into arcs parallel to how the trades are released. We'll never see a 5 or 7 issue arc on Saga for example.

Trades often omit covers, denying the reader of those beautiful pages and also preventing illustrators from that added revenue.

Cancelations are decided by the issue sales and not the trades (which often come out too late), so if you want to keep that book ongoing you must buy issue to issue.

Lastly trades are creating sensitive spoilerphobes. If you don't want to know what happens in Walking Dead, you have to read that book the week it comes out. The onus of the spoil is on the spoilee, not the spoiler. It is your responsibility to catch up, not my responsibility to keep track of how far everyone is in every series.

Edited by Pokeysteve

Birds of Prey. My library had all the trades. I checked them all out and burned through them in a few days.

Posted by mogo1

All the INVINCIBLEs! (except 99-105. Had to get the floppies for that) and I read all the walking deads up to were we are at in the show. Dont want to spoil everything

Posted by infantfinite128

Brian Bendis' and Ed Brubakers' Daredevil! Heck, almost everything by those two, I like better in trade!

Posted by LyraFay

Basically all of my comics are trades. Its easier that way.

Posted by Motip1965

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Posted by derf_jenkins

I enjoy reading anything in trades that I like to read, however, part of it for an old timer like me is the collection of singles and making sure I get that story asap when it releases. Rereading a classic series is always nice in trade. I'll say Alan Moore swamp thing.