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PREPARE YOUR WALLETS! NEW COMIC BOOK DAY IS COMING! This is looking like it'll be yet another Wednesday that'll tempt us with piles upon piles of glorious new issues for us to dive into. We here at Comic Vine have looked through this week's new releases and managed to narrow it down to a select few we're each very, very interested in. Once you're done seeing what we can't wait to get our hands on, don't forget to comment with your own list of essential comics that are coming out this week.

Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero's picks


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This ought to be huge. DC is proclaiming this their first "universe-wide event." Do we really want another full-blown comic book event? Maybe not. Can we resist this one? Absolutely not. From the teasers we've seen, big things are coming and based on how things amped up during Trinity War with the Justice League and the Justice League of America, it's clear Geoff Johns is willing to turn the entire DCU on its side.

The big question is, why does the world believe the Justice League is dead? But that's not the only question. Is Lex Luthor the DCU's only hope? What the heck is Batman doing with a bunch of villains? Is that even the Batman we know?

We seen many many "big events" lately but this looks like something we won't want to miss.

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Remember when we were all wondering who the SUPERIOR Spider-Man would be? Dan Slott pranked us by making us believe that somehow it was Spider-Man 2099. We soon found out that this was a simple joke. We wouldn't be seeing the return Miguel O'Hara. Or at least not until this week.

Somehow Dan Slott is actually bringing Spider-Man 2099 into the current 616 Universe. That's sure how it looks. It's possible this could be another trick, especially with another recent let down we saw in a certain other Spider-related book. Either way, Slott and Ryan Stegman are sure to deliver another spectacular issue.

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Hang onto your hats, it's another COMIC BOOK EVENT! It's understandable that people are so reluctant over them since we've had so many and they don't always give us a satisfactory ending.

Brian Michael Bendis has taken a comic book cliché (time travel) and made it work wonderfully. As a long time X-Men fan, seeing the original team brought to the present has been a fascinating read. Now it's all coming to a head as the consequences are about to smack the X-Men in their faces. The X-Men from the future are about to journey to present to try to set them straight.

This is also one of those rare occasions when we can firmly recommend this issue since we've already read it. You can check out the review HERE.

It may be another crossover but if you're already reading these X-Men titles, this is going to bring things up a notch. Who doesn't want that?


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How many times have you looked at a comic series with interest only to be turned off by the mounds of back issues and continuity to try sort through before jumping in? With THE BLACK BAT, this is our chance to get something new from the ground floor.

Brian Buccellato has taken a character from the 1930s and completely revamped him. The way he writes this series, it's like we're getting a more realistic take on the concept of superheroes. It's a series where the idea of a guy dressing up to 'fight crime' isn't part of this world. Buccellato's dialogue is not afraid to call Black Bat on this.

As the hunt to stop the big "bad guy" continues, last issue we saw a pretty crazy twist. We thought we knew everything that was going on but perhaps we don't. This is a series you should check out (from the beginning) to get something different (and you should get it now so we can keep getting new issues).

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Honorable Mentions: THE STAR WARS #1 LUCAS DRAFT (based on his 1974 screenplay), DC VS MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #1

Gregg 'k4tz' Katzman's picks


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THE END IS NIGH! Sadly, lackluster sales means Venom's longest running solo series will conclude with issue #42. This is truly depressing news, but on the plus side, writer Cullen Bunn has promised an emotional and action-packed set of final issues. Additionally, he's recently stated "characters and situations will spill over into other titles." Could this mean we'll see more of Mania or -- dare I say it -- Toxin down the road? I'm quite interested in seeing more of Mania and it looks like this issue will definitely deliver on that. Plus, it'll build the momentum for the finale which is unfortunately right around the corner.

The upcoming events in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN have me questioning whether Flash will remain as Venom when all the dust has settled, but let's go ahead and enjoy the ride while it lasts.

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If you haven't been reading GREEN ARROW, then you've been missing out on some exceptionally stunning pages which are sometimes literally mind-blowing. The duo of Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo continue to work wonders with writer Jeff Lemire's script.

Now that the villains are taking over, Count Vertigo has an entire issue to be fleshed out and considering his unique ability grants Sorrentino the opportunity to create some staggeringly impressive work, it seems safe to bet there's going to be some jaw-dropping visuals in store for us yet again. Add Lemire's superb writing into the mix and this is sure to be another must read chapter of the series. Seriously, you should be reading this book.

Check out The Hollywood Reporter for the last page of preview goodness.

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Someone pinch me because surely I'm dreaming. Deadshot has an issue all to himself? And it's by the writer who did a killer job on BLOODSHOT #0? Yeah, I'd say I'm pretty damn stoked for this one.

Floyd Lawton has already proven he can hold his own limited-series just fine (twice, mind you), so I'm thrilled to see him finally have a chance to get some more depth in The New 52. Hopefully, this will show new readers he's not merely a guy with good accuracy and a love for firearms. There's more than meets the eyepiece display when it comes to Deadshot. Moreover, it'll be a nice example of how writer Matt Kindt will handle the character over in SUICIDE SQUAD, and that's something I'm very excited to see.


Jen 'MissJ' Aprahamian's picks


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In TRILLIUM's debut, we were introduced to two worlds at completely disparate points in humanity's existence, and also to two protagonists, equally opposite in their life experiences. The distant past and the far future are about to converge in more ways than one -- not only will these two characters find themselves out of place and time, but we'll see how a man haunted by his past and a woman aggressively driving towards an unknown future will entangle themselves in "the last love story ever told." Jeff Lemire is bringing us juxtaposition at its finest, and catapulting us into an adventure that transcends space and time.

Visit PopMatters for more preview pages!

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SATELLITE SAM is sharp, snappy, and sensational -- all of the juicy drama of television, washed with a mid-century sensibility that makes wrong seem even more wrong. Equally sexy are Howard Chaykin's ladies and the yet-unsolved mystery surrounding Carlyle White's murder -- both are more complicated than they appear. In the third installment, the spotlight is on the seemingly-virtuous Kara Kelly, who has a lot more to hide than a dirty picture in Carlyle's collection.

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Doomsday prepping meets Lord of the Flies. SHELTERED, a "pre-Apocalyptic tale," has been introducing us to a tense, unfamiliar world -- one in which the impending (but not yet certain) end of humanity as we know it causes dramatic fears and drastic actions. Paranoia is a dangerous drug, and it's even more threatening in an enclosed space with players who aren't afraid to kill. I'm expecting SHELTERED to get scarier -- and deadlier -- as each issue passes and as resources get more scarce.

CBR has the final preview pages.

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Corey 'Undeadpool' Schroeder's picks


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Last issue gave us a look at so many converging plot-threads, while still leaving so many tantalizingly open (or, as it's come to be known, the Kirkman Special), but it's done so much more than that giving us a look at an Angstrom Levy we did not expect to see, we saw some fairly horrific imagery, and we saw the return of my favorite running joke character (Science Dog's creator), which is why I can't wait for the next issue. Kirkman and Ottley have outdone themselves at every turn over every arc, delivering a book that has only gotten better as its gone on and shows absolutely no signs of getting stale or wearing itself out.

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The book that began as a one-off, then a joke, and has now become one of the most fascinating on the shelf, asking questions about the nature of fictional reality and Deadpool's 4th wall-breaking characteristics. Essentially from the first volume, it's taken everything funny about Deadpool and treated them as deadly serious. This has become one of the more tragic mainstream books as well, freed from the moors of continuity (though 616 Deadpool IS in effect) and Cullen Bunn seems to be steering the ship toward a very satisfying destination. Salva Espin's pencils have been doing plenty of heavy lifting as well and his sharp, angular, semi-chaotic lines fit perfectly with the kinetic, vicious action. I literally have no idea what's going to happen next, particularly after last issue's jaw-dropping/laugh-inducing cliffhanger.

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Truly, truly the end of an era. Peter David's final issue of X-Factor that will focus on Jamie Madrox (and hopefully Layla Miller) as the series comes to a close. This has been one of my favorite series over the last decade. I got into it fairly early after reading the Madrox limited series that had the AMAZING idea of him splitting his dupes up by the hundreds and sending them all off to learn so that when he reabsorbed them, he'd gain the knowledge and skill. Someone who would look at a power like that and come up with SUCH a unique way to use it was surely worth following. While the series may have started off as a sort of detective/noir tale, it did grow as time went on, occasionally getting too big for its own good, but it was always consistent, fun and very, very emotionally resonant. With Neil Edward and Jay Leisten penciling and inking and Matt Milla on colors, there's no reason to think this'll be anything but a worthy sendoff.

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Avatar image for Trodorne
Posted By Trodorne

@saoakden: in terms of the He-man series. its been really good as much of the designs were taken from the 80's series. some elements were taken from the 2002 series and its been great. but the comic has become its own element and retelling it to a more mature audience.

@ccraft said:

@lifeboy said:

DC vs Masters of the Universe for me :)

Me too, and probably Forever Evil 1

I third that.

Avatar image for themanintheshoe
Posted By TheManInTheShoe

I'm still confused whether or not that's Black Adam or possessed Shazam on the Forever Evil cover.

Avatar image for mickeymayhew
Posted By mickeymayhew

what's the 'recent let-down' in another Spidey-related book?

Avatar image for artisticneedham
Edited By ArtisticNeedham





















Avatar image for stetson12
Edited By stetson12

Superior Spider-Man!

Avatar image for manwithoutshame
Posted By manwithoutshame

Can't wait to see what the hell's going on in the DC Universe.

Batman 23.1

Forever Evil 1

Green Arrow 23.1

Justice League 23.1

JLA 7.1

Justice League Dark 23.1

Trillium 2

Avatar image for outside_85
Posted By Outside_85

I got nothing this week. :(

Avatar image for sinestro_gl
Edited By sinestro_GL

Bye bye money :(

Avatar image for broo1232
Edited By broo1232

Big week for me, but can't wait for Bizzaro.

Avatar image for kal_smahboi
Posted By Kal'smahboi

Oh, the irony. I just figured the amount of money I'd be paying if I purchased all of the Villain's Month issues that I'm interested in. Total amount:


I think they're doing this on purpose. Btw, that's not including the issues that my friends would get and share with me. Pretty sure that's close to double my normal monthly pull (and my self-imposed financial limit). Does DC hate it's readers? Probably.

Avatar image for fables87
Posted By fables87

Sad to see X-Factor ending :(

Avatar image for bladewolf
Edited By bladewolf

Bye bye money :(

QFT. This is an expensive month for me.

Avatar image for omega_ray_jay
Posted By Omega Ray Jay

I didn't know X-Factor was ending, that's sad news.

Avatar image for vulshock
Edited By Vulshock

Last issue of X-Factor... I hope that the characters will show up somewhere else and not end in limbo.

Avatar image for donfelipe
Edited By DonFelipe

Just finished reading The Bunker #2 and it continues to be a fascinating, non-superhero story. Everybody should check it out here.

Plus Trillium, Shadowman, Q&W, and of course GA #23.1 Count Vertigo for me this week, and Jonathan Hickman's God is Dead #1 that is going to be my first Avatar Press comic. What an exciting week ahead that's already started nicely with the early access to The Bunker.

Edit: Boom!'s Hit #1 seems to be interesting, too... "WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Los Angeles. It's 1955. It's dark; it's sexy. It's dangerous. Everyone has an angle."

Avatar image for yo_yo_fun
Posted By yo_yo_fun

For me this week: Batman & Robin #23.1: Two Face (So excited for this one!), Batman The Dark Knight #23.1: The Ventriloquist and Superman #23.1: Bizarro (Only because Sholly Fisch is writing it.)

Avatar image for derf_jenkins
Posted By derf_jenkins

Trillium is about it for me.

Avatar image for stmichalofwilson
Posted By StMichalofWilson

This week is full of good choices!

Avatar image for nightcrawler358
Posted By NightCrawler358

Forever Evil, DC vs. He-Man (missed it because I was moving out), Battle of the Atom, and guys, come on, wheres the love for THE STAR WARS #1 !?

Avatar image for impossibilly
Posted By impossibilly

So much to buy this week!!!

Avatar image for MadeinBangladesh
Edited By MadeinBangladesh

HOLY HELL this is a big week!!!











Avatar image for anandak47
Posted By anandak47

no love for RELIC????

Avatar image for lockefaraday_815
Posted By LockeFaraday_815

Forever Evil #1, Trillium #2 and the Batman DC Poison Ivy cover for me

Avatar image for ashr
Posted By Ashr

An expensive week for me. Besides the standard DC and Marvel titles, I'm looking forward to Trillium, Star Wars (based on Lucas' original idea) and also Shahrazad by Bigdog Ink.

Star Wars #1 (Of 8)

Batman #23.1 (The Joker)

Detective Comics #23.1 (Poison Ivy)

Forever Evil #1 (Of 7)

Green Lantern #23.1 (Relic)

Justice League #23.1 (Darkseid)

Trillium #2 (Of 8)

Daredevil Dark Nights #4 (of 8)

Infinity #2 (Of 6)

Superior Spider-Man #17

Shahrazad Prologue

Avatar image for hanson724
Edited By Hanson724

Batman 23.1 3D Cover

Green Arrow 23.1 3D cover

Green Lantern 23.1 3D cover

Trillium 2

Sheltered 3

All New X-Men 16

Venom 40

X-Men Battle of the Atom 1

Shadowman 10.

Besides the Reverse Flash 3D issue I'm getting, these are the only villain issues I'm buying. Can't wait til next month when everything resumes and we can put this annoying interruption behind us :)

Avatar image for mezmero
Posted By Mezmero

Aw crud. Forgot that Quantum & Woody and Avengers A.I. are out this week as well. Guess I'm not getting off as easy as I thought.

Avatar image for peppeyhare
Posted By PeppeyHare

Holy comic overload Batman

Avatar image for Trodorne
Posted By Trodorne

DC vs. He-Man (missed it because I was moving out)

You did not miss it. DC held it back a week.

Avatar image for miss_garrick
Edited By Miss_Garrick

Lamest Deadshot costume ever.

Avatar image for k4tzm4n
Edited By k4tzm4n
Avatar image for decoyelite
Edited By DecoyElite

@k4tzm4n said:

@miss_garrick said:

Lamest Deadshot costume ever.


No Caption Provided

K4tz your logic evades me. The costume in that pic is clearly the best Deadshot costume.

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