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The Falcon, Sharon Carter And Lost World War II Adventures To Be In The Captain America Sequel?

That's what the screenwriters say they want, at least.

Will the Falcon finally get to spread his wings and fly?
Will the Falcon finally get to spread his wings and fly?

Even though I did a whole feature speculating on what could happen in the CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel, it actually is a little trickier to guess what's coming next in this one considering how there’s a respectable possibility that 99% of the cast can’t return. Such speculation has a few new bones to play with after co-writers Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely’s brief interview with PopcornBiz.

In short, they really want to bring the Falcon and maybe Sharon Carter into the plot, even though the inclusion of the latter opens a whole can of worms regarding the appropriateness of her relationship to Peggy and Cap. They’re also toying with whether they want the next movie to be set entirely in the present, or partly in the 40's, or maybe even entirely in the 40's for another unseen adventure that occurred somewhere inside the first movie’s three-year timeline. A big facet of Cap’s character is him being a “man out of time” and they’re dying to tackle that since it really only applied to one scene in movie #1.

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Fans are speculating that the "SHIELD agent" (played by Amanda Righetti) who first greets Cap into modern times might be Sharon Carter, but I’m sure she was left unnamed because the creative people are still figuring out to handle the trickiness of the character. I think they’re going to end up making her unrelated to Peggy because, honestly, that makes Cap’s romance with her a little icky.

I also figure they’ll introduce Falcon for sure, but probably just make him a special SHIELD agent because his bird-man gimmick doesn’t seem like it’d fit into the tone of the Marvel cinematic universe. Finally, I was honestly expecting there to be some extended flashbacks of “lost missions (likely involving Bucky and his transformation into the Winter Soldier,) but I don’t think that making an entire movie out of a “gaiden” would be a great idea - - even if Cap's WWII suit looks cooler than his modern one.