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Tim Seeley to Write ARMY OF DARKNESS VS HACK/SLASH Crossover

The six-issue series is coming your way this July.

Who doesn't enjoy a good comic book crossover? We've seen many over the years but we haven't seen them all. Dynamite Entertainment has given us a shared exclusive announcement on an upcoming crazy adventure feature Ash from ARMY OF DARKNESS and Cassie Hack from HACK/SLASH.

Tim Seeley cover.

What makes this crossover even better is the six-issue series will be written by HACK/SLASH creator, Tim Seeley. Seeley will also provide covers along with HACK/SLASH co-creator Stefano Caselli, Ben Templesmith and a special cover by Chris Eliopoulos. It goes on sale in stores and digitally this July 2013.

Stefano Caselli cover.

The story involves Cassie, after the events of the HACK/SLASH series, trying to live a normal life. Of course things won't be normal for long as a Deadite attack forces her back into action. Used to working with a partner, this time Cassie will find herself teaming up with Ashley J. Williams. The question is, can they get along in order to complete their quest to find the stolen pages from the Book of the Dead. Another question is, will Ash get some sugar?

Tim Seeley tells us a little on what we can expect:

"Besides being one of the inspirations for Hack/Slash, Army of Darkness has long been one of my all-time favorite films. Readers have been asking for Cassie and Ashley J. Williams to meet for as long as I've been making Hack/Slash, and we're finally going to give them what they want. There will be blood, boobs, baseball bats, and boomsticks."

Ben Templesmith cover.

This isn't the first time Ash has crossed over with others. Why will we see this particular one? Nick Barrucci, Publisher of Dynamite tells us why:

"It's a natural fit, putting Army of Darkness together with the ever-popular Cassie Hack. And honestly, it's what the fans have asked for! Ash is the Crossover King, that perfect combination of badass and jester which makes for amazing, amusing comic book team-ups. And what better combo could there be, between a splatter movie hero and the ultimate Last Girl?"

Get ready for the craziness this summer. Be sure to let your comic shop know you're interested in this title.

Posted by daredevil21134

His Witchblade is awsome

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YES!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new favorite comic AND my favorite horror franchise of all time?! Crossing over?!? OH HAPPY DAY!!!!

Hail to the King AND Queen of horror comics!!!!

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Awesome. I love me some Hack/Slash, but I love me some Evil Dead even more!

Posted by Cassius_Knightfall

Casseli cover is bad ass!

Posted by Joygirl

:3 *inhales* SQUEEEEE.

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I wonder if Vlad will make a surprise return? anyways this will be bad ass.

Posted by rav4

god forbid a character ever gets a happily ever after.... I swear if he screws up the ending he gave cassie and georgia, I will rage like I have never raged before

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Has to be said... Groovy.

Posted by longbowhunter

I'm a huge Ash fan. Unfortunately his comics almost always suck. Never read Hack/Slash.

Posted by The Stegman

YES!!! Oh my God I always said this would be the perfect crossover, finally!!!!

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Hack and lord how amazing this will be. Awesomeness!

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this is amazing news.....

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale