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Damm! That Hawkman looks tight! :)

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That Hawkman looks incredible!! Still waiting on a DC Collectibles Hawkman.

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Damm! That Hawkman looks tight! :)

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Square enix does some nice work. The robocops look nice, the arkham origins batman is a gotz to get for me, but that Hawkman...WORD!

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@samimista I think you should see this.

Whoa! These are magnificent. 0.0 Especially the Big Boss figure.

Good find mate!

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Wow, that is one seriously awesome Hawkman.

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Awesome Hawkman!!

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That Joker/Harley and much better deathstroke statue then that other one released.

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At first I thought Hawkman was just a statue. I need to pick that up when it comes out. It looks way better then my current "Headless" Hawkman figure:

Been searching for weeks now and I still can't find his head.

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Dat Hawkman

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Wow! The Batman, Deathstroke and, Hawkman for me!

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Hawkman looks boss, but I'm getting the Aquaman one for sure. Also that little Wondy.

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Dat Hawkman though.

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Wow I need that Deathstroke in my life.

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The new RoboCop suit is pretty sweet but it sort of lacks the grittiness of the original suit. Still both great suits in their own ways.

Wish you could've taken a clearer photo of the more jester-like Harley Quinn.

Square Enix's toys are just amazing to the detail.

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That hawkman looks BOSS!!!

What is it for? I mean is it from a previous design or completely original square enix design?

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WOW!!! I want that Deathstroke and Titanfall figure!

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Chibi Justice League

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Hachi-MACHI, these toys are hot! I want all of these. 'Specially Deunan and Briareos.