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Three Things That Should be in The Green Lantern Sequels

The movie might not have been perfect but what should happen in sequels to bring back the idea of what we'd want to see in a Green Lantern movie?

So what if the GREEN LANTERN movie has only been out for a weekend? You know you’re already thinking about what you’d like to see in those sequels whose development has been announced. Hey - - the movie ends with an epilogue that might as well have lower-third titles reading “To Be Continued…?” The seeds of possibility have been planted into all our imaginations, so let’s get them sprouting.

SPOILER WARNING: If you read this before seeing the movie and subsequently complain about getting spoiled, you absolutely deserve to be imprisoned in the tightest, most cramped Science Cell imaginable.

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Here's some things we'd really like to see happen with Ryan Reynolds and his big screen Green Lantern buddies in future films to make the franchise shine as brightly as it should.

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Well, obviously.

Sinestro may not have made his “heel turn” but, even before the aforementioned epilogue, he was but a small joint twitch away from putting the fearful ring on and marshaling a new Corps from the ranks of the GLC. Now that he’s already disagreed with the Guardians about how astral affairs should be handled, I’m sure he’ll get to thinking that he has even better ideas after only a couple instances of hearing those fear-mongering whispers that drove Hector Hammond so crazy.

The Fearsome Sinestro Corps
The Fearsome Sinestro Corps

Instead of spending years as the solo yellow ringslinger, I’m sure Sinestro will assemble his own renegade corps by appealing to all the lanterns who share in his disagreement with the Guardians. Now that the ring’s forged, I wouldn’t expect the Weaponers of Qward to be involved in any of this. I wouldn’t expect Parallax to return, either, as the movie reveals a battery of fear (with a Parallax symbol) existed even before that one Gaurdian went rogue. A war between Corps is plenty to cover in a movie, so I honestly can’t picture there being much else to be stacked onto a second movie’s plot. Obviously, you aren’t going to see the big gun fear-instillers of the SINESTRO CORPS WAR like Hank Henshaw, Superboy Prime and the Anti-Monitor, but you could easily see bad guys like Arkillo, Lyssa Drak, Fatality and maybe even Mongul joining up.


The movie’s seemingly reconceived the Guardians as being the engineers of all the colors in the emotional spectrum. Considering how tight-lipped they are to even talk about Parallax when his threat's pressing, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other power batteries lurking in the deepest bowels of Oa.

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If there are plans to deal with more Corps, I doubt they’d be dealt with until a third movie, though I can easily picture a few teasing scenes in a second one that’d play like the Odin’s vault scenes in THOR. Perhaps the Sinestro Corps will only lose a key battle by the end of movie #2, but they’ll persist into a third movie where they’ll have to unite with the GLC to combat the Gaurdian’s other dirty secret: the Star Sapphires and the Red and Orange Lanterns. I wouldn’t expect something approaching the sheer of complexity of BLACKEST NIGHT, but I could still see third movie dealing with a streamlined War of Light that didn’t involve any entities or re-animated corpses.

Even if the Star Sapphires (or some equivalent) get involved, I don’t ever see Blake Lively putting on a pink, cut-off space suit to enable Carol Ferris join this outerspace oeuvre.


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Now that Hector Hammond’s been taken care of, I don’t see any Earthbound villains popping up who don’t directly factor into the cosmology of the Emotional Spectrum. So, yeah, fans of Dr. Polaris, Sonar, Major Damage, Nero, Effigy, Tattooed Man or the Sportsmaster shouldn’t get their hopes up. Even though Alan Scott and John Stewart were reportedly in early drafts of this movie’s script, I also can't see any of Hal’s fellow human Lanterns ever showing up outside of maaaaaaybe a couple cute cameos on Earth. Hal’s relationship talk with Carol at the end makes it sound like he’ll spending most of his time off-planet from here on out, for one. Also, including any of those guys would be just be too complicated to fit into even two movies.

Though it wouldn’t work at all, my decade would be made if Sodam Yat showed up in these.

Alright, that’s my take. What’s yours?