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The Comic Vine 2013 Superhero Super Bowl

Vote to make sure your favorite team takes home the trophy!

Apparently there's thing big thing called the "Super Bowl" coming up here in the United States. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the sport, but I thought to myself, "Why can't we comic book fans have an equivalent?" So, I present to you...

Comic Vine's first SUPERHERO SUPER BOWL!

Behold the raw power of Microsoft Paint!
Behold the raw power of Microsoft Paint!

The rules are simple: 8 teams enter, 1 team leaves as champions. The winner will be determined by you. There's no guideline for how you need to vote. This isn't based on which team has the better book or which would win in a fight... it's as easy as voting for the team you simply want to win!

Now go vote (click the links below!) to help your team win the first round!

I remember seeing a lot of people saying "___ should have won!" over at the Comic Vine Movie Awards, so now is your chance to make sure you're not disappointed again. Go help spread the word about this and hopefully you'll also boost your team's chances of winning!

The second round of voting will begin this Wednesday!


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Wait, I didn't include them? Darn.

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Posted By quatro_briefs

This is set up for an Avengers and JLA final. Look at image, the one you click to come here... anyway, I voted X-men, though I am not sure which iteration of X-men it is. Cyclops' extinction or current is best!

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Posted By ComicKing7

5 bucks says it will be avengers vs justice league in the end