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This Week's Essential Comics: 06/10/13

These are the comics you're looking for.

Well, this is going to be an expensive week. DC's two biggest characters have major issues coming out, Wolverine gets a gorgeous makeover and a new writer, and there's so much more greatness heading our way this Wednesday. We here at Comic Vine all have different preferences, so we want to share the books that have us the most excited. You know, just in case you're not sure what's coming out this week or in the event one of these hopefully great titles flew under your radar. Be sure to chime in with your own "essential comics," too!

Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero's picks


Zero Year begins here.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have been on a roll with this series. We've seen big stories from the two that have put Batman through the ringer. In a bit of a departure, they're now going in a different direction. Instead of moving forward and telling the further adventures of the Dark Knight, we will be spending close to a year in Batman's past.

Some might say this is a risky move on a couple different levels. There really isn't much of a risk.

Even though we know Batman's origin, this has the potential to go beyond that. If you've read the different interviews from Snyder, you know it is not his intention to redo YEAR ONE. The reality of it is there is a need to retell Batman's early days. The new timeline in the New 52 has negated several key elements from YEAR ONE. And based on what Snyder and Capullo have done so far, there's no way they're simply going to retell a story of Bruce simply training to become a costumed vigilante.

It may be slightly familiar territory they're treading but you know they are going to surprise the hell out of us with whatever tricks they have up their sleeve.

Go to the NY Post for the last final preview page.


We've seen what Scott Snyder can do with Batman. Now we get to see what he can do with Superman as well. And it's not just Snyder launching a new Superman title. Having Jim Lee on board is the icing on the cake.

There hasn't been a lot mentioned about the story and direction the two have planned for this series. We know it won't just be Superman fighting bank robbers in Metropolis. Snyder has mentioned we will see other characters such as Lois, Jimmy and even Batman and Wonder Woman. With two other Superman titles (three if you count the upcoming BATMAN/SUPERMAN), you know there has to be a reason for DC to believe this title is worthy of existing. What it comes down to is they know it will sell. We know we will be buying it to see what Snyder and Lee have cooking.

Is putting these two comic book superstars on the same title a gimmick? Is having a huge fold out poster with Jim Lee art inside the first issue a gimmick? Is getting Dustin Nguyen to do backups a gimmick? Who cares? These are all great reasons for us to be happy as comic book readers. When was the last time you got this excited for a new series?

Visit USA Today for the last preview page.


Like many others, I'm still recovering from Wolverine-overload. The furry mutant may not be in as many comics as he used to be but with WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN, WOLVERINE, SAVAGE WOLVERINE and the occasional appearance in an Avengers comic, we are still getting a bit of him.

This series has had a different feel. The first five issues were written and drawn by Frank Cho and had a nice isolated feel. That appears to be changing with this issue and it may not necessarily be a bad thing. This issue marks the return of Joe Madureira.

Zeb Wells takes over as writer and with Joe Mad on art, we'll be seeing Wolverine getting savage against the Hand and it appears he won't be fighting this fight alone. Spider-Man and Elektra will be at his side.

So let's do a run down. Zeb Wells, Joe Mad, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Elektra and a bunch of ninjas. Sounds like more than enough of a reason to pick up this issue.

Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring's picks


This series is really coming into its own right now. Sure, it's been pretty good before, but I always felt like it was another Bat-family book that loomed in the shadow of the bat. Now, Nightwing is on his own, in Chicago, and this book finally feels like a standout book that doesn't need Batman around to survive. I love what Kyle Higgins has been doing with this run and the art of Brett Booth is super-amazing. Dare I say this is one of my favorite super-hero books (for getting the fact Nightwing has no super-human abilities)? I dare say it.

UPROXX has the rest of the preview.


Brian Wood's ride on ULTIMATE X-MEN has been an incredible one, thus far. Mutants have their own plot of land, within the United States, and although Kitty Pryde has been leading the team, there's been a mutiny slowly building.

The conclusion to Natural Resources happens this week, and it looks like it's going to be one killer issue. It may not be a good jumping on point for new readers, but this is a book you're really going to want to read. It's the best of the Ultimates line, for sure.

Sara 'Babs' Lima's picks


Although the series has been canceled, it's still a comic I look forward to each month and one that will leave me very sad when it finally ends. This week we will see the release of DEMON KNIGHTS #21 and our unlikely and unconventional group of heroes seem to have finally embarked on their journey to find the Holy Grail. This series has brought together so many interesting characters and has built really interesting relationships between them through the use of great dialogue, a fantastic story-line and some truly stunning art, so I imagine what we see in this week's issue will continue that trend. The Holy Grail is likely to be a source of tremendous power, so it's no wonder Vandal Savage wants to get his hands on it. But what will happen if he does? And what if Etrigan gets ahold of it instead? We will have to wait and see what happens in this series' next issue.

Check out Comicosity for the rest.


The first arc was pretty long, and issue #7 is the start of a new story, and that's good news. It hasn't been long since Chas Worthington first set foot on his own island of garbage, and he's already seen his best friend kidnapped, fought off a band of pirates and confronted the United States military -- and this is only the beginning.

What other adventures do creators Joe Harris and Martin Morazzo have in store for Chas, his friends and the future of 'New Texas'? It will be interesting to see in this story that opens one year later.

iFanboy has the last two preview pages.

Gregg Katzman's picks


Welcome back to my pull list, SUICIDE SQUAD! Ales Kot and Patrick Zircher took over the title in issue #20 and let me tell you, it feels like a terrific new direction for the team and has massive potential. Zircher's art is extraordinary and "topnotch" is the best way to describe it. Meanwhile, Ales Kot successfully made the issue feel like a #1 without weighing it down in too much exposition. He managed reintroduced and put his own touch on the characters and incorporated quite a few new aspects which are sure to have intriguing results along the way.

This book hasn't been on my radar for awhile now, but this issue most definitely put it back on the map. I can't wait to see where it'll go from here and the preview is the most amusing display I've seen from Deadshot in quite some time.


We Deadpool fans are quite a divided group. Some yearn for the return of a more serious and lethal Deadpool and while others fell in love with Daniel Way's over the top take on the character. But when it comes to this current run, I've seen mostly support from the Wade community -- and that's quite an accomplishment. Sure, Deadpool hasn't been as skilled or agile as I'd like him to be, but that's swiftly countered by sharp and hilarious writing from Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn. Additionally, Mike Hawthorne has proven more than capable of picking up art duties after the talented Tony Moore left the book. They've managed to craft a plot which revolves around Deadpool's shifting morals and so far it's been quite interesting.

Oh, and did I mention this issue has Daredevil vs. Deadpool? Because it totally does.

Jen 'MissJ' Aprahamian's picks


Snyder and Albuquerque have been bringing fresh blood (pun intended, of course) to the horror genre with the history-and-Americana-infused AMERICAN VAMPIRE, and the series just keeps getting better. LONG ROAD TO HELL is a hefty one-shot (64 pages!) designed to tide us over until the series re-launch later this year, and it looks like a hell of a story. Part road-trip adventure, part vampire hunting story, all awesome. (Not caught up yet? Sink your teeth into the first few trades -- they're quick reads that are jam-packed with drama and action, and there are no sparkles on these vampires.)


Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs are dropping adorable-bombs on us in a most serious way with LI'L GOTHAM, and I've never wanted a book to double-ship as much as I do with this one. Nguyen's watercolors are stunning, and the stories have a delightful lightness that Gotham rarely sees.

This month's edition features a Valentine's story starring The Joker and a Lunar New Year adventure with Damian and Katana, continuing the holiday-centered theme that the book has been rocking. I'd be remiss if I didn't emphasize the "all" in "all-ages" -- this book is charming and enjoyable for everyone, not just the kiddies.

There's no preview, but we promise it's all kinds of adorable.

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Posted by Hawkguy

Extremely exciting week! Can't wait for Harbinger Wars 3, Unchained and Batman. Gonna check out Savage Wolverine as well, I have a feeling the series is gonna pick up starting with this issue.

Posted by Fenderxx

I have never been a big superman fan ...but I think I will check out the new one.

Also Venom and New Avengers coming out !

Edited by SandMan_

All right. Bring it Unchained.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Bite em Back

Posted by k4tzm4n

@hawkguy: @fenderxx: Venom & Harbinger Wars were tied for a veeeeeeeeeeery close 3rd for me.

Posted by czechoslovakia

Oh god this will be such an expensive week for me. (not even including man of steel in IMAX yet)

Edited by Ashr

Interested to see the Batman: Zero Year plotline and Jim Lee artwork in Superman Unchained. The current Star Wars series by Dark Horse has been a lot of fun also.

  • Batman #21
  • Superman Unchained #1
  • Star Wars #6
  • Thor God of Thunder #9
  • Constantine #4
Posted by spinningbirdcake

I bought midnight tickets for Man of Steel. For some odd reason I feel like that makes me obligated to pick Superman Unchained.


Guardians of the Galaxy

Manhattan Projects (really sad no one on the comicvine staff talks about this series :(

Superman Unchained

Edited by pspin

This week I think I am most excited for Artifacts 28.

Superman Unchained, Superboy, Suicide Squad, and Uncanny X-Force are close behind though.

Posted by bladewolf

Oh god this will be such an expensive week for me. (not even including man of steel in IMAX yet)


Edited by VictorVonDoom_1

Joe Mad killin' it with the art!!

Superman Unchained



Thor: God of Thunder

New Avengers

Debating whether or not to grab American Vampire.

Edited by martyyy15

A superman title by scott snyder...this may actually add some depth to superman, and jim lee is doing art, epic. May want to check this out. Superman deserves a good writer, hope scott is the man

Posted by SavageDragon

Harbinger Wars #3

Posted by cc1738

I'm getting Batman, Superman Unchained, Nightwing, and Thor.

Posted by Dabee

This is a really big week...

Posted by Trevel8182


Superman Unchained

Posted by saoakden

There's a number of Books I want this week. Main one is SUPERMAN UNCAHINED. I'll also be buying Batman. Other books I want that are listed: Savage Wolverine, Nightwing, Ultimate Comics X-Men, Deadpool, and maybe American Vampire. I'm going to check out this series soon.

Posted by Loki2u

I'm curious to see how long Jim Lee will stick around as artist on Superman. A single story arc would be nice before he starts failing to meet deadlines again and then drops it. Maybe it IS just a gimmick.

Edited by Fantasgasmic

uhhh, the Valentines Lil Gotham came out MONTHS ago... right? or is this the PRINT version.

Edited by bloggerboy

Superman Unchained

Demon Knights


Posted by Hawkguy

AND a new X this week!

Posted by amutant

The more I hear people say "the art of Brett Booth is super-amazing" the more I think maybe there is something wrong with me and not everyone else. I hate his art.

Edited by Outside_85

Out of that bunch; DK only.

Edited by knightofthechronicle

With Jim Lee on art for Superman I'm getting some 'For Tomorrow' vibes, which, considering that story was great, doesn't seem so bad.

Posted by martyyy15


he did the art for batman hush right? That art was amazing I'd love to see him on a montly issue. And with snyders writing I may just pick up superman unchained. Thats a good combo

Edited by MissJ

@fantasgasmic: It's print. Still counting it among the essentials to pick up in-store.

Edited by ShadowSwordmaster

Superman Unchained is coming out this week my body is ready.

Posted by longbowhunter


Superman Unchained

Suicide Squad

Lil Gotham

I'd love to buy the American Vampire one shot, but I always read the series in trade.

Edited by Captain13

How the heck did Green Lantern Corps #21 not make the list? I can't even take you guys seriously now.

My List:

1. Green Lantern Corps #21 (This comes with a free Green Lantern Ring by the way)

2. Superman Unchained #1

3. Batman #1

It's going to be a big week for comics!

Posted by jangcrow

The Black Beetle #4 has me pumped for the finale, and The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #1 will hopefully be awesome!

Posted by Lone_Wolf_and_Cub

Wolverine, Wolvie and the Xmen, Savage Wolvie, Uncanny Xforce, Thor, Deadpool, Avenging Spidey, New Avengers, GoTG, Batman, Superman Unchained, Manhatten Projects, Harbinger, Black Beetle, Star Wars.

Posted by Z3RO180
Posted by OutlawRenegade

Green Lantern Corps 21 (+ power ring), Batman 21, Superman Unchained 1 (+poster), and Lil Gotham 3.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

Batman, Superman Unchained, Avengers Assemble, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, Suicide Squad(need #20 also), and I need to pick up Green Arrow #20, and maybe Deadpool

Posted by Cavemold

@savagedragon: this!!!!!!!!!Along with the ending . Black beetle:)

Edited by nintendork666

Just dropped Savage Wolverine, book was weak - especially issue 5.

VERY excited for Deadpool vs. Daredevil or whatever, though.

Edited by martyyy15


not sure how I feel how they are drawing john. I like fatality though

Posted by GraniteSoldier

I'm disappointed Katz, no Venom? It's what I look forward to every (sometimes twice? their release schedule is screwy) month! Flash has become by far my favorite host.

Posted by The Stegman

DC is SO exciting this week!!

Posted by JamDamage

I think I'm done with Green Lantern for a while. I'm just so sick of the whole cosmic thing from any book at all. I'll Check out Nightwing, but only because I'm from Chicago. Interesting that DC even has real cities in it's universe. Kind of stupid, but I guess not because I'm buying it becasue it's my city. Better be good. I do love me some Joe Mads too. Not his Wolverine tho. His Wolvie is just to big headed looking, but all is other characters are silly good, and I do love that American Manga style. Lets hope that the Superman curse won't effect Snyder and Lee's book either. The last time I read a very good Superman story was when Lee was on it, and Azzarello was writing. I loved that story, but it read more like a Marvel book then a DC book. Who cares. It's Lee on Superman again. Maybe he'll stick around longer then a year this time.

Posted by Michael_Moran

Not a fan of that drawing of wolverine

Posted by KnightRise

You show not only Damian, but adorable Damian??!! How dare you, Dustin Nguyen??!!!

Edited by k4tzm4n

I'm disappointed Katz, no Venom? It's what I look forward to every (sometimes twice? their release schedule is screwy) month! Flash has become by far my favorite host.

Like I already said, it was a very close third for me, sir.

Posted by MuyJingo

There really isn't a need to reboot Batman. Year One is still a great origin story for the character.

If Snyder hadn't changed certain things in his run of Batman, he wouldn't need to retell the origin. The only thing that would still need explaining is the robins, but that isn't enough to rewrite the origin.

When he makes Bruce away training for 4 years instead of 11, changes the role and what the Red Hood is, then yeah, now it's necessary. As I'm not a fan of his writing the character, can't say I'm too excited for this...

For me, this week:

  • Constantine
  • Batman (damnit)
  • Catwoman
  • Green lantern corps
  • Nightwing
  • Superboy
  • Superman Unchained
Edited by RedheadedAtrocitus

Its all about this particular variant for me for Unchained come Wednesday.

Posted by GraniteSoldier


Ah I must've missed that. I'll accept the honorable mention haha.

Posted by DanteTheRedKnight

I don't understand why Snyder and Lee didn't just take over Superman, instead of creating another series just for them.

Posted by iaconpoint

Batman, Thor and Black Beetle are my regulars this week. If I see the right variant I may pick up Superman Unchained.

Posted by Mucklefluga




Edited by lifeboy
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