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TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1 Announced for May

The "New 52" is will soon see annuals hit the stands.

What happens when you have a story that is too big for a single issue? You could break it down into separate issues but that sometimes interrupts the flow of the story. There has been times where you could see a end point/cliffhanger almost forced upon the story just to set up the next issue. And then of course the first page or two of the second part has to catch readers up in case they missed the previous.

Another solution is to tell the story in an over-sized annual. Today, DC has announced the first giant-sized annual from the "New 52," TEEN TITANS ANNUAL #1.

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Coming in May, this will be the first of a crossover story that will go affect other ongoing series including TEEN TITANS, SUPERBOY and LEGION LOST. The story will be written by Scott Lobdell, Tom Defaclo and have art by series regular, Brett Booth.

Never at a loss for words, Lobdell had the following to say:

You know how comics used to have cover copy that read ‘This issue has it all!’… then you’d read the issue and, well, it had some but not all? Well this Annual really does have it all! We finally get to see the oft-mentioned Colony – where the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. leader named Harvest has been keeping the hundred or so teenagers (did I say hundred?!) for who-knows-how-long. We get to see the Teen Titans in pitched battle against the Legion Lost (You can understand why Red Robin is skeptical about a team of teenagers claiming to come from the 30th Century, and why Tyroc is scratching his head over the existence of a team that – according to the history progs – is still some eight years away from being formed!). Then there’s the introduction of half the roster of the new RAVAGERS series! It has been eight issues since Red Robin threw down the gauntlet to Harvest, and now we’re going to see if the Teen Titans have what it takes to shut down N.O.W.H.E.R.E. once and for all! Yes, there’s a reason why this story could only take place in an annual – because there is just too much story to be contained in one of the monthly books!

Do I sound excited?! It’s only because I am! And if you think the story is fun – wait until you get a load of the artwork! Brett and Norm and Andrew are firing on all cylinders – and if this isn’t the hottest looking Annual on sale this year, then I will eat my hat! (Of course, I’ll have to buy one first. Who wears hats any more?!)

And finally, I’d have to say we couldn’t have gotten this Annual going – or the subsequent crossover – without the hard work and always insightful insights of Tom DeFalco, the writer of LEGION LOST. The man has more talent in his little finger than he has in, well, his whole thumb!

We’re both honored that we’re being entrusted with the first chapter of a story that is going to give birth to the new RAVAGERS series by Howard Mackie and Ian Churchill, and not only because it is bound to be the most talked about new series of 2012! Its also because this is the best part of the DCNu, creators and characters coming together on myriad titles to create some really awesome comic stories!

Looks like the story is even too big for an annual since there will be ramifications in the other titles. The action all begins this May and will continue in the pages of SUPERBOY #9, LEGION LOST #9, TEEN TITANS #9 and THE RAVAGERS #1.