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The End of the Ultimate Universe and the New Beginning

We take an look at the three new Ultimate books coming out and what this means for the future of the Ultimate Universe.

Since the announcement of HUNGER at San Diego Comic Con, fans of Marvel's Ultimate Universe have been extremely worried about the future of this world and especially its characters. In the months afterwards, in numerous interviews, creators seemed to hint that the Ultimate universe would be no more but the characters fans know and love will find a new home in the Marvel Universe, all thanks to the giant, purple man from space, Galactus.

Galen has yet to be banned from an all-you-can-eat buffet
Galen has yet to be banned from an all-you-can-eat buffet

These hints and whispers led a lot of us to believe that characters like Miles Morales will jump into Marvel's main continuity, the 616. While the idea of fan favorite characters living on gave readers a bit of hope, it's still pretty devastating to know that something fans love would be no more.

In the past few weeks, there's been a bit of information about the future of the Ultimate Universe, and as luck has it, it will live on after the events of CATACLYSM. What we know is that there will be three books after the fallout of Cataclysm: ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, ALL-NEW ULTIMATES, and ULTIMATE FF. If you're not caught up on what's going on in the Ultimate universe, beware! There are spoilers ahead!

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It's pretty obvious that when ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #200 comes out, the book will stay the course. Since Miles revealed himself, as Spider-Man, to his father, Jefferson Davis, during his Cataclysm tie-in, things are probably going to get pretty tense between the father and son.

Jefferson had a troubled past with masked men. His brother was the Prowler, and Jefferson believes Spider-Man killed him. On top of that, Jefferson also holds Spider-Man responsible for the death of his wife. It's pretty obvious that family life is going a struggle for Miles.

Issue #200 will deal with the anniversary of the death of Peter Parker. It also promises some big surprises. Maybe there's more to Peter than we originally thought. On top of all of that, Miles is now a member of the Ultimates.

That's right. It's a whole new Ultimates team: Spider-Man, Cloak, Dagger, Bombshell, Kitty Pryde, and Black Widow (which, from the cover to the issue, looks like Spider-Woman). This is a team that really came together (minus Kitty Pryde) during the final issues of the last volume of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN. From there, they worked together during CATACLYSM: ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, but these really aren't the Ultimates we're used to.

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The first thing fans will say, when they see this picture, is "where the heck are the original Ultimates?" Aside from Tony Stark and Danny Ketch, no one else from the original team is here. Does this mean that they all fell to Galactus at the end of CATACLYSM? Not necessarily. There's lots of heroes in this universe that get put on the back burner for a while, so while we're pretty sure that a few heroes are going to go during the final battle, that doesn't mean they'll all die.

This new teen-team may not be at the level as their predecessors, but they'll be dealing with different types of villains right off the bat. Their first mission, led by Diamondback, will have them squaring off against the Serpent Skulls, who deal in drugs and weapons. The new Ultimates team is more of a street-level team than anything else, which is a cool new take for the team that, in the past, has stopped alien invasions, numerous times.

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The last book to come out after the events of Cataclysm is Future Foundation or FF for short. This team will feature Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, Sue Storm, and Machine Man (Danny Ketch). According to the solicit, there is another member joining the team as well.

This team is a mix and match between both Ultimates teams and the Fantastic Four. We've seen a few of these guys work together in the past, but never all of them at the same time. This line-up alone promises to be very interesting. While The Ultimates seems more like a street level book, Ultimate FF looks like it will be taking on the larger events in the Ultimate Universe.

One character to keep an eye on is the new Machine Man. During CATACLYSM: THE ULTIMATES, he (originally Danny Ketch) sacrificed himself for the good of the team and the world, in order to beat Tarleton because he was controlling the Gah Lak Tus swarm. He has a new body and a whole bunch of new abilities to adapt to. He's going to be a character to follow in this series.

Keep in mind, Sam Wilson is here, during the mini-series, he was held captive by Tarleton. Tony Stark is here too, and he recently died and came back in the ULTIMATES series. Lastly, there's Sue Storm, who was on a team with the world's worst super-villain, Reed Richards. This group is made up of a characters who have gone through a lot in their books and during the event. Can these guys come together to work as a team?

Fans are going to notice something pretty big here. Where are the X-Men? The only person from the X-Men involved in any of these books is Kitty Pryde. Did the rest finally settle down or did the mutants all meet their demise? That's a whole lot of characters, that really had their own corner of the Ultimate Universe which through some amazing transformations in the past couple of years.

While some fans may be a bit bummer out that their favorite characters aren't here anymore, at least we know that the Ultimate Universe has a future with Marvel. We can look forward to these books in the upcoming months, after the events of Cataclysm. If you've ever been interested in the Ultimate Universe, this is a great place to jump on. Sure, it will probably deal with the aftermath of a major event, but so many of these books have been tied-up with larger stories, and this fresh new start means new beginnings for this book, which makes it perfect for new readers. The future seems bright for the heroes of the 1610.

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Where's Captain America and Thor?

Avatar image for webhead_99
Posted By Webhead_99

Maybe it's an Onslaught type of thing. 'Cept mutants sacrifice themselves this time around.

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Posted By AllStarSuperman

I wondered how many characters actually died as apposed to just not being in books

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Posted By CheeseSticks

@iaconpoint: Cap will probably die in the two last issue of Last stand. At least, it has been teased.

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Posted By thesleuth

This new direction could be fun!

Hope we see some more ultimate Kate Bishop.

I'm curious what happend to the mutants, hope they give a satisfactory explanation.

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Posted By Mucklefluga

I might actually jump on to The Ultimates for the first time ever. Good move Marvel.

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Posted By Scarlet_Spider_Forever

So is it only Black people and girls only universe...?

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Posted By Jaydarocknrolla

without ultimate cap my interest isn't there. the ultimate universe used to be my favorite but agter ultimatum and peter parker(even though miles is awsum) it feels less and less like any kind of marvel universe. you can't kill off everybody

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Posted By frozenedge

I really do hope the X-Men haven't all died or something since the last time we saw the Utopia group they were trying to decide if they were going to help fight Galactus. My hope is that they're just on break fora bit before showing up again. I also thought Johnny would've joined the new Ultimates team since he was already part of the Ultimates during Cataclysm

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Edited By jaybake724

I think the FF title looks good. I hate the ultimate team. They need cap in this universe, my favorite version of cap is the ultimate.

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Posted By Ando123

I hope this new direction will revitilize the Ultimate Universe.

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Posted By Caladorcp

I want to collect all three titles. I'm so excited for this.

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Posted By micah007123
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Posted By micah007123

Ultimate FF looks really promising, i think the unannounced member is Reed

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Posted By Nova`Prime`

I am going to ignore the fact that the Ultimate U was supposed to be getting "destroyed", I am going to ask.. WTF is wrong with Sue's skin? She looks orange... she part Oompa Loompa now?

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@scarlet_spider_forever said:

So is it only Black people and girls only universe...?

Dan Ketch? Tony Stark? Presumably Ganke? Hopefully Jimmy Hudson?

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Posted By Mutant God

Well technically since Galactus only eats planets it would had been the end of just Ultimate Earth and not the entire Ultimate Universe

Also Reed and Sue were not married in the Ultimate Universe

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Posted By RaggedScarecrow

The only title that interests me is All New Ultimates, but I don't understand why Kitty is included in the team. As far as I know, she's never met any of the other characters except Tandy, in her pre-Dagger days, so she seems like she was shoe-horned into the book. Plus, she's the president of Utopia, doesn't she have better things to be doing than run around NYC with a bunch of kids who didn't do a thing when she and her friends were being hunted down and put in cages? Hopefully this gets explained.

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous

I really like this, you guys should do more opinion pieces

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Edited By Onemoreposter

So is it only Black people and girls only universe...?

Tony's still white and machine man is...well...pinkish....

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Posted By IronAngelX

Gotta hand it to Ultimate Universe for always mixing it up.

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I really like this, you guys should do more opinion pieces

You'll see more in the future, especially when my work schedule changes up at the college a bit.

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the ultimate FF have been working together as a team for months in ultimates so they are already a team. the only one who hasnt been around them much is danny.

i predict its going to be reed as a member of the ultimate ff, he's had a change of heart and wants to redeem himself. glad to see sue being kept around and ultimates looks so cool, cloak and dagger ROCK

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Posted By GrenadeFlow

This will be the first time I get all three Ultimate books so they did well with this IMO

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Posted By Jonny_Anonymous
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I wonder who this unknown and unwanted member in the FF is going to be? I think the obvious points to Reed and I hope it turns out to be true, he needs redemption!

The Ultimate Universe never fails me. I have loved it since day one and each change brings new and exciting stories that I welcome with an open mind and usually love. Can't wait for these new series.

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@micah: @arturocalakayvee: Fialkov said in an interview a while back that he was a huge fan of the original Ultimate FF and that he wanted to do what he could to bring Reed back into the fold. The interview is here on the site somewhere.

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Posted By micah007123
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Posted By Onemoreposter

@micah: Yeah. The original run of Ultimate Fantastic Four is one of my favorite comic book series ever. Just had a slew of great writers/artists working at their A game.

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Posted By micah007123

@onemoreposter: I hope Ultimate FF brings back the originals sense of adventure

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Don't care about Ultimate Universe but I really hope all the Ultimate Hulk versions are all dead and gone forever. 616 only needs the original Hulk. lol

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Posted By Hamlet

I never saw the point of the Ultimate universe and I never will.

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Posted By kilowog52

I was really hoping the Ultimate Universe would end. Not because I don't like it, but because I've always loved it and if it got a proper send off, it would just be one less universe to have to keep up with.

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Posted By micah007123

@hamlet: Then what are you doing here?