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Twitter Question of the Week RESULTS: What's one comic story you can read over and over again?

Time to find out what your favorite comic books stories are!

Folks, the results are in, and this week, we had more responses than ever before! Welcome back to the Twitter Question of the Week Results! Every Monday, we ask our followers on Twitter a question about comic books and take their answers and place them neatly into this fine piece of art. This week, we asked, "What's one comic story/trade/graphic novel you can read over and over again and why?" It was a bit overwhelming this week, so we tried to grab as many new folks as possible for this week's edition!


What did the staff have to say?


There you have another week of answers about comic books. If you want to get in on the fun, make sure to follow us on Twitter where we post the question a few times on Mondays, and make sure to use #CVTQ when replying; otherwise, we'll have no clue you answered! If you really want to appear in this weekly article, make sure to answer why. Anyone can just say something, but you have to be able to explain your passion.

Do you have a response but don't have a Twitter account? Let us know who you would want drawing your life in the comment section below!

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Posted By BlackRobin195

Batman: The Long Halloween

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Posted By JoshuaDBr

Grant Morrisons "New 52" run on Action Comics. There's just so much in those books, it can't be digested in just one or two readings! And just as importantly, I LOVE reading these books!

Avatar image for silverpool
Posted By SilverPool

Superman Birthright, Kingdom Come, and Court of Owls

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Posted By Ultron345

Blackest Night. Johns and Reis is a GODLIKE combination. Not to mention Flash bringing the hype. Can't think of a better combo in comics. Maybe Johns and Mahnke? Praise be Johns

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Edited By DCWarFan73

the ultimate reread for me is Jaques Tardi's It Was The War Of The Trenches - must have read it a dozen times since I got it 3 years ago.

honorable mentions to go:

Frank Miller's Batman Year One and Dark Knight Returns

Hellboy's Conqueror Worm story arc

Captain America - Winter Soldier arc

Alan Moore's Watchmen

Millar's Superior

Avatar image for supremehyperion
Posted By SupremeHyperion

The 1985 Squadron Supreme 12-part Series written by Mark Gruenwald

(My favorite since the first time I read it as a kid)

*Kraven's last hunt is a close second

Avatar image for lcazt1996
Posted By LCazT1996

Walking Dead (all of it), Blackest Night, and Batman: Hush.

Avatar image for wundagoreborn
Posted By wundagoreborn

Demon in a Bottle

Avatar image for amazing_webhead
Posted By amazing_webhead

"Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow"

Avatar image for cheesesticks
Posted By CheeseSticks

God Love, Man Kills

Ultimate X-Men 1-65

Age of Apocalypse

Magneto Testament

Hickman run on FF and Fantastic Four

Second Coming (only for the final fight)

Avatar image for veshark
Posted By Veshark

The Ultimates/The Ultimates 2. I've read both books to death.

Avatar image for christianrapper
Posted By christianrapper

i could read the captain uni spiderman over and over again. i also loved the new avengers when spidey had his other powers.

Avatar image for experio
Posted By Experio


Avatar image for infantfinite128
Posted By infantfinite128

The entire Knightfall story, starting with Vengeance of Bane. It's been a very inspirational for me, seeing Bane and Batman's determination to push themselves to their physical and mental limits.

Avatar image for nickxfrye
Posted By nickxfrye

Wolverine by Claremont and Miller.

Avatar image for alak
Edited By Alak
  1. Kingdom Come
  2. Battle for the Cowl (mostly just the last issue)
  3. The Boys (Nightwing filler issue #25 pre-52)
Avatar image for squalleon
Posted By Squalleon
Avatar image for stewart77
Posted By Stewart77

Fantastic Four (376 - 409) : "Rise of Doom" through "Strange Days" was a fantastic time for that comic... also "The New Fantastic Four" (FF #347-349) deserves a mention as well.

Avatar image for grey56
Edited By Grey56

Annihilation, it's the one book I keep going to over and over.

This. I'd also offer two others;

1- Infinity Gauntlet
2- The Dark Knight Returns.

Old trades are damn near worn out.

Avatar image for doomnaut
Posted By Doomnaut

Iron Man: Extremis

Avatar image for spidermonkey2099
Edited By spidermonkey2099

Year One, No Man's Land, Watchmen, Killing Joke, The Dark Knight Returns, The Black Mirror, For the Man Who Has Everything, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, All-Star Superman, Long Halloween, Joss Whedon's, Grant Morrison's, and what I've read of Chris Claremont's respective X-Men runs, Ultimate Spider-Man... just to name a few. Couldn't choose just one...

Avatar image for darthinsanos
Edited By DarthInsanos
  • planet hulk/wwhulk
  • hush
  • Fables (ive reread them almost 20 times lol)
  • Ultimate Spider-man (death of spiderman brought tears to my eyes)
  • Deadpool kill marvel universe for lols
Avatar image for cuddlyplane
Posted By CuddlyPlane

Dark Angel saga, Sweet Tooth and Ultimate Spider-man are the first that come to mind

Avatar image for rustyroy
Posted By RustyRoy

Arkham Asylum, TDKR, Year One, Morrison's Batman run, the Flash runs etc.

Avatar image for stefano
Posted By Stefano

Sinestro corp war

Avatar image for kriminal
Posted By kriminal

civil war

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Posted By Onemoreposter

The Dark Knight Returns I've probably reread more than any other comic. So many great quotes and characterizations. It was the first book that really made a fan of commissioner Gordon. "I think of Sarah, the rest is easy."

Others I've read numerous times include

  • Ultimates Vol.1 and 2
  • Batman: Year One
  • Watchmen
  • Empire by Mark Waid (quite possibly my favorite story he's ever done)
  • COIE is a must every year or two. One of the first comic series I collected in full and one of my first introductions to the DCU.
Avatar image for doctorthomaselliot
Edited By DoctorThomasElliot

The Dark Knight Returns I've read it dozens of times and it gets better each time I read it.

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Posted By Squares


Avatar image for butters911
Edited By butters911

Kravens Last Hunt would have been my answer too

Avatar image for t_hench
Posted By t_hench


Avatar image for theamazingimmortalman
Posted By TheAmazingImmortalMan

I've read Luthor: Man of Steel and Superman: For tomorrow sooooo many times. I also like reading Weapon X: Adamantium Men a lot and I mean a lot.

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Edited By MisterAnderson
Avatar image for billy_batson
Posted By Billy Batson

@gorehorn said:

I am appaled by the lack of Watchmen in these answers!

Definitely my top answer for this question, groundbreaking in it's day and has aged gracefully.

From Hell is a nice substitute for it.


Avatar image for j4zzm4n88
Posted By j4zzm4n88

3 way tie for me. 100 Bullets : The Counterfifth Detective, Batman Black Mirror and Justice. Each strikes a different note with me emotionally, Justice for being a great, beautiful and classic story. Black Mirror for what to me is the definitive story of Dick as Batman, not to mention James Gordon Jr creeping me out so much and finally the Counterfifth Detective for the noir feel and one of my favourite Minutemen facing off against one of my favourite villains.

Avatar image for slacker1977
Posted By Slacker1977

I am appaled by the lack of Watchmen in these answers!

Definitely my top answer for this question, groundbreaking in it's day and has aged gracefully.

Avatar image for deadgod
Posted By Deadgod

All Star Superman, Hitman , Alan Moore Swamp Thing , Kingdom Come

Avatar image for sinestro_gl
Posted By sinestro_GL

Sinestro Corps War.

Avatar image for mucklefluga
Posted By Mucklefluga

Definitely Punk Rock Jesus.

Avatar image for edamame
Posted By Edamame

Messiah Complex, Age of Apocalypse, Carnage: USA and Onslaught.

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