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The Walking Dead 2.10: "18 Miles Out"

Shane and Rick decide what to do with Randall, and Beth is thinking about killing herself.

It's Monday morning, and that means it's time to recap all the action from AMC's The Walking Dead last night, titled "18 Miles Home." This is one action packed episode of Walking Dead! As always, this is full of spoilers from Sunday night's episode, so if you don't want it ruined for yourself, stop reading now! SPOILERS!

Hordes of walkers!

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Shane is being chased by walkers, and so is Rick. Randall, handcuffed, struggles to reach a knife. Shane finds shelter in a school bus and holds the doors shut as the hordes pound on the door.

There's someone in the trunk

Shane and Rick pull up to a crossroads in an SUV. They get out and walk around. Shane asks if they're going farther, and Rick says they are... 18 miles out. Rick says he heard what really happened at the school, referring to Otis. Shane admits he shot Otis in the leg and it was to survive. Rick says Shane doesn't think he can take care of his family. Rick says he'd do anything to save his son. Lori says he's dangerous and Rick tells him he wanted to beat him after he found out that Shane and Lori hooked up, but he didn't. Rick says he'll stay alive to keep them alive. Rick tells Shane that he doesn't love Lori, and the only way they can keep going is if Shane understands what Rick just said. Shane recalls how the world changed so quickly when the walkers first started coming. Shane tried to get Rick out of the hospital, but he couldn't. “I didn't keep Lori and Carl alive. They kept me alive.” Rick opens the trunk and it's revealed Randall from the other tribe, that hurt himself is tied up in back.

Knives are quiet and don't need reloading

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Back in the car, Rick says they need to start using knives more because the guns attract walkers. He hopes that in the winter the cold slows down the walkers. Shane sees one far out in the field, alone. Rick talks about how they need to stock up for the upcoming winter with supplies and to be prepared as possible.

The dinner that never gets eaten Part 1

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Lori brings food to Beth and tells her that after she eats they can go for a walk. Beth asks Lori is bringing a baby into the world will make a difference.

Visit beautiful Mert County!

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Rick and Shane continue driving. They see the Mert County Department of Public Works and pull over. They walk to the fence and look around. Rick says they'll leave the boy there and scavenge some supplies. Rick spots a walker behind the fence, cuts his finger and rubs the blood on the fence. It runs towards the fence and receives a knife to the head. Rick spots another one and tells Shane it's his turn. They continue walking through the facility. It's a ghost town right now. Rick spots some charred bodies laying in a pile. Shane investigates the bus and it seems like at some point, someone was living there. Shane has the bodies of the two walkers they stabbed lined up and he says he doesn't see bites on the bodies. Rick says it must be scratched that changed them. Shane pulls the SUV into the facility and they pull the boy out of the car.

Beth wants out... of life

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Lori walks into Beth's room. She is crying on the bed. Lori tells her she knows how hard it is. Beth says this is so pointless. Lori tells her she has so many people and she needs to stay strong for them. Beth thanks her. Lori says she'll be back to take a walk. Lori brings the tray down and notices the knife is missing. Lori runs back up and tells Beth she doesn't want to do it. Lori runs outside to find Maggie and Hershel.

Let's duke it out

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Rick and Shane take the bag off the Randall's head and walk away... tied up. Randall pleads for help and says he's not like the rest of his crew. He says he went to school with Maggie and Rick and Shane stop in their tracks. Rick walks back yelling if he really went to school with Maggie. Randall says he'd never hurt any of them. Shane says he knows where the farm is and he may say something to his people. Shane pulls out his gun, but Rick pushes the gun away and it fires. It misses Randall. Rick wants to bring him back. Shane thinks it's a bad idea.

Shane tells Rick he doesn't think he can keep them safe. The two start to fist fight. Randall slowly crawls towards the knife on the ground. The two continue to duke it out. Shane pulls a motorcycle onto Rick, then grabs the gun from under the firetruck. Shane is about to fire at Randall, but then Rick tackles him. Randall reaches the knife and begins to cut the bindings. Rick tells Shane he won't let him make these calls anymore. Shane tosses an axe through a window. A walker gets up and crawls through the window. It jumps on Rick and Rick knifes it in the head. The a dozen more come out of the building.

Bring on the walkers!

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Shane is running from a horde of walkers. One of the walkers spots the Randall, bound up and runs towards him. Randall escapes and breaks the walker's arm. The Randall stabs the walker multiple times in the head.

Lori ain't no queen bee

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Lori and Andrea are downstairs and can hear Maggie yelling. Andrea thinks it could have been handled better by leaving the knife with Beth. Lori thinks that's not the best idea. Lori says Andrea doesn't care about anything but herself and she doesn't help out with what the rest of the women do around the farm. Andrea says Lori is self-centered and she takes everything for granted. Andrea is sick of Lori setting up the rules for everyone else and acting like the Queen Bee.

Dog pile on Rick

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Rick fights off walkers and shoots one in the head. Two more grasp for him and he shoots them both. He struggles to get them both off of him and grabs the knife.

Maggie tells Beth that her dad would be mad about this to find his daughter is a coward. Beth says that her and Maggie should help each other kill themselves before the farm is over-run. She thinks they're alone against all the walkers in the world. She wants to die by the evening with Maggie beside her. She begs.

It cuts like a knife...

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Shane runs from the walkers and makes it onto the bus. His back is against the door. He takes out a knife, cuts his hand and wipes the blood on the door frame. A walker tries to lick the blood and Shane stabs it in the head.

Andrea comes up to Beth's room and tells Maggie to take a break. Andrea sits down and Beth asks if she's going to say something. Andrea gets up and opens the door. She asks if this is what she wants. Andrea says the pain doesn't go away. You just make room for it.

Rick grabs Randall and they both hide behind the cop car. Randall is confused why Rick is going to stay. Randall thinks they should leave. They both stare at the bus and eventually, Rick and Randall walk away, and Shane just watches them.

7 years bad luck

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Maggie walks to Beth's room and pounds on the door. It's locked. Lori grabs a piece of metal and pries the door open. Beth has slit her wrist with a piece of the mirror.

Drive-by Ricking

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Rick and Randall continue walking. They stop in front of the dead walker guards. Rick grabs their guns and stares at them. The walkers pound on the bus door. Shane stabs another one in the head. Rick and Randall come flying up in the SUV. Shane jumps out the back of the bus and into the SUV. A walker gets its head run over.

Andrea runs towards the farm house and Maggie is mad that Andrea didn't stay with Beth. Maggie tells Andrea Beth will live because the cut wasn't deep. Maggie tells her not to ever step foot inside the house again. Andrea walks away.

One less lonely walker

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The SUV is pulled over. Rick puts the headphones back on Randall, tosses him into the car, and puts the bag back over his head. Rick tells Shane they're probably going to have to kill Randall. Rick tells Shane if he's going to be with them, then he has to follow Rick's lead. Rick gives Shane a gun. They drive away. Shane spots the same walker from earlier, in the field, walking alone.

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