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'Teen Titans Go!' Episode 3 Clips and Images

In the next two episodes, Cyborg wants Raven to make a duplicate of him and Robin wants to ask Starfire on a date.

Next week marks the third episode of Teen Titans Go! Airing on Cartoon Network next Tuesday, May 6, at 7:30 pm ET/PT, you'll get two mini-episodes for the price of one. Warner Bros. Entertainment and Cartoon Network have sent over some clips and images for the show. Have you decided to check it out yet?

"Double Trouble"

Cyborg convinces Raven to create a magical double of himself and Beast Boy so they will both always have someone to play with.

"The Date"

Robin gets up the courage to ask Starfire on a date, only to find that she has already agreed to go out with Speedy, Robin’s archrival … so Robin kidnaps Speedy!

And here's some images:


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Posted By Outside_85

Epic nuisance deterrent... if only it worked :) (And and Martian Manhunter cameo!)

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Edited By SevanGrim

ugh. This show seems like it might be cute and what not, but im not going to be able to enjoy it. It seems like its going to be a Tiny Titans show, which is fine, but it should in no way replace the amazingness that was Young Justice. If they had just continued on with the old Teen Titans show, that would have been better than this.

... TV executives should not be allowed to make ANY choices when it comes to per-existing franchises. they arent fans, and dont get what they should be doing.

that being said, this seems like it should appease SOME audience.

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Edited By Jonny_Rogers

I haven't watched any full episodes, but I'm loving the cameos and references in the clips that I've seen. It's a clever (albeit subtle) way of getting comic-book fans interested and satisfied in a show that has very little to do with the regular DCU.

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Posted By SevanGrim


Epic nuisance deterrent... if only it worked :) (And and Martian Manhunter cameo!)

the other video had a movie Bane doll. i smirked.

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Edited By yo_yo_fun

If I had cable I would check it out.

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Edited By kid Apollo

is this show any good? it looks like i drew it, and i cant draw worth sh*t anymore

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Posted By Duo_forbidden

Started watching this series the other day. I do like the comedy in it, and while it's not the original, I think it's an okay show.

I can't wait to see the outcome of The Date segment.

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Posted By blkson

lol the Cyborg clip was pretty hilarious IMO.

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Posted By StMichalofWilson

This is SOOO unlike Teen Titans, but cute in a way.

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Posted By BatWatch

I really expected not to like this show,'s awesome. Check out that stuffed animal with the Bane mask.

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Edited By Twentyfive


"Okay I'm board."

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Posted By Nova`Prime`

And this is what they replaced two high quality animated shows for.

How do fans have any hope in a Justice League movie?

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Edited By M3th

Despite the negative nagging, I bet this show will turn out to be very popular in the end.

One more thing fans should stop complaining about the other 2 shows being cancelled. A.) Did you even purchase any merchandise on either show? No? then it's YOUR fault it got cancelled.

B.) Shows get cancelled all the time that doesn't mean you should hate the new show just because you miss the old one.

Forgive me.

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Posted By DH69

just watched the first 2 eps, i support this show 100%

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Posted By Mr_Athrilla

I hate myself for liking this show. I was all set to hate this show for replacing Young Justice, but nooo, Titans Go just happened to be really funny. What am I gonna hate now? Wait... Beast Boy was about to eat a peperoni pizza, He's a vegetarian. This show sucks...Yea I'm trying to hard.

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

This is depressing.

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Edited By uberathlete


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Posted By wolverine1610

is this show any good? it looks like i drew it, and i cant draw worth sh*t anymore

If i had to describe it i would say its like spongebob humor, not that that is a bad thing. it relies on slap stick and situational humor and whatnot. i've watched the first two episodes, i'll admit some parts of it made me chuckle but it did not make me bust a gut with laughter. i think if i were 6-13 i'd be rolling on the floor but alas i'm 21 lol

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Edited By doomsday31

@kid_apollo: yeah the shows good and i didn't think i would laugh but i did it has its moments

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Posted By RedheadedAtrocitus

Gosh this show is so cute, I really cannot get enough of it ^_^

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Posted By hamlet33

i kinda like this show, and i hate myself for it.