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The Walking Dead Recap & Comic Comparison: Season 2, Episode 7 "Pretty Much Dead Already"

Our recap of the seventh episode of The Walking Dead, season two. Warning: There are major spoilers in this recap!

Holy $#!^ That's what 99.9% of us screamed last night during the mid-season finale of the Walking Dead. Last week, we slowly got to watch Shane lose it and get it on with Andrea. Glenn saved Maggie from a walker in town, Lori debated taking some abortion pills, and Carl learned to shoot a gun. You can check it all out in last week's recap.

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Warning: This week's episode had one giant, jaw-dropping moment, so DO NOT READ PAST THIS IF YOU DON'T WANT THE EPISODE SPOILED! You've been warned.

Walkers in the Barn

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The group is sitting around the camp eating, and Glenn announces that the barn is full of walkers. The group goes over and checks. Shane is stunned to see the walkers in there. They argue about what they can do. Shane says they should leave and Rick says they can't. Carol steps forward and says it's because her daughter is still out there.

The group is arguing about finding Sophia. It gets heated and Shane tries to fight Daryl. They need to convince Hershel to kill the walkers. The barn door rattles. Later, Shane stands in front of the barn and inches closer. He checks the locks and it seems like he's trying to open it up. The walkers hear him and scratch at the door.

Drama at the Camp

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Maggie won't talk to Glenn. He begs for her to talk to him. She asks Glenn for his hat, puts and egg in it and smashes the hat with egg on his head. Glenn asks her why she would waste an egg and Maggie says she thinks it was rotten.

Back at the camp, Lori and Carl are sitting together and Carl says he's not leaving until they find Sophia.

Carol finds Daryl in the stable getting a horse. Carol says he's hurt and needs to rest. Carol seems to be coming to grips with Sophia never coming back, and she says she doesn't want to lose Daryl also. She tries to help Daryl, but he flips out at her.

At the RV, Dale stares at the barn off in the distance. Glenn walks up and borrows Dale's hat. Andrea is inside the RV grabbing guns and says Shane wants a watch at the barn. Dale asks if Rick says he wanted one. Dale wants to know what's going on with her and Shane and asks if she really wants to be like Shane. Dale says she doesn't know him. Andrea insists she's ok and leaves the RV. Glenn asks if Dale's ok. Dale says yes, but wants Glenn to run and grab him some water because he needs a few minutes alone.

Rick and Hershel

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Rick knocks on the door to the house. Hershel tells him to come in. Rick offers to help Hershel with work. Hershel says it's his work. Rick says they found the barn. Hershel does not want to talk about it. Hershel tells Rick he wants the group gone by the end of the week. Rick explains that if they send his group away, they could die. Rick tells Hershel about the first time he saw a walker. He says the world is a lot worse than the television makes it seem. He then tells Hershel his wife is pregnant. Rick says they can help Hershel with the work around the farm and securing it. Hershel seems reluctant. Rick tells him to think about it again.

Rick walks towards the barn, where Shane is at. Shane asks what's going to happen. Rick says they're negotiating. It's secure and hasn't been a problem in the past. Shane asks why they want to stay if it isn't safe. Rick says it is and they argue until Rick reveals Lori is pregnant. Rick says they'll make it work. Shane congratulates Rick on the baby. As Rick leaves, he looks worried. Shane stares at the barn.

Hershel Needs Help

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Hershel walks into the kitchen and sees Maggie working. He says Carl doesn't need anymore help and Rick was trying to make his case. He thinks it's time for them to go. He says there are plenty of other barns to go to. Maggie says all the other barns are filled with walkers. Maggie says he's different now. Hershel asks if she's defiant because of Glenn. She tells him that Glenn saved her life the day before. Maggie says it's not about her and Glenn. She asks him not to make them leave. Jimmy runs in and says "it happened again."

Rick and Andrea are talking. Hershel walks up and asks for help with something, but just Rick's help. They walk away.

Hershel Walking Dead Issue #11
Hershel Walking Dead Issue #11

Hershel, in the comic, was never this cold. In fact, he never even kept the whole "walkers in the barn" story a secret. He welcomed Rick's group into his home and was much kinder.

Well, he was kinder until he found out that Rick has been killing the walkers. Then we got to see Hershel flip out. So the only real comparison is that Hershel from the television series and the comic feel the same way about the walkers. He wants to keep them alive because he thinks they can be turned back.

Shane Confronts Lori

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Lori is cutting some carrots and Shane walks up as pretty much states that the baby is his and he wishes he was because sooner or later he would be dead. He thinks that Rick isn't built for this world. The way it is now. He asks how many times Rick has saved her life and he says he's saved Lori's life four times. Lori says even if the baby is his, it will never be "his," and there's nothing he can do to change that.

Shane walks away and Carl stops him. Carl tells him they need to stay until they find Sophia, no matter what. Lori sees the two talking and calls Carl over. Shane walks to the RV and tears it apart. He can't find what he's looking for. He walks back outside and asks Glenn to tell him where Dale went. Glenn has no idea where Dale went. Shane walks off pissed off.

Walker Herding

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Hershel, Jimmy, and Rick are walking through the woods and two walkers are trapped in the mud. Hershel tells Rick who they are. Hershel asks if Rick can stop killing them. Hershel thinks they can be restored. Hershel says if they're going to stay there then they have to stop killing them.

Daryl and Carol are walking next to a pond. Daryl points out a flower, and he apologizes for being a jerk earlier in the day. Daryl thinks she's still alive. Carol says they'll find her.

Hershel, Jimmy, and Rick have the walkers by the neck with some poles, and they lead them out of the forest and walk back towards the barn.

Maggie Forgives Glenn

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Glenn chases after Maggie and says he had to tell the group about the walkers. Glenn tells Maggie that the walkers are dangerous and that secrets get you killed, and he'd rather have her alive and mad than dead.

Maggie seems to understand and forgives him with a bunch of kisses.

Shane's Lost It

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Dale is in the woods with some guns, trying to hide them. Shane finds Dale and confronts him. Shane demands the guns. Dale says he's going to have to kill him then. Dale holds the rifle towards Shane. Shane walks towards Dale. Dale now has the gun barrel literally on Shane's chest. Dale says this is the world Shane belongs in. Dale eventually lowers the weapon, knowing he's not going to shoot him. Shane takes to guns and walks away.


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Andrea and T-Dog walk up to the house, so does Carol and Daryl. Everyone is meeting up there. Shane walks up with all the guns and hands them out. Maggie says if they do this, Hershel will make them leave. Carl says they have to stay. Lori tells Shane it's not his decision to make. They all spot Hershel, Jimmy, and Rick coming in with the two walkers on poles. Shane says these things killed Amy and Otis, and they'll kill everyone. Shane shoots one of the walkers 5 times in the chest to prove that they're not alive. Then he shoots it in the head. Shane runs towards the barn door. Rick demands Hershel takes the reigns of the other walkers, so he can stop Shane. Shane starts smashing the door. Everyone is telling Shane not to do it. Shane gets the doors free and the walkers come out. Shane shoots them and everyone else starts shooting since they are swarming. Hershel is in shock on his knees. After a few moments, all of the walkers are dealt with. It's quiet. Dale walks up and is shocked.

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There are some noises coming from the barn. There is still another walker. It slowly walks out. It's Sophia. Daryl holds Carol back. Everyone just stares. Seconds feel like hours. Rick slowly steps forward and shoots her in the head. Everyone watching the show at home slowly raises their jaws. This is the last episode until February.